Crystal Tears

By: Animefreak2004

A/N: if you havn't read my other fic called Lost Between Words, then don't read this! This is a sequel to it! Ok people who HAVE read Lost Between Words, I granted your request of writing a sequel! Yay! ^_^ This is a fic that takes place four years after Sora died. It's Christmas time at Destiney Island! ^_^. A miracle occurs later on in the chappies. Now, this chappie will have absolutly no talking in it, you'll see why. But it does tell you something. It's in third person this time though. She'll talk later.x_x I gotta shut up and not give it away. Ok! Here's chappie one!

Disclaimer: I do not own KH, I thought I told you this earlier! Ahh! Why don't you listen to me! *walks away grumbling something about rude people*

Ch. 1: Tears of an Angel


Too many nights were spent alone,
No one to hold her tight.
She softly wished for him to come,
And be there through the night.
When he had left that cold bleak day,
She hoped that he'd be able
To return a Christmas night,
As her cherished angel.


The gentle breeze coming off the ocean whispered secrets and stories of places no one knew of. The ocean waves lapped at the sandy shore continuously, bringing in shells, then taking them out. The silver moon hung high in the sky, shaped like a finger nail clipping, shining pools of eerie, soft, silver light on all of the surroundings. Tiny golden stars dotted the immense sky, stretching your sight as far as it would take you over the restless sea. The night was quiet as snow, except for the faint sound of the relentless waves tickling the sand.

But, alas, a lonely teen with long, flowing red hair, stood quietly on the shore, hair blowing in the breeze. Her bright, light blue eyes were shining in the moonlight as she gazed out to the ocean.

She was waiting; waiting for someone she knew would never return. Still she waited every night for him, though he was gone. Her heart still held his soul, while his heart died away. At first she thought it was just a dream, a simple figment of her imagination, but when he never returned, her heart knew the truth. She hasn't spoken to anyone since he died, she spoke only to the sea. She told the sea everything; about her true feelings. Sometimes she even pretended to speak to him and listen for his response, though her heart knew the truth. Some people would say she has lost her sanity, others, this is just a phase; a very long phase.

Her head was held high, though her heart sank low. She resisted the temptation to cry; to let it all come spilling out of her aching body and fall to the sand sobbing, but she didn't let herself. To let her tears fall would mean to give up on hope. Hope was the only thing she clung onto now. She was positive he would return; come back to life and save her from this world. He had promised her in the wind; that he would always be there and dry her tears away. She knew he wouldn't break that promise to her. He had loved her with all his heart, and she loved and still loves him. But still she waits. . .


A/N: ok, I told you that this story was gonna be a drama/romance! ^_^ Well, lemme know what ya thought of my beginning. Oh, yea, F.Y.I, this is four years after my first fic, Lost Between Words. Oh! People who have read Lost Between Words, in the fourth chappie, picture all of that going on with the Evanescence song-#10 playing in the backround! Sorry, I was listening to that song and that popped in my head. -_-" I'll update soon! Till then!