Ok, after realising that I did not have a copy of my first chapter of 'The Dark Lord's Retribution' I copied and pasted it into Word and to my horror I found a hundred spelling and grammatical errors! I was extremely mortified! So without further ado here is the new and improved version of "The Beginning of the End" by me!

AN: Hey everyone, this is my first fanfic, a little story about Snape and how Voldemort tries to take his revenge on his "traitor", although not in the way most people would expect! I hope you like it, I got the idea after watching Alan Rickman's brilliant film Dogma (absolutely adore that movie, swearing and all!) and I have gotten lots of help from my best friend Summer, love you sweetie! Anyway, I would also like to dedicate this story to her as she absolutely adores Snape in Harry Potter and, like me, has a very great respect for a certain Alan Rickman. Oh and don't ask me how I got inspiration for Severus Snape from Dogma, coz yeah, Metatron and Snape have sooooooo much in common! Oh, and before I leave you all in peace I would like to mention I own nothing but my own ideas! Thank-you all!

Severus Snape stormed down the corridor looking utterly pissed off. He flung open the door to the potions classroom and stalked over to his tidy desk, sitting down in a flourish of black robes. His students looked up questioningly, then seeing what he was so pissed about, ducked their heads, trying to look inconspicuous. A few of them sniggered and Snape looked up glaring nastily. They quickly got to work not wanting detention or some other foul form of punishment Snape would be sure to concoct.

After a few minutes of muffled giggles and frightened looks, the Potions Master decided his dignity could not withstand it any further, and stood up abruptly, immediately attracting the attention of the entire room with his quiet charisma.

"Now then." he paused, then spent a moment trying to recover his composure. It would not do to have students think he was some daft old man who couldn't deal with a slight ... accident. Severus's face colour changed a few times, from red to white, then back to his original slightly-less-white complexion. "No doubt, you have noticed my current awkward position."

"W-what awkward position, Professor?" Neville Longbottom choked out nervously. He received a particularly dangerous glare for his trouble.

"Shut up, boy, you know perfectly well what I'm talking about. Now, what I'm saying is that if any student in this class, and I mean ANYBODY, says the slightest thing out of line about my hair, I will gladly carve them to mincemeat." Snape spoke through clenched teeth.

The students gulped. Even Draco Malfoy looked scared at this last statement.

"Now get back to work." He growled, and he slumped back down in his seat looking thoroughly pissed off once again. Thinking for a moment, Severus opened the drawer of his desk and took out an enormous pile of term papers that made even Harry Potter and his friends feel sorry for him, and watched cautiously as the Professor bit his lip and began to mark the first essay, dipping his quill into the ink to write a snide comment.

It was at this unfortunate moment that Neville's toad slipped from the grasp of its owner and jumped right onto Snape's term paper. Severus blinked, tensing his jaw firmly, and let his eyes fall upon the poor boy. "Remove. Your. Bloody. Animal. From. This. Classroom. Or. I. Will. Mutilate. It. Neville," the teacher hissed at the boy. Then with a violent wave he flicked the toad halfway across the room, landing in Draco's empty cauldron with perfect precision. "I'd hurry up reclaiming that toad, Neville, else Mr. Malfoy here decides to do some WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This was bad. If the wrath of their teacher was falling on a Slytherin, what else could he do?

Breathing deeply, the teacher composed himself once more, and then took out a large ornate mirror, studying himself. Inwardly he wanted to shriek. He was blonde. BLONDE!!!!!!!

He shuddered, looking away. His hair was no longer long, black and greasy but shorter, spiked and BLONDE! That was probably the worst part! Of course, with Snape being a natural blonde didn't help, it just reminded him of his once dreadful hair colour. He didn't know what had happened. One minute, I'm good-looking the next I'm a teeny-bopper! Frustrated with himself, he suddenly whacked himself hard on the forehead, surprised at how painful it was. He suddenly realised what he'd just done and slowly looked up to face the class. He was met with thirty incredulous faces.

"Why isn't anyone working?" He asked calmly.

Hermione Granger tentatively raised her hand.

"Anybody else want to answer me?" He said completely ignoring the Gryffindor girl. "Anybody? Come on," he paused. "Fine. Yes, Miss Granger?"

"Because you haven't set us a task yet sir."

Severus blinked. "Twenty points from Gryffindor."

"What? What for?" Seamus Finnigan spoke up.

"For... smart mouthing a teacher."

"Huh? What kind of excuse is that?" Seamus questioned rudely.

"I don't know, it sounded reasonable," Severus commented casually.

Snape then stood up authoritatively and began the class as if nothing had happened. After completing his lecture and giving an enormous pile of homework (which he was quite pleased with) he sat down once more waiting impatiently for the bell to ring so he could go check out the full extent of the damage.

After what seemed like an age, the bell finally sung it's sweet chiming melody... or so it seemed like to Severus and he rested his pale face upon his desk as the students left the classroom.

"Excuse me sir?" A small feminine voice said.

Snape looked up to see Hermione standing there nervously. "What do you want?" he said tiredly.

"For what it's worth sir, I think you really do suit blonde," she said before hurrying away from the startled and dumbfounded Professor.

Severus thought for a few moments. Then murmured softly: "Twenty-one points to Gryffindor."