The Book
Novek & Dace

Written by
Novek Elu and
the demon, Dassius'khan.

Where to begin -
The saga of our lives is endless. Every creature has a story to tell, whether it is their own, or the tale of another, passed down through the ages. All those stories, that twine together, back into the Nether of the past and winding on into the Unknown of the future, without a purpose but to delight, to teach, or to warn.
But I digress. Introductions wouldn't go amiss, I'm sure, for every story has to have a proper beginning.
I am Novek Elu, renowned hunter and protector for the Moonsinger Grove, of the Kaldorei. In our language, Kaldorei translates as "children of the stars", but you are probably more at home calling us "night elves", just as I call you pinkskins.
I am fairly average "night elf" - nocturnal, dark-skinned, I commune with the animals and the forests - but there is one thing that sets me apart from my sisters and brothers, and that thing is Dace. Years have passed since I was first. acquainted with Dace, and now we have never been apart. At times it has been hard - Dace has a short temper and many things annoy and anger him. When his rage flares, I cannot escape it and often, I too become entangled in his raw emotion.
I can never go to others for advice - others in a similar situation to my own are no longer approachable and most of the time, are no longer sane. Sometimes, the demons even drive them to their own death.

Housing a demon, as it were, seemed romantic to me when I was in my youth. Naïve, so ridiculously naïve. How darkly thrilling, how exciting I thought. To have those wild, arcane energies in your grasp, whirling, pulsating.
When Dassius first came to me, I cannot deny that it was thrilling.

I can be completely honest with Dace, like I can with no one else - I cannot lie to him even if I tried; he sees right into my soul. I cannot hide my dreams, my hopes, my desires. Everything that I have seen, or hope to have, or wanted to happen but are now merely the edge of a thought, its chances lost.
He gave me arcane magicks to toy with, in return for me. - my mind, my body, my soul. The addiction to his demonic powers will stay with me for all eternity.
But the same magic that instils those pulses of strange, dark ecstasy so deep within my being is also my failing point. Having a creature bent on corruption, possessing my body, can only lead to doom.