Silent Mobius: Finding the Key


By Android K'

Disclaimer: To start things, I don't own Silent Mobuis. *Sniffle* T.T Kia Asayima does, 'cause he's the author. Anyways, this will be rather different from the anime as this particular story comes in play during Episode 14: Mobius Klein; more like an AU fic. This is a self-insert fanfic with myself and a friend of mine, also an author from Fanfiction.Net, Yamiga's Light, who I promised I'd put him in this fic as my partner. The following is the profile information of the characters we shall become as well as the prologue for this exciting story. I hope to go on with this work as well as The Lords of the Wings, since I have some writer's block myself. Well, without further ado..

Name: Mackenzie Hayashibara (That's me, of course. n_n) Age: 20 Nationality: Japanese (Moved to America at the age of 9) Height: 5'9 Weight: 155 pounds Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Red Likes: Yakitoris, Minorus, soba soups, sushi, getting in action Dislikes: Anything too sweet, distrust Job: Houshi (Priest. I hope I got this one right)

Info: Mackenzie has American and Japanese parents, which is the reason for his first name. His American father was geologist while his Japanese mother was a miko (Shrine Maiden) and they have met some years before the Silent Catastrophe, which brought the Lucifer Hawks to Earth's dimension. He had been born in Tokyo when the aftershock ended and his family had lived there with the Sakasagami family, in which Yamiga, his best friend, is the younger child, but due to the disaster that was happening around Japan, they thought to do move to another country in hopes to provide both children something it may be lost should they lives be destroyed by the Lucifer Hawk: A future. With this in mind, they decided to move to America together to insure their safety and thus they began training them. While he has an inclination towards guns by learning how to use them in the video arcades and by being part of the SFPF, there is no doubt about his abilities as a houshi, which his family is known among the best in the known circles of the Japanese shrines and he learned how to canalize his powers with certain objects he uses, like a stick, blades or the wards (Ofuda) he utilizes to battle evil. Though he looks quiet, he is actually an expressive, positive person who's not afraid to speak his mind and is cool under fire, but he gets angry whenever things get too extreme, especially in the battlefield. He is a good person who is sure of himself and will not hesitate to risk his life to protect those around him.

\Name: Yamiga Sakasagami (Yamiga's Light for those who didn't know) Age: 19 Nationality: Japanese (Also moved to America at the age of 8 with his family) Height: 5'8 Weight: 154 pounds Hair: Black Eyes: Amber Likes: Expressing himself, sashimi, sukiyaki, being friendly Dislikes: Lies, Silence Job: Houshi

Info: Yamiga, being the youngest child of the Sakasagami family, has the potential to be the nation's most powerful priest, along with his friend Mackenzie. He always likes being easy-going, friendly and sociable, but he's impulsive, reckless and straightforward in battle, causing Mackenzie to look after him constantly. At first, he opposed to moving to America because he didn't want to leave his friends to suffer by the havoc caused by the Lucifer Hawk, but his parents convinced him that by the time he finishes his training, he will be strong enough to protect Japan from the dark threat, but he must accept his fate. Yamiga and his family moved on to San Francisco along with Mackenzie's family to continue his training. At the age of 16, he managed to control his powers and maximize his potential, thanks to his family and friends' support, not to mention his idolization towards master sorcerer Gigelf Liqueur, who gave them a helping hand in the training and helped both families flee from Japan. Convinced that they had to become stronger in many aspects, Yamiga convinced Mackenzie to join the San Francisco Police Force to help restore the city by battling gangs, rioters and some of the Lucifer Hawk that invaded the city. Though Yamiga is as gifted as Mackenzie as a houshi, he seems to be slightly better talented when in comes to using guns and various side arms to fight the dark forces. He has the ability to focus his energy in his actions, using his power to create various effects, like illusions, explosions, protection and some high degree attacks.

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Shortly after the taxi arrived to the airport, a young man's mind was in another place as the vehicle was going to stop. The objectives told by his parents ring clear in his mind as if he heard them just now.

"You must find out the secret about the key. Find it, seal the gate and stop the Lucifer Hawk from ravaging the planet."

He was thinking about how he should go about in his mission. Sure, the means have been showed and he knows what to do. It's the how that has him a bit concerned. After all, if they find the person who is the 'key', what should they do to help? Who might assist him? Just then, the taxi driver looks back towards him and with his gruff, but clear voice, brings him back to reality.

"We've arrived to the airport now, kid. That'll be $5.00 for the fare."

He needed not complain, for he had more than enough money for his return to Japan. He pays the fare to the driver and opens the door to get off and get his things. The driver helps him with his luggage and soon enough he enters the airport. As soon as he got to the registration booth and cleared the security checks, he looks up to the flight schedule. In less than 10 minutes, flight No. 488 would arrive for the one-way trip to Japan and his mission will begin. He then turns at all directions to look for someone and manages to find him on the snack bar, talking to the waitress happily. He sighs a little and gives himself a small smile as he sees him. "Some things never change in this world."

He walks to the entrance of the snack bar to greet his friend. The other young man somehow gets a bit distracted by an incoming presence, but when he finds it, he calms himself down and smiles at the 'intruder'. "I guess you've arrived as well, huh, Mackenzie."

"I can say the same, Yamiga. I'm glad to see you too." He replied. Mackenzie was a thin, yet good looking young man with brown hair as dark as the trunk of the oak trees and his red eyes could give hints of fire and determination, but they can also be peaceful. He was wearing a fine black suit with a tie to match it and a large trench coat, which was dark brown and his shoes were black. Yamiga was a fine looking man with black hair as deep as the night sky and flashing amber eyes. He too had a suit, but this one was dark blue (Pretty much like Spike Spiegel's suit from Cowboy Bebop, only a bit more tidy. n_ñ) and the coat he was wearing was also black, as well as his shoes. He had his luggage put on the side of the chair he was sitting on while chatting to the waitress, but picks it up, knowing that the trip was coming nearer by the minute. He pays her the tip for his snack, cleans himself a bit, and spoke. "Well then, let's get going now. We don't want to miss the plane, right?"

"Yeah, I know." Mackenzie said. "Our flight's on Gate 7, just close to the stairs leading to the second floor. We should go there."


They began walking as they put on their dark glasses, watching and calmly analyzing the situation that lied in front of them. This would be a hard mission to do and though it is officially their first assignment as priests, they feel quite ready as if they had done this many times before. Confidence and tranquility was flowing within their bodies as they stayed relaxed, and as the minutes for the plane's arrival came to an end, they stood up from their seats and got in line with the passengers. When they got inside the plane, they checked the tickets for their seats and found them on the side, next to a window, which is good. Yamiga always liked the view and Mackenzie felt like giving him the seat next to it. After the security advertisements had been finished, the plane lifts itself to the air begins its flight onto the clear afternoon sky.

"So then, we should get over our objectives, just to make sure." Yamiga suggested. "You wouldn't mind, do you?"

"It's no problem." Mackenzie said. "I thought of the same thing, so let's revise them." He cleared his throat a little and began explaining. "Our parents got concerned that the situation concerning the gate between Nemessis and Earth, as well as the 'key' and the Lucifer Hawk may escalate to terrible degrees. Not only that, there are forces at work that try to open the door and erase Humanity from the planet and it looks like they're now getting started, making the attacks more vicious, well planned and in a different manner from before, which made our families arrive at the decision to investigate and intervene to prevent another catastrophe from happening. This is where our roles come into play from the moment we step on Japanese soil once again."

Yamiga rose up a bit from his seat and asked. "Then what should we do to prevent this tragedy?"

Mackenzie goes on. "Here we go then. One, confirm the rumors about the 'key' and investigate it further. Two, assist AMP in stopping the Lucifer Hawk as police officers. Three."

"Wait a minute, man. Did you say AMP just now? The Attacked Mystification Police??" o.O

"Yeah, Yamiga. My dad sent a letter there just three days ago." Mackenzie smirked a little. "You sound surprised."

"Well, it's not everyday for us to help out such an amazing organization!" Yamiga yelled with excitement before Mackenzie pulled him to settle down, causing his friend to yelp a little as he sat down. "What I mean is, I guess we'll have lots of work once we arrive their and they accept our reasons. I'm just looking forward to it, you know."

"I'm sure you do." Mackenzie said as he crossed his arms and frowned a little, indicating Yamiga to calm down and let him proceed. "As I was saying, in number two, we'll help out in stopping the Lucifer Hawk by working together with AMP. The police help out as well, so it won't be much of a problem. Three, discover the secret of the gate and finally, four, we'll proceed in sealing it and do anything in our power to defeat the Lucifer Hawk once and for all. Sounds simpler than it will look, huh?"

"Yeah, but I feel we can handle this one. Our training is complete and we have lots of things to do." Yamiga responded confidently. "So, any more info you wanna share right now?"

Mackenzie explained again. "The rumors consist that there is someone that is the key that the Lucifer Hawk are looking for and that is person is close to another we've met before. Yamiga, do you remember Gigelf-san?"

"How could we not forget him?" Said Yamiga as he stuck out his tongue a little while grinning. "He helped us a real deal, though we only seen him a few times."

"Yeah." Mackenzie agreed. "If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be alive and Earth would be nothing more than a dead zone now."

"So what about the other person? "You said he or she might be close to Gigelf-san, Mackenzie."

"Our families heard that Gigelf-san had gotten married while he was in Japan and he had a child. A girl, for that matter, but he managed to get them away from there because he was going to seal the gate. However, for some reason, his attempt failed, costing him his life and his daughter didn't know much about him, except for the things her mother had told her. Years have passed and her mother suffered a mysterious death, so the daughter had to journey to Japan to get some answers and find out some facts about his father as well. That's where the Lucifer Hawk started to be more active as they somehow heard of her arrival."

"I wonder what connection she might have about the key." Yamiga commented as he put his fingers on his chin, thinking.

"That's where those rumors sound even serious." Mackenzie said. "If it's true that the girl is Gigelf-san's daughter, then she might have incredible powers that can even surpass his and she might be just the same age as either of us. She could also be the key we heard so much about as well, which would explain why our parents felt Glospolina's presence from far away. She somehow used her powers to break its seal and so now the sword is in her hands!"

"Glospolina? You mean that big sword Gigelf-san used?" Yamiga asked, very surprised.

"Yeah. Not only that, we also know who the name of that person is because our parents got the response from AMP's director."

"And I assume then that her name is.."

"That's right. Yamiga. Katsumi. Katsumi Liqueur, Gigelf-san's daughter." Mackenzie replied in a serious tone, closing his eyes.

"YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!" Yamiga screamed out, hearing Katsumi's name.

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