A/N: I've become obsessed with Peter Pan. However, I also enjoy a good romance. And in my opinion, twelve is just too young to have a good romance. So, to satisfy my own imagination, I am tweeking, well, everything to fit whatever pops into my head.

Story will contain bits of movie, book, and whatever else I wish it to contain. After all, anything can happen in Neverland, right?



"But the Prince could not bear to part from his little love again, so he carried her back to the palace in his grand coach, and they were married that very day."

It was the story of Cinderella, a favorite of the two little girls who resided on floor four of tenement building number eight. How eagerly they listened as their mother read them the familiar tale, but they weren't the only ones. Through the open window, a friendly breeze carried the story up, up, to the tenth floor, where another pair of ears caught every word.

"So the poor little cinder maid married the Prince, and in time they came to be King and Queen, and lived happily ever after."

Happily Ever After. It was an end she had once prayed most fervently to have, but now wished for only in the deepest, most secret recesses of her heart. Happily-ever-afters belonged only in fairy tales.

Down below, the young mother sang a pretty lullaby as she tucked her babies into bed.

But there were no lullabies for her. Instead of loving hands and sweet kisses, a sharp voice cut through the thin walls of their tiny apartment. "Anne, you had better be in bed!" It was a voice that brooked no argument, and very seldom received one. It was the voice of a woman who did not believe in love and abhorred children.

"Yes, Aunt Maddy!"

"I'm coming to look! If you aren't in bed...!" The threat was left hanging, to make it more ominous, perhaps, but really because Aunt Maddy wasn't creative enough to think of a suitable punishment. Anne ignored her. Crotchety Great-Aunt Maddy would never check, because she was old and lazy and checking up on her charge would mean she cared.

Seated on the wide window frame, Anne leaned her head against the sill and watched. There was something different about tonight, something quiet and exciting. No dogs howled, no cats cried, and high above the stars were twinkling brightly in anticipation. A breeze slipped through the window to playfully ruffle her short cap of dark curls and whisper that something was coming.