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Chapter 10: The strength that is her

After nearly 8 hours of searching for Will, the gang came back to Wolfram & Hart. Emma could feel her anger boiling over, and her power rapidly becoming fully apparent. Dawn had given her looks through out the night, as if to tell her to calm down before she got her last energy surge and went chop shop on all the demons that came into contact with her. As it was the rest of the group that hadn't seen her full power at the age of six, which was everyone but Dawn, was shocked to see how much power she had as of yet. And they naively thought that that was her full strength. But it wasn't even close.

Emma: That Buggar! (pissed) He knew I would go after him. He wants this to happen, he wants me at full strength.

Dawn: Don't give into what he wants Emma.

Emma turned around to look at Dawn as though she was crazy.

Emma: He killed your boyfriend Dawn, and you don't want me to make sure I'm at full strength to make him pay!?! Dawn what the bloody hell has gotten into you?

Dawn: (pissed) You think I'm not pissed that he killed the first man that I ever loved, that he took away the only person that would probably ever accept what I am!?! Believe me Emma he is last person that I want to see alive right now, but you damn well know that he is the only source you have at getting your brother back!!!!

Emma and Dawn were so busy having a Summer's glare war that they didn't see the shocked faces of Angel and Spike at the mention of Emma's brother, Damian. Finally Emma just couldn't take it anymore and she picked up one of Angel's office chairs and through it through the wall and into the next office. While the others gaped at her power and the fact that she had a brother, Angel and Spike were still stuck on the brother part of the whole argument.

Spike: (shocked) You have a brother!?!

Emma just nodded as she tried to calm her self down.

Emma: (Quietly) Yeah. I was prophesized to be a member of the Fated ones and Damian was prophesized to be the first male slayer. But somehow something or someone destroyed that prophecy or his attachment to that prophecy the night mum was killed, and it has left him vulnerable. That's how Will got him, that's how every other evil thing in this world gets him. And for once I don't know how to save him without risking the safety of the world.--- What the bloody hell good is it to have all this power if I can't even get to my own brother and save the world at the same time!?! Those two jobs go hand in hand I should be able to handle this, it should be a freaking piece of cake!!! (pissed)

Emma through another chair through the wall and left to go blow off some steam in the training room.

Dawn: (sighing) And the circle of the demon world continues with pissing off a Summer's woman.

And with that Dawn collapsed onto the couch, and sighed again as she knew that no one should really be talking to Emma at the moment. Hell not even Connor was that stupid to follow her right now.

Spike: (shocked) I have a son!?!

Dawn: (laughing) After what just happened you two are still stuck on that bit of the conversation.

Dawn just shook her head and laughed a little and leaned her head back and began strategizing.

Dawn: Connor get to your part of the prophecy will yeah I'm working on mine.

Dawn didn't have to look up to know that he had nodded and was going in search of outer dimensional info and weapons. Emma Was Strength, Connor was stealth, and she was intelligence. As the three got to work, even if Emma didn't realize that by training she was getting down to work, the others just stood there trying to grasp everything they had just been told.

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