Summary: Harry goes through some changes over the summer to his last year. Voldemort is gone. His best friends aren't going to go their last year at Hogwarts, Hermione is in Germany and Ron in France. Harry is home alone the whole summer and gets a job at a gym. On his 17'th birthday he gets his elf heredity, but something else happens too, he gets bitten by a vampire. And with this new develop and company he changes a lot. The world meets a new and more handsome Harry, who likes to tease Draco Malfoy. Harry is a bit evil, but in a good way, and his favorite movie is Cruel intentions, I'm too sexy and for fun.

I don't own a thing, not Harry Potter or any other characters, so there is absolutely no reason to sue me! Just thought I should make that clear.

Harry when thinking

"Everybody when speaking"

Writing on paper

R & R

Chapter 1: Good luck living!

When Harry was thrown out of his uncle's car after he was picked up at the train station, he expected his uncle to come out of the car too. But he didn't, Harry stood in front of the house with his trunk, Vernon sat in the car and his aunt and cousin ran past him with bags and suitcases.

"Eh, uncle Vernon…?"

The whole family (well except for Harry that is) sat in the car now, the fat one with no neck, some called Vernon turned towards his nephew with a catlike smirk.

"Listen here Boy, we're going to Italy for the rest of the summer, and you're staying here."


Vernon laughed and started the car, before the car disappeared around the corner he shouted out one last thing.

"And if you want to survive you better get yourself a job! Good luck living!"

Harry grabbed his trunk and stormed into the house. Unbelievable, fucking unbelievable!

He sat down on the sofa in the living room with his head in his hands and groaned helplessly.

Well I guess it could be worse, I could be stuck here with them all the summer, at least I have the whole house for myself. But the job thing is a whole different case, how I'm I going to get a job? Like I could just walk to the nearest shop and say "Hey, do you have a job for me? I need a job for two months and hope you don't care that I have absolutely no experience what so ever and need some money every day". Oh bugger I'm doomed!

But he had to get a job sooner or later, he was already starving, maybe there was some food in the kitchen?

Harry came into the kitchen, but before he could search the refrigerator for food he saw a note on the disk:

There is no need looking for anything to eat, we've cleaned the whole house for food, enjoy you summer Boy.

"Damn, I'm going to starve to death". Now that Voldemort was gone he had one less way to die on. Harry had defeated Voldemort one month before school break this year, his sixth year. It had been a long battle with many deaths, but he had finally got him, with a muggle weapon, a gun, the greatest dark wizard of all time fell by a bullet in the head.

Harry had been praised, oh yes he had, the public was in ecstasy, the-boy-who-lived had become the-savoir-of-man-kind even though he was only 16. Well 17 in one month. Harry hadn't got a minute of peace since that, everybody wanted a piece of him, so he was kind of glad that he had two months for himself in the muggelworld where nobody wanted anything from or acknowledged him.

Yes I will get through this, like everything else. Tomorrow I'm going to find myself a job no mater what.

Harry woke up the next morning, got dressed in some of Dudley's clothes and ate his last chocolate frog.

He sat at the kitchen table looking at a wizard card of Ulrich the oddball and thinking of what kind of job he should get.

Babysitter? No, I probably drop the baby, besides all the screaming will surely give me a permanent migraine.

Could I work at a store? Yes, but do I have the necessary experience? Probably not.

Be a delivery boy? Yes, but don't I need some kind of transport means, like a car or bike?

Could I work at the gym? Yes, that could work. Maybe I could get a job giving out towels or some other minor thing, and then I could work out for myself afterwards. Yeah that would be great!

Harry raised his head and smiled, yes he would go to the gym down the street and ask for a job right now.

Out in the streets

After a while he found himself walking down the street to the gym. It was a large building, lots of people walking in and out all the time. Harry took a deep breath and went inside.

He stood there at the door looking around, wondering where he should go when a girl in her early twenties came up to him.

"Hello there, can I help you?"

Harry looked at her a bit startled.

"Oh, hallo, I..I was looking for the manager".

"Well okey then, I'll get him for you, you just wait here".

She smiled at him and walked behind the disk and lifted the telephone up to her ear.

"Hello Mr. Harmon, there is a boy down here looking for you. Oh okey, I just send him up to you then."

She hung up the phone and turned to Harry.

"You can go up to him now, his office is on the third floor, the second door to the right".

Harry flashed her a smile and took the stairs up to the third floor.

Knock, knock.

"Come in".

Harry step into an office where the wall paper wasn't noticeable anymore because of all the diplomas.

"Yes how my I help you lad?"

Mr. Harmon was an athletic man in his thirties, with black hair and warm blue eyes.

"Eh, hello Mr. Harmon, I wanted to see if there was a job here for me?"

Mr. Harmon looked at Harry, he surely looked like a 14 year old boy instead of 16 in Dudleys oversized clothes.

"And why would you want a job here Mr. ……?"

"Potter, sir. Harry Potter. You see, eh my family is gone for the whole holiday, and I need to earn money for food and the like. And I thought that a job here would be nice, since it's near my home and I can work out afterwards. I'm a really hard worker you see, I been doing all types of cores at my summer home when I am there, and I do everything you ask me to". Harry felt a little silly pleading like that, but he really needed this job.

"Well, we could use someone to help around with small things, like giving people new towels and helping people fill out membership forms. How old are you?"

"Soon 17 sir"

"Good, you can start tomorrow. I expect you to work here from 9-17 Monday to Saturday, you'll get some money every Friday."

"Thank you Sir"

Private Drive nr 4

Harry walked home and thought about things, he decided to not tell anyone about this new situation. He didn't fancy having Dumbledore move him some where he would be 'safe'. "It's for your own good, Harry" was a line he had heard one time too many. He didn't even want to tell his two best friends who were on vacation in Norway and couldn't be reached, or more exactly, they didn't what to be disturbed. They wanted, and needed, some time for themselves. Hermione and Ron had been together since their fifth year. But Hermione had got a Scholarship in Germany and Ron and his family had moved to France because Mr. Weasley had got a new and better job there. So Harry didn't want to bother them with this new develop, they needed their peace.

Next school year was going to be different, because Harry was alone this year at Hogwarts. No Hermione or Ron. Who would have thought that the famous Gryffindor trio would be a solo the last year? Well Malfoy will be trilled, that's for sure.

When Harry went to bed, he feel asleep with a smile on his face, yes it would be good with some changes.