Hi, this is the first time I'm writing a Princess Diaries Fic, so I'm no expert... (Deep breath) Here goes...


February 9 - Princess Lessons

"Mia, Mia!..." Grandmere screeched at me, "...are you listening to me?...Amelia!"

I started, "Sorry, Grandmere, did you say something?" Like I had nothing better to do then listen to her.

My 'grandmother' narrowed her eyes at me, which was really freaky because of the tattooed eyelids, "Yes I did," she said steely, "I was asking what you were thinking of?"

I flushed slightly, "Nothing in particular," I lie, I know I'm lying because my nostrils flared.

Grandmere missed it, but still suspiciously said, "Then please pay attention...now, Genovia does a lot of trade in Europe and I want you to learn to...WILL YOU STOP BITING YOUR NAILS?!?" she shouted suddenly.

I tripped as I was walking on the plush carpets, the heavy volume on my head thudded onto my foot. Ouch! I winced and stared at my grandmother, "Sorry..."

"Amelia, what is wrong with you today?" Grandmere demanded angrily. I knew exactly what was wrong with me today, or more appropriately: What was right.

Grandmere is so stupid, I was having the most perfect day of my life, and then she has to ruin it going on about my dumb nails. Michael, as hard as it is to believe, likes me the way I am: Bitten nails and all (Well, that's what he says). I made some excuse of feeling tired.

Grandmere just declared haughtily that a princess always put her duties first and no matter how sick or tired she was, she must always...

I nodded my head dully as the Queen of Genovia ranted on. I ignored Grandmere as usual and daydreamed about Michael again, who is now officially my boyfriend!!!

By the time Her Majesty had finished, my princess lessons were over (Thank God!) I was dieing to get out of there. So I grabbed my backpack and headed outside where Lars was waiting with the limousine. I slumped into the back seat, Grandmere really tires me out.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

9 February - Limousine

My new cellphone just beeped: Oh my God! It's a message from Michael, my First Message from Michael!!! I've written it out below:

Hi Mia!

This is just 2 say Hi and 2 ask you if you'll cum to movies on Friday, will u?

Luv Michael

Oh, I am in love, Michael said he loves me!!! I just have to ask mum if I can go, but I'm sure she'll say yes. I'm going to stop writing so I can savour this moment...

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

9 February - The Loft

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am now unofficially the happiest girl in New York City! Mum said I could go!

I sneakily asked her while she was watching her favourite program, she'll do anything to get me off her back...

Only 4 more days!!! I can't survive that long!!! So that's the 10th tomorrow, 11th on Wednesday, 12th on Thursday and... Oh me God!!! I just realized that Friday is the 13th. This date is going to be awful, the unluckiest day of the year! I know something horrible will happen, like I'll spill popcorn all over Michael or I'll...

Ok, Mia, Chill. Michael must know that Friday is the 13th, if he's not going to be bothered by it, than neither will you! Our date is going to go great...I hope it will...breathe Mia, I need to call Michael.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

15 minutes later

I just realized that I can't call Michael, he'll be asking himself what sort of superstitious freak he asked out!!! I'll just tell him that our date is on...but maybe I should postpone it. But then Michael might not ask me out again...

What am I supposed to do? I can't ask Lilly's help, she'll go straight to Michael. The planets are aligned against me! I really need some food, it'll help me think...


This is really unoriginal, but please tell me what you think, and if this story is decent enough to continue...