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First part of chapter 9.5


The stairs hardly made a sound as they ascended. Tiny beads of sweat were forming on Hermione's body, giving her a slight chill. She couldn't help but drink in Fleur's sleek form with her eyes, the way her hips moved charmingly up the stairs was hypnotic.


To her surprise, Fleur broke the silence. "For as long as I wanted you I never thought I'd have a chance."

The Hogwarts grad was stumped, "I'm not quite sure what to say… I was jealous of you ever since you became close to Ginny." This visibly startled the French beauty.

"Oh…?" was the only thing she managed to ask.

"Well, I had always wanted her for myself… it was a silly crush taken way too far of course, but it seemed as though you got her instead of me," her dark eyes locked with silver. "After she married Harry I didn't know what to think, so I kept my distance…" Hermione trailed off, still feeling guilty about the foolishness of her past.


As they reached the intricately carved door Fleur stopped and looked back at Hermione, effectively stopping her in her tracks. "You need to not feel down on yourself anymore, do you understand?" Her need to be in control was showing through. "What is in the past stays there forever and cannot be erased. If you continue with this negativity, I may have to punish you." A sexy smile curved her lips, promising an interesting night.

!!Big censored part!!

Their sweaty bodies lay entwined on the cold hard floor. Only a few minutes passed and their breathing settled to a steady calm. The half-moon shone brightly through the trees, splashing its beams serenely over the two nearly sleeping women. Hermione and Fleur snuggled into one another, Fleur's still clothed body providing extra warmth to her very nude lover. They shared similar thoughts before succumbing to dreamland; 'Amazing… I'm exhausted… wish I could summon the energy to do that again. Harry and Ginny will never let me live this down.'

Hermione's eyes fluttered shut; the last thing she saw before falling asleep was an already slumbering Fleur with a soft smile still on her lips. In their sleep a sudden magical connection was formed between the two; many shooting starts cut their way through the inky sky, bright promises of a new beginning.

End Chapter 9.5

Chapter 10: Awakening

The night rode steadily on, for once every resident of Big Hollow slept with content. One man, however, did not sleep a single wink. Hovering a few inches from the ground, he watched and stroked his silver beard. A candy wrapper had gotten stuck in its tangles, making him laugh. It was not every day that Dumbledore could let the worries of dark magic fade away, but for this one he made an exception. The pure beauty and glow surrounding the Potter residence brought a tear to his old, tired eyes. It was no wonder people feared his greatness; he could see the true nature of a human before they even spoke. His wrinkled features broke into a smile while he tilted his broom forward, racing back to Hogwarts with a swell of pride in his heart.

As soon as the sun's powerful rays enveloped the small village, a strange wave of magic surged through as well. Fleur and Hermione woke up, shared happy little kisses and light touches, and hastily got dressed. When they descended the stairs they were met by Harry and Ginny who both wore grins more evil and mischievous than either Weasley twin could muster.

"Rough night then, eh?" Ginny asked as Harry waggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. The former Head Girl smiled broadly, elbowing her new lover and pointing at the other couple.

"I can see we weren't the only ones," she winked at him and conjured up a mirror, "Don't tell me you get scratched and bruised by falling down the stairs Harry." The French woman laughed low in her throat, noticing an obvious bite mark on the side of his neck, along with several parallel red marks along his collar and presumably further down.

"We love you guys!" With that, the highly embarrassed man flung his arms around them, his wife joining in for a huge group hug. "I know I'm acting really mushy, but I'm truly happy for you two… especially you Hermione. We're so glad you're back."

"And if you ever leave again, I'll hex you…" the red haired witch flicked her wand dangerously, but there was a playful air about her that she couldn't successfully hide. "Just let me know when my brothers probe too deep, so I can pound some manners into 'em."

"Oh, speaking of them," Harry cut in, "we have some news you might find interesting…"

With that, they settled into the kitchen and began preparing a breakfast of eggs and bacon. Their talk was entirely focused on gossip of the night before. Hermione knew they would share countless more mornings like this, at ease on the inside for the first time since leaving Hogwarts, and the people she loved.

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