Disclaimer: Neither Cree Stardancer or myself owns these characters. I assure you, if we did, Cree would keep Remy smiling and I'd be out flying with Warren.

Warning: This is a serious R story, for subject matters discussed and a few scenes that are not for anyone under 17 (which is what R means, by the way, for anyone who thinks I should put this on an NC-17 site, it's not that graphic). There is rape, abuse, and a loving male/male relationship. Anyone who likes either Rogue or Psylocke really shouldn't read this, the characters are complete bitches in this story. If you like them, sorry, but we don't. Later on, there will be mpreg, but I'll warn everyone before that part of the story happens and there will be a definite place you can stop reading before it happens and the story will still be complete.

Author's Note: We've been working on this on and off for awhile. We write it while chatting so reformatting it to post takes me awhile. We do have quite a lot written (about 150 pages so far), but posting it will be slow, both as we correct scenes, add scenes, and as I reformat everything we write into one coherent whole. Be patient. I assure you, there's plenty of material and we're still writing.

Timeline: Um, this is obviously an AU branching off sometime after the Antarctica mess with Remy and sometime after the Crimson Dawn for Warren. Sorry, we didn't really get specific, we just went with as much history as worked for the story. If you have problems with how either Warren's or Remy's pasts are portrayed, we're sorry, but this is our story and our interpretation. We hope you enjoy it.

Angel Wings and Devil Eyes

by Kaat ShadowLover and Cree Stardancer

The thief thanked whatever gods that were watching for the skylight. So much easier than windows and it just seemed classier in a way. Not too many people could afford them so that alone had been a good sign to the Guild scout. A few days of watching the place and they were able to tell the owner's patterns. According to the report, the owner, a young man, blonde and appearing to be early 20s or so, should be out on the town. So the place was all his for the taking. And he certainly planned to take.

The thief moved through the room as silent as the fog that walked on cat feet. Silently, he appraised the paintings, vases and other expensive items, allowing himself to simply enjoy them. He had time. Besides, he had always liked bright things, baubles as Henri called them. That penchant had gotten him to trouble as a child thief, but he was older now. Faster, smarter, and in control of his power. Yes, he could enjoy the penthouse.

The only problem was that in silence, he had nothing but his mind to keep him company, and he had a very talkative mind. A photo caught his eye. The young owner with a dark haired lady, looking happy. Their clothes screamed of money, their teeth and hair perfect even with the slight ruffling an invisible wind did to it. The man looked familiar, but why? He had not scouted the place, that had been Etienne. Then another photo this time of the man with the X-Men. That caused him to gasp out loud. This was no ordinary mark! And that photo bought back a memory he would just as soon forget.

Rogue stood before him, hands on her hips, yelling at him. Logan, Bobby, Scott and Jean were trying to calm her down, but she was having none of it. She was still calling him a traitor and trying to justify her actions in Antarctica. Who the hell had she been to judge him of all people? She had absorbed people, in effect killing them. She had been a major enemy of this team before joining them. He had turned that night over and over in his head, never really forgiving himself.

"Why didn't ya tell us?" she screamed.

"Because I knew dis would be de reaction. No matter what I do, I can't change dat night. I had reasons for hookin' up wit him. Excuses? Nonbut reasons."

"What possible reason can ya have? Admit it, Swamp rat, ya nothin' but a murderer! Ya got Warren's wings taken away!"

At that he had become enraged. "I didn't do dat! Dat was Harpoon and ya know it. As for my reasons, why should I explain when no matter what I say ya got me judged and sentenced." He was so sick and tired of this crap that never seemed to end. "Sideswhat about you neh? All de things you did before signin' on wit dis group. Ya essentially killed a friend of Logan's. Ya stole Belle's memories." He watched her pale, and heard Logan's low growl but continued. "Keepin' me at arm's length, always usin' your powers as an excuse. And I'm supposed ta jus' accept it? Guess what? I can do bettah. You want me gone? Fine. As Jubilee would see say... See ya!"

And with that he had stormed out, taking everything he could fit

into a large duffel bag. Logan had agreed to send everything else later. It had taken a while, but eventually, he had put that behind him, and went back to his old life as if he had never left. he enjoyed this life where the worst that happened was he got shot at or had an assassin on him. He had gone back to his own house and started fixing it up with an intent to maybe sell it.

He'd been lost in the memory when he came into the bedroom and saw the figure lying prone on the sofa. "Mon Dieu! Warren? Butwhat? When?" Then he saw the small amber bottle that pharmacies usually used. "Warren? What goin' on?"