Gondor's Grief

The lazy Anduin,
Cold and grey,
Moves past a figure standing by its' bank.
Oblivious to all passers by,
Her tears are wet upon her cheek.

His image clear within her mind,
Of how he was when she saw him last:
Noble and proud, a warrior strong,
His dark hair blowing in the wind,
And riding,
Riding North to Rivendell.

He has not returned,
Her one true love,
Nor will he ever do so now.
That last kiss burns still on her lips;
His whispered promise,
That he would return once more,
All lost
All come to naught.

She does not know where his body lies:
There is no place where she can grieve,
No mound of earth to wet with her weeping.
Just the river,
The slow, deep river,
That has borne his shattered body South
To the sea where he now lies.

She slowly lets her flower fall;
Watches as it floats and twirls,
Taking her heart and all her love
To join her Boromir.