Cinderella – Gundam Style

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Warnings: The usual. This story is shonen-ai so if you don't like, go find something in the action/adventure section.


Home sweet home. Right. Yeah. I stopped being able regard that phrase with anything other than deep cynicism a long time ago. This may be home – for severe lack of any other place – but it's sure as hell anything but sweet. The lack of the warm fuzzies whenever I enter the house is the reason why I spend most of my time at work and school. There, I have willing-to-follow-you-to-the-ends-of-the-Earth friends, people that care about me and truly, they are a much better family than the one I have at home. Life's just that much nicer when people acknowledge you as something more than 'that loud-mouthed annoyance', don'cha think?

The people I share a house with - I felt that it would be too facetious to call them my family – consist of my mother, a step-father and a step-sister. My father died of cancer many years ago and since then I have never called another man 'father' even though my mother has re-married. It was weird; she married almost immediately after my dad's death to some rich guy. His name is Richard Dorlain. He has a daughter called Relena - I'll tell you about her later.

Now that my mum's moved up in the world (although some would say that she's hit a new low), her ego has grown exponentially (I guess so she fits in with all the other rich assholes) and thus, her and Richard want their children to act in an 'appropriate' manner suitable for millionaires. The reason I hate home so much is, well... because their definition of 'appropriate' and mine are so different they don't even exist in the same dimension. To put it simply: they hate me – although I feel that maybe mum's just (exceedingly) disappointed. They hate who I am, what I am, how I act and what I believe in. They believe it's not 'appropriate' behaviour. You see, I'm not 'popular at school' (whatever the hell that's supposed to even mean), and I actually work, like some sort of 'commoner', to get my money seeing as how I refuse accept money from him (not that he'd give me any anyway) . They don't like my friends 'cause they're too weird (their words not mine) or the way I act. Oh yeah, I'm also gay, and, well, they really don't like that. You should have seen their reaction when I told them that; my mother went white as a sheet; my step-father stormed out of the room and Relena fainted. And I just stood there laughing my ass off at the whole thing. It was priceless.

Now Relena, she's perfect (again, their words not mine); Daddy's Little Girl. Quite frankly, I don't think that's an...appropriate title for one such as her. 'Daddy's Little Devil' is much more fitting. She's all coy and demure in front of her father and my mother; she's everything I'm not – and I have to say I'm pleased about that. Me? Demure? Ha! But when we get to school, she's a little bitch. She hates me - actually has a deep-seeded hatred of me and people like me, so she dedicates her time to making my life a living hell. Sorta pathetic, right? So I stay out of her way, so that I don't have to talk to her or have any contact with her and so she has to stay out of my way, or face revealing to the world how much of a life she doesn't have. That's the way it was and that was the way it was gonna stay. Well until he walked into my life; until he came into our lives. Until Heero arrived, that was how it was. Now, don't get me wrong, Heero's the best thing that has happened to me. It's just, well life got considerably harder when he came…