Ok, I'm resolved to finish my 2 PD stories before I have to go back to Uni…anyone who reviewed while I was in exile, thanx. This is the final chapter of this story, but I still have a few more for my other PD story…

14 February - The Loft

And just when I think everything is perfect…I forget the most romantic day of the year! Its Valentine's Day and I have absolutely nothing to give to Michael!

Its still early though, so I'm getting out of here with Lars and going to comb Manhattan for the perfect gift…but I only have an hour before we have to pick Michael and Lilly up! Ok, Lars just called me from downstairs, the Limo's here…

14 February – Limo

Well, shopping for my friends was easy, I just bought a bunch of yellow roses and I'll give one to each of them…its taking ages to get through early morning traffic…thank God we won't have to get through this when we have to head to school. Apparently, Lars knows some great gift shop where he buys gifts every year for his 3 ex-wives…this isn't a hopeful sign but Lars tells me his divorces were friendly ones.

I've read through previous entries in my journal and if anyone ever got a look at this book, they'de be thinking: 'Hell this girl really needs to take a Valium'…and sadly enough, it would probably be true…in almost every entry, I'm stressing out or on the verge of stressing out. Oh well, who cares, I'm just an extremely emotional person, and it's not like I lose control or anything.

Lars is pointing at this hideous monstrosity of a shop…its pink and looks like something out of the "Cat in the Hat"…

14 February – 'The Love Shop'

What a name! What a shop! As soon as I entered the shop, I had to blink a few times 'coz most of the products were a bright shade of pink or red! It looks like every kind of gift has been crammed into here.

Since Lars always bought gifts for his wives, he wasn't much of a help. When I asked him what he would have liked for Valentine's Day, he grins and says a pair of black boxers with lipstick logos all over it…why? I really didn't want to ask…but this advice was useless anyway, I can't give me boyfriend underwear! I just can't!

There are so many varieties of those mugs inscribed with those corny rhymes. I don't know why I'm so against them, maybe coz Lana has been giving them to her boyfriend every Valentine's, since like 5th grade or something, when she transferred to my school.

Anyways, I can't give Michael a mug, I don't think he even likes tea or coffee. I can't get him any floaty helium balloons either…the computer club would probably laugh him out or something-

Ok, I'm seeing loads of stuff that other people will like, but nothing for Michael

14 February – Back in the Limo

Nothing for Michael, but I did get stuff for everyone else, coz VD is for everyone you love (even if it is platonic love)…

Valentine's Day gift list:

Mum: A huge white bear, which I hope will eventually be passed on to my impeding sibling.

Mr. G: White Stripes special edition Valentine's Day CD

Dad: Singing Mug (he likes coffee, and I'm sure he'll like it even better when his mug sings "Can you Feel the Love Tonight' to him)

Grandmere: I don't think she deserves anything, but her silence over Michael must mean grudging approval…a red (fake) fur cape

Lilly: A yellow Rose and "The Advanced Movie-Makers Guide"

Tina: A yellow Rose and an Estee Lauder Perfume

Shameeka: A yellow Rose and a Donna Karan Scarf

Ling Su: A yellow Rose and a set of Crayola oil pastels

Boris: Yellow Rose and a Gameboy Game

Lars: Ok, I got him his fantasy pair of Boxers (but still,ew)

Michael: A card and I-don't-know-what-else-to-buy-for-him!

Ohmigod, I see the perfect gift!

14 February – In the Limo (again) en route to pick up Lilly and Michael

I have the perfect gift (I think). I'll give it to him on our date!

Here's their building…

14 February – School: Homeroom

I'm seeing stars…ok, metaphysically, really all I'm seeing his Lana's blonde hair, which in the beauty of what just happened, I'm not feeling inclined to hack it all off.

Ok, rewind and freeze! Back at the Moscovitz's building. Play: Lilly first slides into the Limo, followed by Michael. I greet them both and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day. The wishes are extended back to me, we continue to school. Conversation is dominated by Lilly's argument that VD has been turned into a mass-commercialized event, fuelled by the rich and ignorant who have been mind-wiped into brain-washed consumers.

At school, Michael takes my hand as we get out of the limo (which really surprises me as Michael's not really into PDA's). We walk slowly, thus giving the hint to the faster-paced Lilly to overtake us. The takes the hint and with a parting "See you in class", she hurries off (probably to find Boris). Even Lars keeps his distance.

Michael pulls at my hand and pushes me (gently) into a small recess, which I discover is actually a small walkway between the main building and the swimming pool building. He whispers "go" behind me, and his breath tickles my neck. We walk through the strip, me stumbling a few times, but Michael's arm is around my waist every time it happens. As we come out of the other side, there's a small plot of land and in the middle of it is a gorgeous tree (apple, I think) and it is covered with small, white flowers. Micheal leads me to the tree and from somewhere in the braches above me, he pulls out a single red rose and offers it to me. I take it and a soft breeze blows, pulling some of the blossoms off and sending them fluttering around us.

If there ever was a perfect moment, this was it. Michael lowers his head and kisses me, slowly, perfectly. Michael is a great kisser and even though I don't have much room for comparison, this is totally one of those moments in Tina's book, when you feel like floating and you can see heaven and stars all around you. When that kiss ended, I came down lightheaded, and I'm sure Michael saw this as he held me close.

Then the first bell rang, giving the signal that we better get going. And now I'm in home-room, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

14 February – G & T

Ok, looks some other people are also getting lucky!

Well, none of us really wanted to lock Boris in the closet, and it was a good thing we didn't. Explanation: Boris went in himself; this is not a common event as Boris is usually very reluctant, so me and Michael exchange glances.

Boris then comes out carrying this huge bouquet of flowers, and with great flourish, hand them to Lilly. Lilly, despite her ridiculous IQ, doesn't seem to catch on to this situation; she just looks down at the roses then up at Boris. And quite unlike Lilly, she just goes "Huh?", Boris (in an extremely masterful way), pulls Lilly against him, and looking down at her, he says "I love you", and even his accent didn't seem that obvious. He then proceeds to french her in front of the whole G and T class. When that long kiss was done, he released her. He and Lilly had such wide grins on their faces that we couldn't help laughing and clapping. We also noticed something else, Boris hadn't tucked his sweater into his pants!

14 February – Lunch

I gave everyone their presents, and they were all so touched. I got a few roses in return too and a few other small presents.

I can't wait for tonight! Lilly said I could come and stay with her for the night.

14 February – Home

Michael is going to be here soon, and my mum says my fidgeting is getting on her nerves.

I got Tina and Shameeka to help me with my dress. Lilly had something to do with Boris and I don't wanna know what. Well, Sebastiano did my dress and Paolo did my make-up, so I basically needed Tina and Shameeka for support.

My dress, by the way, is a stunning pale blue thing. Its not too long coz that would make it too formal…it comes just below my knees, which I am so happy about as my knees are possibly my worst feature.

The intercom, he's here! Lets see, Michael's present, check. Clutch, check. Bodyguard, check. I'm all set!

14 February – Moscovitz Apartment

I obviously couldn't write in my journal during the movie and dinner, but I was so deliriously happy, I forgot about anything or anyone except Michael.

Well, since I still got to use the limo, we went to the Screening Room in style and got one of the best seats, dead centre. Before the movie started, Michael looked deep into my eyes and told me how beautiful I looked, true, he stuttered through the whole sentence and that just made it cuter and I was even more in love with him than ever (if that's actually possible).

Then the movie came on and we watched it as we ate dinner, the food was delicious, especially since the Screening Room did cater for vegetarians. Michael and me both had pasta albeit mine had no meatballs in it, and we drank sparkling water (after a while we got tired of it and then just drank Coke).

Then the movie ended, and people started to leave. What did Michael and I do? We walked around the streets of Manhattan, Lars staying a convenient distance behind and watching for any muggers or such. Thank God we encountered nothing and even the smog lifted off and we could see hundreds of stars twinkling down on us.

Eventually, we walked to Michael's building and as we stood under his stoop, he kissed me so softly and gently I never wanted that kiss to end. Unfortunately, we stopped and Michael pulled out a box from his pocket, and I pulled out the package containing his gift out of my purse.

"Who goes first?" I laughed, and he replied by putting his box into my hands. I smiled at him and opened the box, inside were the cutest earrings I had ever seen, they were small, dangly and silver, with snowflakes hanging off them. I laughed and kissed him, but then I stopped suddenly and gestured to the box in his hand…he just HAD to like his gift, especially after his was one of the best things I had ever gotten from anyone.

I didn't have to worry though, coz he totally loved them. Oh my sweet, sweet Michael, who's lips I have kissed like a million times, not only did you adore my gift, it also secured me another date with you! What was the gift? 'Simple Plan' tickets…he loves that band almost as much as I do!

So me and Michael kissed under his vestibule, until Lilly came down to shout at me that she'd been waiting for us to come up for ages and she still needed help with her storyboard. Michael did tell her to shut up but in the end, we still went upstairs with Lilly.

Now I'm sitting on Lilly's bed, while she's in the bathroom. My lips are a bit sore from kissing Michael so much, but who cares?

Lilly's out of the bathroom and she won't tell me what she and Boris were doing (I know that I didn't want to know, but I hate not knowing things!)…all she does is smile in a very un-Lilly-like way.

Maybe she's seeing stars too…

Yeah, I'm finally done. This is the longest chapter I ever wrote for anything, so this may also be a world record. I'd like to thank my mother for giving birth to me, I'd like to thank my best friend for her inspiration, I'd like to thank my reviewers for reviewing and my readers for reading…lol, j/k. I know there are a lot of technical errors and a few grammatical errors too, just view them as artistic license. As always, I'll never own PD, just as I'll never own Michael, they belong to Meg Cabot and Mia (in that order). Peace Out all…