Crystal Tears

By: Kietah-chan

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Ch.8: Last Goodbye?

Last time . . .

"It's no use, Kairi. If I stay, I'll only put you and everyone else in danger!" Sora yelled to her, now getting angry and desperate.

"Why would you put me in danger?" Kairi asked quietly. Sora hesitated for a moment, obviously not wanting to tell her the truth about himself.

Sora lowered his eyes and said very quietly, "Kairi . . .I'm a Heartless . . ."

Back to the Present . . .

There was a stunned, awkward silence resting on the two young adult's shoulders at that moment. Kairi was shocked completely when Sora's words sunk into her mind.

"You-You're a . . .what?!" Kairi stuttered in a quiet whisper.

"I'm a Heartless, Kairi!" Sora shouted angrily at her. He didn't want to hurt her . . .not again . . .

"Look, I was gonna tell you this earlier—"

"But you didn't! Sora! H-How could you be . . .what you say you are?!" Kairi interrupted him angrily. More hot tears were streaming down her flushed face.

"Please don't be mad, Kairi. You must realize that if I would have told you this when you found me six months ago, you would've left me—" Sora told her soothingly, trying to calm her down. He was interrupted again by a furious scream.

"So you used me, just so you could leave Kingdom Hearts?! I thought you loved me!!" Kairi screamed at Sora at the top of her lungs.

"I do love you! But not with a heart, for I do not have one. Kairi . . .I didn't use you . . .I just didn't want you coming all the way down to Kingdom Hearts for nothing," Sora told her gently.

"You got me pregnant! Doesn't that show that you have a heart?! And what will become of our child?! Will it be a Heartless too?!" Kairi yelled at Sora. Sora lowered his eyes so that his hair concealed part if his face.

"No . . .it won't be . . .Kairi, I may not have a heart, but I love you with my soul. I'm sorry if that's not good enough for you . . ." Sora whispered quietly under his breath. Another moment of silence passed between them again, until the pool of Darkness bubbled and hissed, causing them to remember what was happening.

"I have to go now, Kairi . . ." Sora told her quietly.

"Will you come back?" Kairi whispered almost inaudibly. She raised her gaze to see tears running down Sora's face. An answer wasn't needed for that question, his tears said everything.

"Oh Sora . . ." she cried out and ran towards him. She was about to embrace him, but one of the Heartless holding onto his arm glared at her. Sora snapped his fingers, and as if they were obeying him, the Heartless released him.

"Don't ever forget me," he whispered to her. Kairi collapsed against Sora's chest in an embrace. She wrapped her arms around him, and he held her close too. It was almost unreal, that Sora, the nicest and most caring guy she knew, was a cold-blooded Heartless. It just didn't seem like him at all. And yet . . .he was a Heartless . . .so it had to be true. This whole day seemed like a fantasy, like it never really happened at all. But here Kairi was, embracing the only man she had ever loved for the last time before he was taken away forever.

Stifled sobs issued from Kairi as she gave her true love her last embrace. Warm tears were also running down Sora's cheeks, as he held tight to Kairi, knowing this was the end.

"You know I won't . . ." Kairi whispered softly to Sora in between sobs. Sora pulled her closer.

"I love you, Kairi . . .I always will . . .don't ever forget that . . ." Sora softly told her.

"I love you too, Sora! I always will! I won't forget you!!" Kairi shouted through her tears.

The pool of Darkness started to rise up around Sora, smothering him. Kairi pressed her lips firmly against Sora's in a desperate kiss. Kairi and Sora were savouring the taste of each other's kiss for the last time. Kairi pulled away, but still held onto Sora's hand.

Sora reached a hand forward and brushed away a tear gliding down Kairi's face. The Darkness covered Sora completely now, except for his face. Sora smiled his usual smile at her and gave her a tiny wink just as the Darkness smothered all of him.

Kairi found herself holding onto air; nothing at all. The Darkness was gone and so were the Heartless. Kairi turned around to where Riku was lying, but nobody was there. The dark, black clouds had cleared away to reveal a sapphire blue sky, the colour of Sora's eyes, and a bright sun. It was as if nothing had happened.

Kairi sank to her knees in the sand. Two more tears ran down her face when she realized Sora was gone. And this time, he wasn't coming back . . .


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