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LT248, "disputed zone". Galactic Cluster: 1143.

SCT: 09[13]

            Jier watched with feigned indifference. His large, black, almond shaped eyes intently focused on the image of two great Adnean warships projected into the bridge of his command craft on a flickering, Hologram-like display. The trespassers settled into the same orbital plain that Jier's command craft, a Neei class patrol cruiser designated simply: '749', currently occupied around a nearby star. Two Hra'ds separated the 749's weapons range from the trespassers.

Enemy intentions are never set in stone, and are seldom carried out. Jier knew that this could just be a continuation of the Adneans foolish bluff. However, the presence of two of the monstrous, primitive Adnean weapons platforms, carved out of asteroids that had been mined hollow, in this sector could mean few things but aggression.

An extension of an aggression that had been allowed to grow for far too long; and over the past two cycles, far out of control.

Now the Adneans were venturing further and further into the disputed territories. Attacking several mineral extraction sites and sticking their primitive noses in places they did not belong. With this sighting, they were now perilously close to LY127, the young planet that occupied most of the High Council's time and resources in the grand plan to 'assist, but not influence' the human race.

This disputed zone, one of a countless multitude, lay in the outer gas cloud of galactic cluster 1143. A very remote and volatile part of the galaxy know as 'Milky Way' by the inhabitance of LY127… peculiar that they had named their own home galaxy such an odd, and non personally descriptive thing… everything about them was peculiar though.

            Nas'Lenteni kept the fleet nerve center in high orbit of that planet, "Earth". Jier understood the importance. Has'n had been his commander for cycle upon cycle before he was appointed this command. The human named 'Allie' was a pivotal piece, as well as the entire race of humans, in some great puzzle that Jier had yet to understand. LY127 had to be kept a secret from the Adneans as long as possible. For now, that responsibility rested on Jier.

            Word of this must get to Has'n! Jier did not want to act prematurely. An attack on Adnean vessels might spark the war that was but one false move away. Alternately, it could lead to further investigation of this galaxy by the Adneans. In Jier's judgment, the best way to handle this situation was to continue moving as if this had only been a short stop, and not a patrol point. The Supreme Commander would give the final word though. If Nas'Lenteni ordered the trespassers annihilated, Jier would not hesitate to carry out the command.

            In his mind, Jier composed a short query, and then slid his hand forward on the finger pad to activate the preprogrammed communications link with the Sally. The ships systems made the calculations to compensate for stellar drift before a tone in Jier's auditory implant told him it was okay to transmit.

            Before he could start, the Adnean ships lurched forward with several large explosions behind them; thermo-nuclear concussive propulsion systems made stealthy movements impossible. And told Jier all he needed to know. Ships incapable of stealth were built and deployed for one reason only: cheap, expendable attacks.

            Jier eased his opposite hand forward to bring up the weapons console. The rate of movement exhibited by the Adnean craft could only mean one thing…

            The holographic projection of the weapons console flickered then disappeared.

            They were jamming; somehow… have the Adneans found some new technology? Jier wondered. Priorities took over; Jier quickly started the mental transmission. Nas'Lenteni must know!

            The last thing Jier saw before the bridge violently depressurized was the image of the lead Adnean warship firing off a burst from its main ion weapon.