Okay, um.I don't own Chrono Cross. Believe me, I wish I did.but.I don't. So there.

Oh, so I don't forget-this does contain spoilers. I wouldn't read it if you are not past the part where Serge and Kid get the tear drop and go after Linx in the Fortress of Ancient Dragons. (You know that place were you have to complete all those annoying puzzles??) Yea, well-just don't say I didn't warn you.


The beautiful blue crystal glimmered in the faint rays of darkness.

I stared into its depths.

The colors swirled, and the middle pulsed with an uneven light, lucid, silent, evil.

Things spoke there.

They spoke to me, and I answered, with wide, innocent eyes brimmed with wonderment.



Clutching my head, I fell to the ground, writhing in psychotic agony, shivering in a futile effort to loose the black spirit that clutched at my soul, to burst free of the bonds of the thing whose mind screamed YES into my week, withering one.

I felt my limbs spry in helplessness

And heard Kid cry out, somewhere in the distance.

Laughter, full of malice, filled my vision--

Everything went black, pallid, and something strange stirred deep inside.

And as I fell, prone, to the cold cobblestone road, everything became light, airy-as if somehow I was flying, born about on winds of an immoral nature.

Then there was nothing. Absolute nothingness.

Authors Note: Yes, short, but I plan another chapter soon; already it stirs at the back of my mind.