Summary: Serena was an ordinary girl, wanting desperately to be a lady knight, and the only place where she could achieve that dream would be on Earth, and training alongside a blue-eyed prince.

It is kind of a crossover-ish story

Heaven's Tears

The day was clear and sunny. Light breezes drifted through, stirring the multi-colored leaves gently. The sun gave off a golden shine, its heavenly rays alighted upon a beautiful girl who looked to be about 13 years of age. Her long hair was the color of the sun, her eyes the sky. The young girl sat on the grass, letting their soft tips brush against her hands. She stared off into the distance, seemingly lost in thought.


The girl sat still, her eyes still staring wistfully ahead.

A tall brunette appeared. Tied along her slim waist was a green apron. She walked over to the dreaming girl and tapped her on the shoulders, startling her out of her reverie.

She looked up, "What is it that you need Lita?"

"Don't sit there gawking at me Serena! There are things that need to be done! Come on!" Lita grabbed her arm and dragged her up, towing her toward a little cottage in which they lived.

The cottage was well made, and the place that they called home. There wasn't much inside, except three rooms and the most basic furniture. The land that surrounded the cottage was theirs as well, left to them by an old lady who had taken them in when they were little. Now that she has passed on, Serena and Lita had done everything they could to keep the farm in good condition. The crops still needed to be harvested, the house scrubbed and cleaned, the animals taken care of.

Heaving a great sigh, Serena released herself form Lita's grip and headed over to tend to the animals, while Lita started on the cottage. Walking dejectedly into the barn, she measured out feed for the horses, grain for the chickens, and hay for the cows. Farm life suited her just fine, but what she wanted most was to be a knight. She had read about their glamorous lives in books, and had heard about their brave battles from other village folks. But the fame of battle was not what she wanted. She wanted to fight. Ever since she was little, that was her dream, to be a great warrior. To be able to wield a sword and fend for herself and her country. Still, being a lady knight was out of the question. It just didn't happen, and the last lady knight had died hundreds of years ago. Since then, no one had offered themselves to the crown. Besides, only nobles and sons of high status are allowed, or required to undergo the training.

She sighed again, and dumped hay into the pens, in which the cows grazed. Yet, there was a skim chance. People who showed themselves worthy in combat were allowed to train, yet that rarely happened. It was like one of those invisible lines that nobody crossed.

She fed the chickens and collected their eggs, balancing them in a basket in one hand, while still holding two other pails in the other. Lita needed her here at the farm, and she would never leave her all the work just so that she could go off for adventures. Her mind flashed toward another station she had desperately wanted to go for. Mage. She knew nothing about magic, but she knew she had it. Once, when she had gotten mad at a bully, she felt her magic just jump out of her. The following years, she worked on meditation, trying hard to keep her magic under control. It was no use. Lita told her that she had just too much magic in her, and it would take professional help. But where was she supposed to get professional help?

Finishing up her chores, she headed back to the cottage for lunch, her mind still elsewhere. Taking off her shoes, she slipped inside, her nose guiding her toward the kitchen.

"Sit down," Lita offered, drawing up a chair and seating herself.

Serena followed her example and they ate in silence.

Finally she asked Lita, "What are your dreams Lita?"

Startled, she looked up, "My dreams Serena?"

"Yeah. Like what you would like to do with your life, if you got to choose."

She looked down at the table, and placed her fork down, "I wanted to open up a little bakery of my own, yet we don't have the money. What about you?"

Serena stabbed at a piece of broccoli, "I want to be a lady knight."

Lita stopped mid-chew, "You're serious, aren't you?"

She nodded.

"Then what's stopping you?"


Lita looked at her friend for a while, then grinned, "You know Serena, what do you say we sell this farm and head over to the capital city? You could try out to be a knight, and I will put myself in the service of the cook. They are bound to accept me, with my cooking skills. When I've earned enough money, I'll open a little bakery. What do you say?"

"What if I'm not good enough to be a knight?"

"Nonsense! You are bound to be accepted! You have this natural talent and besides, I taught you everything I know in the martial arts apartment, and you did a great job teaching yourself everything else!"

Serena smiled, "You're right. What are we waiting for?" She jumped out of her chair, but a warm hand stopped her from leaving. "We'll have to wait till the crops are harvested and winter passes us. During that time, you could start working out, and leave the rest to me."

Serena smiled, and thanked her royal friend. Bit by bit, her dreams were beginning to unravel, leaving her a solid path to walk on toward her wildest imagination.

End of Chapter 1

What do you think? I've decided to try something new. I'm not sure exactly how this is going to work out, but I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how I'm doing. If enough people like it, I will continue. If I find that the story doesn't really spark any interest, I guess I'll just try something else. Thanks!