Title: Elven Escapades

Authoress: Ladya C. Maxine

Rating: PG

Summary: Just how much trouble can four elflings get into?

A series of events during Legolas and his friends' childhood while staying in Rivendell. Characters: Legolas, Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen, Elrond, Thranduil, Glordfindel, Erestor, Celeborn, Galadriel, Haldir.

Disclaimer: I do not own LotR or any of her characters. All unrecognizable characters belong solely to me so do not touch. I am not making any money off of this and write only to amuse.

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"Should we ask?" Glorfindel asked lazily, lolling his head to one side to regard Elrond.

"I don't even want to know."

The two elders were in lazy conversation, sitting in the lounge and sipping their hot tea, their breakfast plates having been taken away by the servants not too long ago. It was Glorfindel who had caught the movement out of the corner of his eye just in time to see the two little dark-haired heads sneaking quietly down the hall.

"The last time you said that we ended up peeling Erestor off the wall and his phoebia of snakes is worse than ever."

"You leaning against the wall laughing with tears in your eyes didn't help the situation."

"Oh, don't start that again...But you must admit, he shrieks like a maiden."

Elrond chuckled and nodded despite himself. Running into a room to find his normally aloof advisor standing on a chair holding his robes above his ankles while screaming in a pitched voice that not even six year old Arwen could top was a moment he would forever hold dear.

"And besides, they aren't heading towards Erestor's rooms."

"Who aren't heading towards Erestor's rooms?" Thranduil stepped into the room, dressed in full riding attire. The Wood-elf was extremely fond of riding at the most ungodly hours of dawn.

"My sons." Elrond moved over to allow his friend space to sink onto the long couch. "I fear they are on the prowl again."

Thranduil stiffened and his eyes narrowed.

"Were they, by any chance, carrying a large bucket?"

That was bad.

Elrond and Glorfindel exchanged worried looks.

"Now that you mention it, they did indeed seem to be dragging something between them." Glorfindel craned his neck to look over the couch but the corridor where young Elladan and Elrohir had been in was now empty.

Elrond sat up straighter. His sons plus a bucket equaled something extremely unpleasant. Perhaps this was how Glorfindel had felt when he had faced off with that balrog; complete and utter fear.

"Please tell me they were merely collecting stones."

Beside him Glorfindel snorted. "Oh, *that* would be very reassuring. Have you forgotten about that priceless vase you've had since the First Age?"

How could he forget the shattered pieces that had greeted him upon entering his office?

Thranduil wasn't fully listening to them, his eyes searching the corridors.

"It was but a glimpse. I was riding out the gates when I just barely saw them behind a brush. They were too absorbed in whatever they were doing though they were on hands and knees, apperently looking for something. I would have stopped but Hersail has finally recuparated and I didn't want to bring something upon her again."

It had taken several weeks to remove the blue ink which had been smeared over his mare's fine white coat in sloppy paterns, the culprits' similar little handprints clearly visible.

"I suggest we go find them," Elrond sighed and stood. He frowned when neither blond rose from where they were sitting; Glorfindel actually seemed to sink deeper into the cushions.

"If all three of us go it will alert them. You go ahead and we will assist should you yell."

The half-elven raised a brow at the elder of the two blonds, then turned to Thranduil who was suddenly intent on checking the bindings at the end of his long ponytail.

"And your excuse, Elven king?"

"Not my son."

'Fair enough,' Elrond thought bitterly. He knew not what Legolas was up to but Thranduil would indeed need all his strength to cope with what his only child would come up with today.

"Then I suppose--"


The sound would have made a dog howl as it tore through the Last Homely House. The three friends were forced to cover their sensitive ears though Elrond swore he felt his ear drum already burst.


If seeing Erestor standing on a chair was amusing, seeing Lothlorien's snobby and collected march warden run into the room in only a bath towel while frantically shaking his head was down right hysterical! He was still soaked from his bath and his hair was soppy with foam as he must have been washing it. Water sprayed everywhere as the long strands whipped from left to right.


By now the three elven lords had recovered, Glorfindel infact now suffering from hysterics. Elrond walked over, taking a hold of Haldir's slippery shoulders.

"At ease, marchwarden! What's wrong?"

Haldir merely whimpered and motioned frantically at his hair. Elrond himself started and jumped back when his eyes fell upon an enormous insect which had gotten itself efficiently tangled in the silver strands. The six legs, each twice the size of his index finger, scrambled madly, ensnaring the huge bug even more.

Thranduil and Glorfindel, who after having seen the bug had ceased giggling, stared with open mouth shock. Thranduil unconsciously ran his hand over his golden hair as if assuring himself that there was nothing in it. Slowly, both rose to their feet and tentatively walked over to where Elrond had regained himself.

"What the...?"

"Get it out," Haldir whispered pleadingly, his body trembling. He hunted orcs and wargs with glee; disgusting insects that clung to one's person was a *whole* other thing.


A small dark head came bobbing towards them as little Arwen skipped into the room, her dress surprisingly clean. Her nose wrinkled.

"Haldir, your hairclip is icky!"

"Thank you for your observation, Arwen," Elrond sighed as he gingerly started to remove the insect. He wasn't overly fond of six-legged pests but when one had twin sons one encountered them on a daily basis, mainly in one's bed or one's robes, and one got used to it, though this particular speciment was highly distasteful.

"Glorfindel, go to my healing chamber and bring me a scapel. I fear we are going to have to cut it out." He felt a twinge of sympathy when Haldir made a small sound of dismay at that; the marchwarden cherished his hair. "Thranduil, and I know that they are not yours, but find the twins and bring them to their room until I am finished."

Thranduil groaned, however, the marchwarden's words froze them in their tracks.

"It wasn't the twins. It was Prince Legolas."

"Legolas?" Thranduil wasn't surprised to say the least, his son was as great a prankster and tormentor as Elrond's, but he had though him to be training his archery in the fields.

"Aye, your majesty. He snuck up on me while I was dozing in the bath and dropped this...thing...on my head. I recognize the...child's....giggles anywhere." Haldir looked very tempted to call the princeling something different but it would be folly to do so in the elfling's father's presence.

Elrond shook his head in mock disappointment.

"Really Thranduil, I thought you had a better control over your child." Chuckling, he started to lead Haldir, and his unwanted companion, which was hissing louder than ever, towards his healing chamber. To both him and the Elven king's surprise, Glorfindel was the voice of reason as he spoke up.

"But if Legolas dropped the beetle on Haldir...what do Elladan and Elrohir have in the bucket?"

"Icky snake!" Arwen chirped helpfully from where she sat on the couch, leaning against the backrest with her chin resting on folded arms. "All black and wriggly!"

"A snake? Why..."

All three lords exchanged tired looks.

By Valar, not again...


Thranduil turned to Glorfindel with a small smirk.

"You're right; Erestor *does* shriek like a maiden."



The insect was a Weta. I was watching the Fellowship of the Ring DVD's special features and in it they mentioned (can't really remember why) the Weta. Its the world's heaviest insect and lives in New Zealand. It is kinda like an enormous, fat cricket with long atteneas. Really gross! I don't know if they actually hiss, though I doubt it, but since this is a Middle-earth bug it must be pretty freaky.

The whole story is probably going to be like this; elflings terrorizing Rivendell, parents getting major headaches, Glorfindel endlessly taunting Erestor, ect.ect.ect.

This chapter was focussed on the adults but the rest will also have the children's p.o.v.

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