Introduction - The Story So Far.... (i.e. disclaimer, notes and 'the story so far' - if you read nothing else read that last bit so you know what has happened prior to chapter 1)

Disclaimer: I only own Fuineth, Túveren, Elsbeth, Orodor, Beriorgan, Tilgor, Mirriel, Lotheliel, Gwenneth, Naril, Anardor, Elsilion and Elenros. (Anyone interested may like to know there may be stories involving some of these characters coming soon) The rest are of course owned by the great man himself and I sincerely apologise for what has happened to them all in this story (poor Legolas in particular).

Author's Note: Firstly, be aware that this is an AU - Alternate Universe - story, i.e. there is stuff in it that is NOT canon (though not much). Specifically, I wish to make it clear that I know full well that elves are not highly sexual people, that sex = marriage for them, and I am reliably informed that Morgoth's Ring (HoME) tells us that non-consensual sex would destroy their spirit. However, this story is based on another that I have read - reading it set off a bunny in my head - and the AU elements of the story revolve around the above matters as not being true: therefore for the purposes of this story elves are sexual, do have sex before marriage and non-consensual sex does not kill them (however emotionally traumatic). If that is a problem, stop now and don't read this story, or the one it is based on.

The story is PG-13 but in fact most chapters are G rated.

I would highly recommend (indeed insist) anyone reading this to read 'Unrepentant, Unforgiven' by Le Rouet first. It is the story that led to mine, and my story will make a lot more sense if you do read it first. You can find it at 'Open Scrolls Archive' ( in the Alternate Universe section. It is a great story, BUT BE WARNED: it is R rated (mainly for the 2nd and second to last chapters). The chapters that are particularly relevant to my story are chapters 1 (the drugging), 2 (the forced seduction), 6 (the fight in Osgiliath) & 7 (the whole tale is told), though the second to last chapter will also explain to you what the 'Cauldron Ceremony' is.

The story itself is based on your usual 'What if...' AU plot bunny. In the case of 'Unrepentant, Unforgiven' it was: 'What if Eowyn didn't want to die a virgin and the elves had a known potent aphrodisiac?' The plot bunny that grabbed me on reading it was: 'What if someone was around to help in that situation, even if only in the aftermath of it all?' and so my story was born. My sincere thanks go to Le Rouet for giving me permission to use her story as a basis for mine. She is clearly mad, but I am in her debt.

I hasten to add the only reason why this story revolves round Legolas is because the original story did. The only reason why the female lead is human but with a bizarre past is because that is the only way I could get the story to work and it seemed less fantastical than having an elf as a lady-in-waiting in Edoras. If I could have made her elven, she would have been. As it was she had to be human, but then I had to explain her knowledge of things elvish, hence her history. I know all of this makes the story a bit of a classic Mary-Sue 'Legomance', but the bunny was gnawing my knee off and I had little option but succumb, write the **** thing and make it work somehow. I can only apologise and hope that the plot and writing compensate for it (though that's unlikely!), and if not: well, I did warn you but you are still free to beat me over the head with a large, blunt object.

Any elvish used in the story is Sindarin which was the main language used amongst the elves by the Third Age. Quenyan was mainly a scholastic language by that point though it does appear once in the story during a ceremonial occasion. A glossary for any elvish used in any given chapter is provided at the end of that chapter.

One last important point: Yes, this is a 'Legomance' but it is NOT movieverse. My Legolas does NOT look like Orlando Bloom! If you want some idea of how my Legolas looks then go and look at Anke-Katrin Eissmann's picture of Haldir and Frodo in Lothlorien which is called 'Atop Cerin Amroth' (section II of her LOTR pictures at I apologise for not being able to give the exact url for the picture but every time I try fanfiction eats half the address. But if you go to that site you will find it. I was amazed when I saw it because in it Haldir is the spitting image of Legolas as I see him both in my head and in this story.


The 'story so far':

The scene is Edoras, just after Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli arrive. Eowyn is distressed by the lack of response she is getting from Aragorn, and therefore determines she will try to die in battle rather than live with her love for him unrequited. She does not wish to die a maid, however. Meanwhile the Fellowship are being fed, and the cake presented to them does not suit them, but Legolas realises in horror, and too late, that the reason it tastes a little strange to the others is because it is made with honey and oak leaves - a combination (the oak leaves in particular) that has a powerful, and near immediate effect, on woodland (Silvan or Sindarin) elves. Gandalf realises its' significance and Aragorn has heard of it (though never realised it to be true). Legolas shuts himself in his chambers and begins to make himself violently ill with the other three, though bewildered as to why anyone should do such a thing, offering (much to Legolas's fury) to find him a wench to 'ease' his discomfort but he will have none of it preferring to lock his door and wait it out. The others assume he is going to be in a filthy mood for the next few days and think nothing more of it.

Eowyn has a secret hiding place in her rooms (a hole in the wall/grate with a loose brick) where there is a book explaining about oak leaves and honey, and also that the points on the ears of an elf are a very sensitive erogenous zone. She has two pots with her, and a set of keys. She goes to Legolas's room. On the pretence that she has heard he was ill she insists he take some soup before she leaves. He is wary but, hoping it will get her to go, drinks the soup not realising till it is too late that there are yet more oak leaves in it. She is on him, knife to his throat, and the other pot, filled with honey and oak leaves which she forces him to eat till he is not himself, and can resist it no longer. She has given him far too much (there was already too much just in the cake) - the smallest amount is all that is needed - and she could have killed him with the dose as Queen Arwen says when years later the full tale is dragged out of Legolas by her and Aragorn. Eowyn also twists and pulls his ears till they are bruised and bleeding, when the merest touch would have sufficed.

Her maidenhead is taken, though he is not gentle (barely even knowing who he is by now). As it finishes, however, they are disturbed by a woman rushing in, armed, shaking in anger and distress. Eowyn grabs for the knife fallen to the floor in an attempt to deal with this intruder who has shamed her by discovering her in her act. Legolas, the effects wearing off a little by now, disarms Eowyn and heaps insults upon her in his fury. She explains why she has done it and says she will say he raped her if he breathes a word. He pushes her to the door, but then he grabs her through her skirts, and using Elvish healing, heals her maidenhead. He throws her out and slams the door upon her.

The other woman is still in his room...