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The next morning...

Severus Snape groggily opened his dark eyes to the annoying beeping of his antique alarm clock, telling him he had to get up and face another day of torture from the students.

Rolling to his side, he stretched out his arm and slapped the palm of his hand over the 'snooze' button. The beeping immediately ceased. He groaned and rolled back over, pulling the covers over his head.

After about ten more minutes of light dozing, the beeping started up again. Severus sat upright in his bed, fast as a jackrabbit and breathing twice as quick. He had just had the strangest dream.....


Severus prowled through the woods, looking around and wondering what on earth he was doing there. An owl hooted eerily and bats fluttered overhead. He was a powerful wizard, and was not afraid- but suddenly a voice boomed from the shadows.

"Ah, Severus, 'tis good to see you again!"

Severus started and whirled around but he couldn't see anybody- anywhere.

"No, you can't see me. No one can see me. I am part of the shadows so don't even try to run."

Snape stepped back, gasping. He whirled back around. Trying to keep some dignity about him, he spoke as casually as one could to an invisible presence, but he couldn't keep the stutter out of his voice.

"W-Who are you? What are you? What do you want with me?"

"Let's just say we're old friends who go way back," the voice said slyly.

Severus frowned- did he actually have any old friends??

"I'd watch out if I were you Severus, I know things about you that you don't want people knowing. Things that will get do you put it... laughing, I suppose!" The high voice cackled loudly, echoing around the Potions Master.

Snape suddenly noticed how cold he was, that he was shivering. It WAS the cold that made him tremble, not the mysterious, booming, mocking invisible voice, of course... right? For a brief moment, Snape understood how he must sound to children like Neville Longbottom- almost like he had felt under the command of Lord Vol-

And then it hit him. He knew who it was.

"Voldemort," Snape breathed with difficulty, saying the dreaded name out loud. He knew the presence of the Dark Lord easily, and it made him nervous. After all these years, he was coming out of the shadows, gathering his strength, hell-bent on destroying Harry Potter... not that Severus blamed him, of course. Who wouldn't attempt it? ("Stupid boy."), but this was proving more difficult than expected.

Now the Dark Lord's mind was turning to other matter: The punishment of those who betrayed him.

Severus was Voldemort's traitor... A great gust of wind pushed the professor off his feet, and the voice roared in his ears.

"I want you to suffer, Severus. The Potter boy is business, but you will be pleasure! You are a talented wizard, but the greatest physical torture will be nothing compared to the creative torments I will inflict upon you! You will regret the day you crossed me, Severus!!! I will shake your very foundations and make you crumble into dust!!!"

Then all was silent, and Snape was left shivering, sitting on his butt on the damp ground, all alone.

-End Dream-

Severus wiped a droplet of cold sweat from his forehead. He was disturbed by the vivid dream, and found himself wondering if the vision was really a message from the Dark Lord himself... or whether his students had finally made him crack.

It had to be last option.

Severus was a rational man, and the idea that the Dark Lord would consider spending his strength on 'punishing his betrayers' was absurd! This was simply the stress and tension building up from many years of dedicated, unbroken and exasperating work teaching would-be witches and wizards how to destroy his classroom and implode their faces. That's all!

Hogwarts was Snape's home! He'd never had to take leave before. Well, apart from that time when a particularly gifted failure in his class invented a disease from a simple headache-reliever, only to infect the entire teaching faculty minus Dumbledore. Severus still shuddered at the thought- three months bedridden in the sick bay with no one but whinging Madam Pomfrey and sighing Professor Trelawney for company. But that was ten years ago, and an entirely different story. Even then, he hadn't taken leave, but stayed at the school until he was healed.

Perhaps that was the problem. Maybe he should go on vacation? Certainly not a surfing holiday in Hawaii or anything, but maybe Scotland or France, maybe Florence... something to break the monotony of teaching indifferent students spells that bored Severus.

It would be nice to find somebody who he could learn from for a change, who happened to know extraordinarily advanced potions and spells that Snape was yet to master. Maybe he should talk with Potion Masters from other schools and find someone worthy enough of Snape's time. Failing that, he could search out a student with real potential and power, and create a master.

Talent was such a burden sometimes!

Severus smiled indulgently to himself. He was one of the greatest Potions Masters in existence, and Dumbledore would approve of the idea, and surely he deserved a rest. It was settled- Snape was going on vacation next school break. Excellent! That made today feel so much easier. It was a cold autumn Hogwarts morning, which rationally explained his shivers, and the scent of the Herbology projects outside explained the foresty smell of the vision. The threat of the dream disappeared and was forgotten.

He got up and stretched making his blue and white striped pajamas, showing a bit of his pale exterior.

He looked at it in his full length mirror. Maybe he should get a tan. He'd heard of that tan magic ("Get a luscious brown colouring in seconds!") stuff in a bottle but he'd never given it much thought.

Wait, what am I thinking!! He thought, I like my pale skin!

His gaze raised a bit taking in his thin frame, shadowed eyes and supposed- to-be black, blonde hair.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! How could this have happened to him- maybe he was destined to be a blonde his whole life. It just wasn't fair!!!!!!!!!! Not fair, not fair, not fair!!!!!!!!!!!! He jumped up and down a bit feeling utterly peeved.

Once he had settled his rage, he calmly set his pajamas straight and looked at his clock.

It's blaring red numbers said: 8:57

Wait that can't be right. He blinked sharply and peered at his clock. As he was staring at it, the number 7 flipped to a number 8.


Holy shit! Breakfast finished at 9:00! He was starving!! Snape jumped up and ran to his wardrobe and pulled out his usual black robed. Shoving his head through the top of them, he pulled them down, running around trying to find a matching sock to the navy one in his hand. He finally settled on a bright red one he didn't think that he'd worn since he was in second grade. (Gods only knew what it was doing in his cupboard).

Picking up his pants he put one foot in one leg and struggled to pull the other leg on before falling over embarrassingly. Severus struggled upright, dragging his shoes on. He ran out of his room as quick as he could. Racing down the halls, he took no notice of any of his surroundings. If he had, he probably would have noticed that there were no students loitering about the halls and the sun was just peeking over the horizon.

He burst into the Great Hall.

It was empty.

Snape spun around, disbelieving.

The house tables were missing, as was the staff table. There wasn't a scrap of furniture in the joint. Nothing except for the floating candles that never blew out.

Severus turned and looked out a window.

The sun was half up, colouring the sky around it, beautiful pinks, yellows and oranges. The sight of the beautiful sunrise infuriated Severus beyond belief.

Realising he could still be in his nice, warm bed made him even more angry.

Tilting back his head he let out a long, loud, murderous yell that echoed and reverberated throughout Hogwarts and outwards.


A flock of birds flew out of the Forbidden Forest, squawking along the way.

Severus stormed around the Hall trying to work out what was happening.

He stopped short realising that someone had purposefully broken into his room and changed his alarm clock so that he would think that he was late when really he was too early for anyone to be up.

"Ummmmm, Severus?"

Snape whirled around ready to unleash his wrath on the person who called out his name.

Dumbledore stood there, looking at him oddly. Immediately, Severus stood up straighter and fixed up his misshapen robes.

"Yes Headmaster?" he asked, smoothing his frazzled hair.

"What are you doing here? I didn't know you were such an early riser," Dumbledore commented lightly, his long white beard twitching.

"Uh...... yes...... well......I'd thought to wake earlier now," Severus answered, "What are you doing here, sir?"

"Well, normally I wait till an hour after sunrise to get here and supervise the house elves but this morning I heard a yell. Do you have any idea who it was Severus?" Dumbledore asked, curiously.

"A-A yell, sir? No, I, uh, don't have any idea where it came from," Severus stuttered out.

Dumbledore's bright blue eyes twinkled mischievously. "Well, if you find out anything, let me know will you? In the mean time, I think I shall go back to bed." And with that Dumbledore turned and walked back the way he came.

Severus stood there for a few seconds, speechless. Scowling dangerously, he stormed through the double doors that led to the Great Hall and stomped off to bed, glowering the whole way.
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