Title:Hex-Crossed Lovers
Author: Many wonderful writers from the , each chapter may be someone different from the one before
Rated: R for upcoming situations
Summary: Kirsu's Challenge: Harry and Severus are caught in the cross fire of two hexes, causing them to be in each others company or they will suffer pain.
Pairing: SS/HP
Spoilers: None that i know of
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money made. These characters belong to JK Rowling
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Hex-Crossed Lovers
Chapter 1

by Taran Swann

Dueling club was becoming a bore for Harry. Ever since Snape had taken over as the teacher supervisor, it all seemed routine. Snape would pair them off, usually Slytherins vs. Gryffindors, and they would practice hexes and counter curses.

Harry was continually paired up with Malfoy and came out black and blue in places he couldn't reach. He was tired of being the blonde's punching bag, so he had decided to turn up late, hoping the pairing would be finished by the time he arrived. His luck held out, and Malfoy had indeed been paired with someone else, Ron. And, true to form, Harry was stuck duelling with Snape.

Harry cursed the fates as he faced off against his handsome, but testy, potions professor. He glared as Snape smirked at him from four feet away. He countered Snape's first hex easily, and threw one of his own. Snape side stepped it easily, but a fold of his long robe burned and smoldered. Harry couldn't help a smirk of his own at Snape's annoyed look.

Snape threw off the robe and faced Harry again. Harry noticed Snape's long, slim legs in tight fitting black trousers, and didn't notice the hex coming at him until it was almost too late. He threw up a hasty shield and just missed gaining a third eye.

Harry threw off his own robe and a muddle hex at the same time. Snape dodged it by dropping to the floor and threw the same hex back at Harry, rolling easily back to his feet. Harry blocked it with a counter curse just as Snape threw a fire hex. Harry was almost dizzy as Snape started throwing hex after hex at him. He didn't have time to throw anything back, so instead he started advancing on him.

Harry had Snape backed against a wall, looking slightly nervous as Harry bared down on him. When Snape finally fumbled for another curse, Harry seized the moment and Snape's wand. He was about to hex the amused looking man, when he felt something hit him from the side. He saw a flash of green and watched in horror as Snape's eyes went wide and he slid to the floor. Harry swayed for a moment before collapsing on top of Snape.


Severus woke up with one hell of a headache. He cracked one eye open and groaned, quickly shutting it again. He was in the infirmary and Potter was in the bed next to his. He searched his memories to ascertain why he was there, but couldn't remember anything past Potter snatching his wand out of his hand.

He knew he should never have allowed Potter to get close enough to take it, but he was actually having fun duelling with the younger wizard. He grudgingly admitted to himself, that Potter was very good at duelling. That was one of the reasons he paired Potter and Malfoy. Malfoy had a lot to learn and Potter was the best teacher for him. Malfoy tended to learn from actions, rather than lectures, and he would learn plenty just from being hexed by his arch nemesis.

Severus groaned again as his head throbbed and heard the bed next to him creak. Potter groaned loudly as someone entered the room. Severus cracked his eye open again and spotted the medi-witch approach him.

"Severus," her voice echoed loudly in his ears. "How are you feeling?"

"I'd feel much better if you'd stop yelling at me," he growled.

"I'm not yelling," she said softly. "Potter, how are you feeling?" she yelled across to the other bed, making Severus cringe and Potter groan. "Oh, sorry."

"Well, now that you're both awake, I'll explain what happened," Pomfrey said firmly. "You were both caught in a cross hex. I believe Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Weasley were the cause. Anyhow, here's the gist of it. You have been bonded together by an emoticon bond. That means that you must remain in each other's presence at all times and must remain at least civil to one another. Understand, Severus?" She gave Severus a deadly glare.

"Why do we have to be civil?" Harry asked quietly, his head pounding out a wicked beat.

Severus bit his tongue hard in an effort to keep from hexing the foolish boy.

"Because, Mr. Potter," Pomfrey said irritably, "the nicer you are to each other, the sooner you'll break the bond. The more you argue and fight, the longer it will last and the closer you'll have to be."


"The emoticon bond was created for times of war and unrest," Severus explained with more patience than he thought possible. "It was designed to bring the warring wizards together long enough to form an understanding of one another. The more the bond-mates argue, the closer the bond forces them together. The more understanding they show, the farther they can move.

"In other words, when we fight, we might have only two feet of distance allowed between us, when we're nice and friendly, we may be allowed up to twenty feet distance, but in any case, we have to be within sight of each other at all times."

"You mean, we can't even go to the loo by ourselves??" Harry asked incredulously.

Severus, rolled his eyes and bit his tongue again. "Correct, Mr. Potter."

"Well, what about showering?"

"Leave the door and the curtain open, and I'm sure we'll be fine."

Harry growled and muttered under his breath.

"ME?" Severus yelled as he sat up in the bed, forgetting to be silent upon hearing Harry accusing him of causing this mess. "It was YOUR friend who hexed us!"

"It wasn't only Ron," Harry hollered back at him. "It was your precious Slytherin that did it!"

"Don't be daft! Malfoy wouldn't know the first thing about a curse like that. It's you and your friends who are so advanced in hexes and curses!"

Pomfrey shook her head and stepped back as the beds began to rumble under their heated words. The beds scraped loudly against the stone floor as they moved, bringing the shouting men together. They would learn eventually, though at this rate, it was going to be a long wait.