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* * * * * * *

They flew for hours and hours.  Days and days, even, maybe, though Anne couldn't tell.  Over the clouds they flew, and soon Anne's whole world became flying.  She forgot all about walking.  Sometimes Peter would hold her hand and pull her along, or sometimes he would swoop down below the clouds and leave Anne alone. After awhile he would come back to her with a smile that said "I've just seen something wonderful that you haven't" and would look at Anne as if he couldn't quite remember who she was.  Then he would grin and say 'Anne' and take her hand again.

She didn't like it when he left.  It seemed to her as if there was always a possibility with Peter that he would forget all about her and leave her behind.

"Peter, are we almost there yet?" she asked once. 

He turned on his back to look at her and flew backwards.  "Do you wish to be there now?"  Anne said she did and Peter asked why.

"Oh, I am tired."

He tried to teach her to sleep in the air without falling, as he could, by merely lying on her back and floating, but Anne couldn't do it.  Every time she tried, down she fell, and Peter would have to catch her.

So Anne made do and pretended to not need sleep.  After all, Peter didn't seem tired in the least bit, and if he could do it, why, she could too.  Sometimes she forgot that she wasn't sleepy though and popped off, and Peter would have to catch her again.

Sometimes when Anne got bored or curious she would ask Peter questions. 

"Peter, what do I do as a mother?" 

"Oh, tell stories, give the boys medicine, tell them to wash behind their ears and such."

She thought it over.  "But Peter, will I have to sew and clean and cook?
Peter looked at her oddly as he flew beside her.  "Don't you want to sew and

clean and cook, Anne?"

"Well, maybe sometimes Peter, but not always.  I wish to have adventures, of course."

So with a relatively smooth journey they drew near the Neverland.

* * * *

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