Spike stared at Angel as if he had not heard him correctly, "Transfer? England?"

Angel raised his eyebrow. "Don't tell me you don't want to go back with Buffy?"

Spike looked at Buffy, his eyes full of silent questions. Was that what she wanted? Buffy smiled at him and nodded her head; no words were needed.

"Do I get a raise? Cost of living increase?" Spike snarked with a wide grin.

Angel shook his head, "Don't push it." He sat back down. "I think we're all exhausted; so why don't we get some rest and you can come back in tomorrow. We'll set everything up then."

"That sounds good to me." Buffy smiled as she took Spike's hand and led him towards the door. "We'll see you tomorrow."


"Home again, home again... " Spike singsonged as he opened his apartment door still holding tightly to Buffy.

"Not for long though." She grinned at him lovingly.

He sighed as they sat down on the couch. "About that, Pet."

Buffy's face fell as she scooted away from him. "You don't want to go with me?"

He moved closer to her and put his hand on her cheek. "Buffy, listen to me, don't want anymore misunderstandings between us. Yes, I want to go with you."

She let out a sigh of relief. "I was afraid for a minute there."

Caressing her face, he continued, "I just wanted to make sure it's what you really want. I don't want to rush you."

"I don't feel rushed at all." She raised her hand to her face placing on top of Spike's. "I don't want to waste any more time without you." She lifted her face up to his and their lips met in a soft kiss that promised so much more. He lifted her on to his lap never breaking contact, and then...she yawned.

Spike laughed as Buffy tried to stifle her yawn. "Tired, luv?"

She blushed, "Sorry, it has been a long night."

"Let's go to bed then and have a short nap."

"Napping wasn't exactly what I had in mind for you, but... " She was cut off mid-sentence by another yawn.

"We've got lots of time for that." He smiled as he stood and took her hand. She followed him to the bedroom and undressed.

Spike pulled back the covers for her and motioned to her to get in the bed. She snuggled under the blankets and watched him undress. He crawled in behind her and spooned against her back, running a hand through her hair, he kissed the top of her head, "Get some sleep now." He murmured softly.

She tried to close her eyes; she had thought she was tired before they came to bed. She reached one arm behind her and began to absently run one finger up and down Spike's thigh. After a few minutes, she realized she really wasn't tired anymore and judging from the way Spike felt against her back, he definitely wasn't tired either.

She rolled over to face him a glint in her eye as her had traveled downwards under the covers. Spike's eyes widened, "Thought you were tired?"

"Not so much now," she whispered against his mouth.

They rested later... much later.


"Thanks for everything you did tonight, Wes." Angel sat his drink down on the small table.

"It was nothing, you would have done the same. I'm just sorry we lost Lindsey," Wesley answered as he took a sip of his own beer.

"Yeah, looks like we lost Eve too. I guess that's no big surprise though." Angel picked up his glass. "I want to thank you for setting me straight about Buffy and Spike, too. You were right; it wasn't my place to keep them from each other."

"I think you knew that all along, it just took a little reminder from someone else to make you accept it. It's good of you to give Spike the job in England."

"I really do need someone over there and hey it gets Spike out of my hair, right?" Angel grinned and raised his glass in a toast.


"Spike, I do expect you to check in at least a couple of times a week." Angel handed him a thick folder; "Here is the information on your new office and some numbers you can call if you need anything while you're settling in."

"Yes sir!" Spike gave a mock salute. Buffy rolled her eyes at him and playfully punched his arm.

Angel just shook his head at the other vampire, "Let me know when you get there, okay?"

"We will." Buffy stepped closer to him and gave him a hug, "Take care of yourself." She turned to Spike taking his hand. "We better get to the airport."


"I still can't believe you let them go off together." Gunn sat across from Angel's desk shaking his head.

"I had to, couldn't fight it anymore. You saw them together." Angel smiled as he thought of the pure happiness on Buffy's face as she had left his office.

"It was for their own good."