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I don't own a thing, so there is absolutely no reason to sue me! Just thought I should make that clear. I don't own Harry or any characters from the Potter universe, but I do own Argus, Kay, Narcissus and all my lovely servants and all of the elves and vampires in this story.

AN:'s been ages, and I have just started on a Hikaru no Go story that I'm really passioned about...But of course then I felt guilty for not updating any of my Harry Potter stories in years...The truth is that I'm in the worst writers-block and I'm trying to fix it by writing something else, I have also started two other stories before this, but they didn't help, so lets hope that three actually is the charm!

Harry when thinking.

'Harry's inner voice' (A guest star only for this chapter)

"Everybody when speaking".

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Previously in Changes

"It seems he's a bit cold, lying on top of the sheets and all. Let us not keep him that way. Everybody jump in; we should show our newest member some real elfin hospitality," he said with a grin as he looked at all of his friends and saw their fascination with the boy on the bed.

One strong looking brown haired young man with equally brown eyes carefully picked Harry up, bridal style, and placed him down again in the middle of the bed once the rest of his friends had removed the sheets. When the hybrid was in place, they all followed after and wriggled and tangled themselves with each other and Harry where he lay sleeping peacefully in the middle of all the warm and smooth bodies of six drop-dead gorgeous dark elves.

"Sweet dreams, sleeping beauty," one of them whispered as each of them reached for one of the newbie's limbs and hung on to it, kissing or stroking it to their pleasure. They were all very pleased with their newest addition.

Chapter 9: These are breast aren't they?

Harry felt a light flutter of wind brush his neck, sides and thighs. It was kind of warm, a bit moist and quiet irregular. But it felt nice, very nice. Like small butterfly kisses. Besides the lovely breeze he was surrounded by something soft and silky all over. It felt like he was buried in plush and slightly heavy pillows. He liked this feeling. He could stay like this forever without a care in the world, without a thought bothering his peace. This was paradise.

But alas, as his sleep indulged brain finally got out of Lala-Land and he started to wake, he remembered Narcissus' words. If he didn't remembered wrong he should meet up with his dark-elf guardian this morning. The school day was from 8 am to 2 pm so he should turn up at Narcissus' place a little before 8. This would be his first day in the Cave and the elders had arranged for him to join the official school here. Harry wasn't eager to join any kind of school when he technically had a summer holiday, but he was rather interested in learning more elfin magic. He was pretty good at the so called dark elements, but his wind and water affluence sucked as it was. How pitiful. The children of the Cave would probably be lots better than his current self. Pure elves, whether they were dark or light, should be better than him in their craft after all.

So he guessed he should get his lovely ass out of this too comfortable bed and join the older elf…..But these pillows were just soooo lovely and warm! The hybrid buried his face deeper into two plush pillows and moaned as they lightly brushed his lips and chin with their heated and silky surface. He wiggled a bit more and grinned satisfied when a longish pillow slipped over the right side of his ass and landed strategic just between his upper thighs, pushing nicely against his more private parts.

God this is heaven! I've got to nick some of these pillows and bring them to Hogwarts. Their unbelievable, almost live-like!

He would forever be a happy man if he could just lie here forever. But as it was he could hear his inner voice telling him how fat he was going to get laying around all day…

That's it! No way in hell will I turn into some Dudders clone! I just have to open my eyes and push myself up with my manly arms…alright, here I go.

Slowly as if he was afraid of what might meet him, Harry open his eyes and blinked away the sleepy haze, adjusting his green eyes to the rooms light. He was still lying with his head deeply squashed between two of the live-like pillows from heaven. And as he pushed his face up two inches away from them he noticed that they had a pale and plain colouring. They also seemed to be connected with each other.

Hmm, that's pretty brilliant…

As he pushed his head another five inched up he noticed that the pillows had two nicely plumped and firm shaped tops, and surprisingly two pinkish buttons placed on top of each top.

Now that's looks kind of weird, but of course I know shit about elfin fashion…

As he was looking down at the strange, but oh so comfortable pillows, his brain decided to function again.

These are breast aren't they...? He asked his brain as his doom was starting to get clearer. He felt his head nodding along agreeing that he had mistaken a pair of plump breast for a pillow the entire night.

'But who own the breasts Harry? Surly not you, even though you might want to….'


'Yes indeed.'

Slowly the half vampire turned his head, all the while fearing the worst, to see if his sudden feeling of doom was justified.


'JUSTIFIED! Kukuku….'

There were six reasons for Harry's future as fates' boy-toy:

1. His head pillow was actually a pair of lovely breast. They seem to belong to a dark long haired maiden who had her long legs wrapped around his waist.

2. The longish pillow turned out to be a slight muscular forearm. The owner was a nicely shaped dark blood-redhead guy who had his other arm wrapped around the waist of the girl to his right. The guy was also pressed nicely under another boy.

3. The pillow covering his left thigh became another thigh, but yet again not in his ownership. That ownership was a guy with the blackest of hair down to his sharp shoulders. The guy looked to be the oldest of the group and had a muscular boy draped over his chest.

4. The big and multi-shaped pillow pressing up against his right side transformed into an entire upper body equipped with another pair of plump breasts. Said upper body was connected to a lower body of a petite girl with short cut raven black hair just down under her ears. She was also the girl the dark redhead was clinging to.

5. The light crocked pillow lying over his lower back was another muscular arm. This muscular arm was connected to a equally muscular body of a boy with brown hair who was the one draped over the chest of Mr. Thigh.

6. And lastly, the slim and smooth pillow snaked around his right lower leg turned out to be a delicate arm as well. Said arm belonged to a young looking boy with blackish brown hair down past his shoulders and thick long eyelashes. The youngster was also placed right on top of The-Guy-With-The-Arm-Too-Close-To-The-Private-Goods' back.

It was hard for his brain to think rationally right now in this situation. Nevertheless, he had figured out that these very naked deliciously gorgeous dark elves rapped around him must be his new roomies...Right about now he was yet again trying to convince his inner Harry that ten minutes more couldn't hurt anyone. But that debate went sour as the slightly muscular but slim forearm between his upper thighs twisted and added the dangerously intoxicated pressure just at the right spot. At this moment the two –meaning Harry and his inner voice– came to the agreement that someone was dangerously close to getting too hurt to sit for a week.

So with much inner whining and careful movements he untangled himself from his bed-mates. Though at one moment, as he just had left to get loose from Mr. Dark Red and the youngling, the blasted forearm guy – who was by the way gorgeous and was definitely going to get fucked hard in the near future – moved again with a sultry moan and buried his face into the very hot n' bothered Validus' crotch and started to nuzzle it!

Now Harry Validus Potter is a sturdy guy with lots of will power and mind practice, but even he let loose a deep throaty groan as the friction and heat from Red's mouth and nose brought him to the seventh level. But he did finally get to his senses. After untangling the slim arm from his lower right leg and sinfully enjoying the nuzzle treatment for three more minutes, he slipped into his clothes and ungracefully dashed down the barely light stone corridor towards his guardian's rooms.

Narcissus' place, the Cave

Harry slided to a stop just outside his new guardian's place, a little out of breath, but still somehow managing to keep his cool as he knocked on the door.

"Oi, Narcissus, you up yet?" He didn't bother to wait for an answer, but walked into the room seconds after his knuckles had hit the door.

Narcissus' place was really something. It had the same light arrangement as in Harry's shared bedroom, but there was also a pretty bonfire/huge lamp-thing going on in the middle of the spacious cave. Chairs, rugs and bookshelves were place around the light-thingy and farthest form the door a large wooden desk was placed.

"Ah Harry good morning, good to see you made it in time. So, how was the sleeping arrangement, did you get a good nights sleep?" The advisory himself was sitting by the mentioned desk, drinking from a mug and looking over some documents.

At the question Harry's mind was ripped away from the fascinating light display and went right back to Lala-land and body-pillows. He might even have drooled a little.

Narcissus cleared his troath at Harry's goofy expression and lifted his mug to take another sip. He sat there looking at his new 'student', but even so it took some time for Harry to understand why he was giving him such amused looks.

"I believe I asked you a question?"

Harry blinked once, twice.......


"The sleeping arrangements? I take it that it has your approval?"

Harry still didn't say anything, but he did glare at him. After being smirked at by his soon to be guardian like that, Harry didn't fancy answering him, plus his mind was occupied by red-heads right now – the good kind, not Weasleys. But alas, the annoying man clearly didn't have a social life of his own, so he would probably nag him about it all day if he didn't answer.

"It went well, no complains on my side." That's right you old fossil, I can be cool about it!

Narcissus gave him another knowing look before he sat down his mug.

"Well, we should get you to school, but it's still a bit early, so would you like some breakfast or something?"

"No thank you, I'm good. I'm not a breakfast person and since I drank a mouthful of blood yesterday I probably won't need more today. Though I was wondering if you would fill me in on the workings of a mental bond between younglings and guardians?"

"That I can."

The elder man nodded his head and sifted through the papers he had been looking at, before he found what he was searching fro. He indicated that Harry should take a seat in front of his desk, in on of the two chairs that Harry hadn't noticed before.

"Now this here is a official document of our bond, it a blood contract that protects both sides. As the Elders told you yesterday, the bond is a mental bond that can be used between two people even if they are not blood related. Here is where the contract comes in. Since we aren't parent and child we need to share both blood and magic, the blood by writing and signing a contract, and the magic in a ritual. Since I've seen this done before I will be writing up the contract and let you look over it before we both sign it. But all of this will be explained to you in more detail later today. All bonding within the coven must be done before the Elders, so I will get you today after school and we will have the ritual in the Elders meeting Hall. Is this alright by you?"

"Sure, no problem. But will the ritual take long, or hurt?"

Harry didn't really want to be longer amongst the lively Elders then he had too.

"No, it's a fairly short ritual, and it's not really painful either, you just have to sign the contract with you blood and share some of your blood and magic with me. None of the aspects of the ritual do more then sting a bit. Now, let me show you the way to the school so you can find it on your own tomorrow morning. If you want any lunch you can buy it in town. The elder students get to go there in their free period. Since we're doing the ritual we won't have any afternoon lessons together, we will both probably be quite out of it. I would suggest you meet with your roommates after the ritual and get to know them a little better."

Narcissus stood up and beckoned Harry to follow him. They were off to school.

The main floor, the Cave

Harry had never had a parent following him to school on the first day, but he was sure it wasn't suppose to be this embarrassing. It might have something to do with the fact that he was 17 years old, and his new classmates whom were twice less his age didn't have their 'parent' with them. Oh, well. It wasn't like Narcissus went out of his way to embarrass him and pat his head.....

They were down on the first floors, the main floors where all the public buildings like school, dinners, bars and the like could be found. The school was pretty big when you measured it up against other buildings in the Cave. And it looked to be several building connected together.

"Let's go meet you teacher Harry."

Narcissus and him were getting strange looks from the other school children and some polite 'hello's. Well, Narcissus was, not Harry, the small freaks were generally just staring at him like he was going to combust any minute... I don't know if that's good or bad.....

They ended up outside a door. Well, strictly speaking it was a hole in the wall with some fabric handling in front of it that was suppose to give the illusion of a door. Harry guessed it was a cheap solution and made the teachers more aware of when student's were running in the hallways.

Narcissus knocked on the wall to the left side of the 'door' and walked inside without a second hesitation, or reply really. I guess they were expecting us.

"Ah, Mr. Genialis, I was expecting you. And this must be your new youngling Harry. It's nice to finally meet you, I've heard such nice and existing rumours about you."

Eh.....again is that bad or good...?

"Really? How great, I'll make sure live up to whatever nice rumors you have heard about me."

Narcissus and the teacher shared a look, they obviously knew each other well.

"Hahaha, and he's modest too." The teacher said with a slight smile.

"That he is..." Narcissus agreed with a light chuckle.

Are the making fun of me....? Or praising me...? I don't get them.

"Anyway Harry, this is Hans Helling, he will be your teacher for the time you are here. He's an expert on all the elements, but specialise in the light elements, water and air. Since they are your biggest problems he will pay extra attention to you, we only have you for a week after all."

Hans nodded his head at Narcissus' description and moved forward to shake Harry's hand.

"Hans Helling, it's a pleasure."

"Harry Validus Potter, charmed."

And he was, really. Hans was just what he wanted in a teacher. Tall, dark and handsome, and no, nothing like Snape, that man was tall, dark and rotten. Hans sounded like a German or Scandinavian name, he might have some parents or grandparents form those countries. Then again he was a dark elf, but he guessed not all north European guys were blond. He probably should stop stereotyping people.

"Now that we have been acquainted. Let's talk about school and schedules." Narcissus said interrupting his daydreaming.

"Of course." Hans said and to Harry's pleasure rolled his eyes at his guardian's serious attitude.

"Your daily class lasts from eight until two in the afternoon. At 11 the students have lunch, either home made or brought. You can by lunch here at school or go into town to get it, but only the older student have permission to wander outside of the school grounds. You of course have permission to do so. Now, the first two hours are dedicated to fire control, followed by control of earth for the next two hours. There is also a 15 minute break between the two classes. Lunch lasts for half an hour, then lessons continue with air and water control until two in the afternoon. We use less time on the light elements because they're not too popular with the dark elves and not looked on as very important since they aren't our elements, in a manner of speaking.....Any questions?"

"I think I've pretty good control over my darker elements, do I really have to sit in all the classes for those elements?"

Hans gave Harry a once over and threw Narcissus a searching look. To which the older of them just surged. (Hans was around 23 years old.)

"We will take some tests. If I think you have nothing to learn then you obviously don't have to attend those classes."


"Now, let's go meet your new classmates." Hans said with a smile which grew wider when Harry groaned and hung his head.

The fire element classroom, the school, the main floor, the Cave

"May I have your attention class!"

Harry was hating this.

"This is Harry Validus Potter, and he will be your new classmate from now on."

He was really hating this.

"Harry, why don't you say something about yourself?"

Harry threw Hans a mean glare, the prick was really enjoying himself.

"Hi....I'm Harry, 17, from Surrey London....I'll be here for a week...." Harry finished lamely, what was he suppose to say to the sea of small pests in front of him?

"Any questions?" Hans, the ever helpful teacher asked. Oh it's on!

He hadn't even blinked twice before the sea of shrimps grew hands and threw them into the air, waving them about trying to gain his attention.

"Why are you so old?"

"Why do you have green eyes?"

"Why only one week?"

"How come you don't know about elements already? My sister is 17 and she mastered her elements years ago!"

"Why are you're teeth so weird?"

"Why is....?"

"Why do...?"

"How come...?"

The questions never seemed to stop and Harry just stood there, probably looking like a fool with his mouth hanging open.

"Hahaha, calm down, calm down. One question at a time." Well at least someone is enjoying this!

"Now, Harry here is a half dark elf and half vampire, so he has fangs and just came into his inheritage as an dark elf. He was living outside of the Cave so that is why he hasn't had any lessons in controlling his elements before now. But I'm sure he will do just fine. And he can only be here with us for a week because he has other obligations and a different school to go to after this week is up. Now let's go over what we learned last week about our fire element. Who can tell Harry here what we discussed?"

He was REALLY hating this!

AN: Sorry for any mistake I might have made in this chapter. Since it's been such a long time since the last chapter even I can't remember all the details. So if you see something, some errors or info that I have said way too many times, let me know. K?