Big Hollow – Possibly rated R for adult themes about love and sexuality – Drama.

In Brief: This is the beginning of a story inspired by a movie called Big Eden. It is an excellent movie about a small town and homosexual love. My story focuses on queer females, rather than males, and is obviously set in the world of Harry Potter, but I hope if you read this and see the movie that you'll catch the similarities.

I shall have this updated and completed much faster than my other story, because it's based on a movie that is finished so my ideas won't run dry. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: A Background

The years following their graduation of 7th year had been fairly good to the golden trio. The Burrow now wasn't the only residence for miles around in the country; Harry and Hermione had settled in a place of their own just a short jog away. But as the Boy Who Lived sat at his porch, looking out at the Weasley's unkempt yard, he sighed. For Hermione had been gone many years, writing constantly but never visiting her old friend. He missed her, longed to hear her intelligent voice, and decided to do something that would make her want to reunite with him and the rest of her friends.

Another short jog away from Harry's modest house were many others, dotted here and there, whose owners were all members of the still active Order. They weren't active nearly as much as they were during the Second Rise of Voldemort, but they also knew good could not exist without evil, and they vowed to continue their work against the dark forces of the wizarding world. Moody lived on the very outskirts of their quasi-village, paranoid as ever. Lupin and Tonks lived together in a rather large house, but were not a couple, and were Harry's closest neighbors besides the Weasley's. The area was commonly referred to as Big Hollow.

In his loneliness, Harry visited Tonks and Lupin often and sometimes talked to Lupin about his troubles. With Sirius gone, and Hagrid living far off in the mountains, he was really the only true father figure he had left. Dumbledore had always been more of a mentor or grandfather than anything else. Normally the Quidditch seeker would have talked to Hermione, but it is rather difficult to talk to someone about a problem when they themselves are at the core of it.

The smartest person to graduate from Hogwarts, second only to Dumbledore himself, still lived in England but was far away from her old friends. She constantly studied spells, for while she was a trained Auror, Hermione also experimented and created new spells. She used her rigorous and demanding profession as an excuse to never visit Harry, Ron, and the others whom she dearly cared for and missed terribly. After many years, however, this excuse was beginning to get flimsy, and she knew that one day she would have to return to her old life –at least sometimes- to keep everyone satisfied.

When Ron, Hermione, and Harry had still been in school, Bill Weasley was becoming very fond of one Fleur Delacour. Their friendship seemed to be blossoming into something more, at least in Bill's mind, but in the end Fleur wanted to be alone. It was because of this very friendship, unbeknownst to tousle-haired Harry, that Hermione had not visited in so many years.

You see, Fleur was liked so much by the Weasley's that they considered her family, much like any other friends of their children. Although she was very rich, she was always visiting The Burrow and bringing laughter and down-to-earth happiness with her. The part veela wasn't as conceited as many believed. She was much older than Ginny, but often stayed with her when she wasn't traveling and studying. They had become even closer friends after Fleur broke away from Bill, but Fleur still tended to keep to herself. She was a quiet, mysterious person at times; but everyone loved her all the same. It was because of this love that she felt a sense of belonging with these magical British folk, and decided to set up a place of her own; much like the Order members had already done.

Just after Fleur had moved in to her new place, Hermione withdrew from her friends and surrogate family. A quiet sort of tension encircled her body like the fog creeping up from a riverbank over gnarled tree roots. The young witch also seemed sad, as if something heavy loomed inside her so dark and ominous that she was afraid to keep it but more afraid to let it go.

Naturally, Ron chalked this up to Hermione's dislike of Fleur since their first meeting during 4th year at Hogwarts. Harry, on the other hand, felt it was entirely something else. He himself was a quiet person, emotionally at least, and when he wasn't talking about Quidditch or fighting evil, he sat in the shadows of conversation and watched with sharp attentive eyes as things unfolded. Jet-black hair may have been messy and in his eyes, but he saw things happening shortly after graduation that no one else could have guessed at.

He saw the way Hermione looked at Ginny, the way she became a bit shy and flustered every time she was directly addressed by the tall redhead, the way Hermione often became silent and enraptured with the mere presence of Ginny's elegance and grace. Despite the bickering between the genius witch and his dense best friend, Harry knew they would never become romantically involved. He knew in his heart that Hermione was different, but more like him than anyone could ever imagine.

And he hated himself for it.

The torment that raged inside his heart and mind, battling long into sleepless nights, seldom ceased long enough to give him peace. It was certain, by the glint in her eyes, that Hermione Granger was in love with Ginny Weasley; and Harry Potter loved her too.

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