Silent Mobius: The Homecoming

Chapter 2: And then, we're two

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"What do you think they may be, Yamiga?" Mackenzie said as he jumped clear from a slash attack from a Lucifer Hawk.

"I can guess that the large, slim one is a Daeva type!" Yamiga spoke while dodging another attack. ¨The big guy here must be a Golem; he´s slow, but he catches on pretty quick. ¨

"Then I guess this means we have to play hide and seek." Mackenzie spoke out as he pulled out a white sphere and looked at their enemies. "If you want us, come and get it!" He tosses the sphere onto the ground and as it cracks open, a large pea soup mist comes out of it, covering both fighters from the aliens´ view. In a few moments, they are gone; however, the Lucifer Hawks seem that they won't give up easily.

"It has been a while since we had such prey as this." Spoke the Golem to his companion. ¨Humans can be quite feisty sometimes."

"Indeed, but we shall savor their flaying as they will plea for mercy or more likely, a merciful death." Replied the Daeva. "Let us follow them, for I already have their scent." They morph into shadows again and follow the trail of their prey, unaware that the game is about to change soon.

Above the city's night sky, the Seamurg...

"This is clearly a boring night." Spoke a redheaded woman, resting her hands on the back of her head as she yielded a yawn. ¨How long will the director talk to Katsumi anyway?¨

¨You'll have to wait a little bit longer for that, Kiddy.¨ Replied another young woman. She had clear blue eyes, blond hair that fell behind her neck and she's piloting the large ship that is cruising quietly in the sky. ¨Besides, I think this is the time when Katsumi must know the truth.¨

¨And how do you know that, Lebia?¨ Kiddy asked, still in the same position on her seat.¨

¨My grandfather was involved in it a long time ago,¨ Lebia answered. ¨It's only natural to know what my grandfather had done in order to protect the planet. I feel sad that he died in that mission's finality.¨

¨Then it means that perhaps our families were somehow intertwined in the Silent Crush years ago.¨ Another voice of a woman said. From the back seat a young woman with long violet hair dressed as a priestess sat while looking at the monitor. ¨I remember my grandfather and my sister telling me some things about it when I was little; we can't discount the possibility that some of our families had a connection in their roles to prevent the Lucifer Hawk from overrunning Earth.¨

¨So that means we might get a similar role as all those persons before us, right?¨ A young woman with her light brown hair tied on a pony tail said. Her face had the innocence and sympathy of a child. ¨I wonder if we're strong enough to stop them. I wouldn't be able to live in a desolate world so devoid of life...¨

¨Don't worry about that, Yuki-chan.¨ Kiddy reassured her. ¨We´ve been in tough situations before, but I think we'll be able to pull through, just like always. You gotta learn to take it easy a little bit.¨

¨Kiddy-san, thanks.¨ Yuki smiled. ¨I needed that.¨ Just then, the fraternal moment was interrupted by the warning signals that filled the monitors inside the Seamurg´s cockpit, and judging Lebia´s look, it was indicating something serious.

¨Everyone, look at this.¨ Lebia was obviously distressed as the girls looked at the monitor. What they saw didn't give them any elation. ¨What the hell...?? Category 1 in a night like this??¨ Kiddy hissed out a curse as she gleamed at it. The information indicated that there were two powerful Lucifer Hawks that were haunting the Old Town Sector in Mega- Tokyo, but just now they seemed to come out to the surface.

¨They are truly two of the most powerful ones from the Category 1.¨ Nami spoke, eyes closed and concentrating herself to gauge their energies. ¨But, I feel two other presences beside them. They may be human...¨

Yuki too, was probing the mysterious energies Nami mentioned by using her E.S.P. In an eye blink, she opened her eyes in shock while she gave the confirmation. ¨It's true! There are two humans fighting them, but their power is very different, as if they're matching up with the Lucifer Hawk.¨

¨How is that possible?¨ Kiddy asked. ¨Do they really have some kind of power?¨

¨We can only feel it,¨ Nami replied. ¨but the best way is to see it for ourselves and destroy the Lucifer Hawks while we are at it.¨

¨Then let's not waste time any further.¨ Lebia said, as in accordance to her comrades´ concerns. ¨We will head towards the sector immediately.¨

¨Should we call Katsumi for this?¨ Kiddy asked as she wondered about her friend. Perhaps this may be something that could concern her.¨

¨There's no need.¨ Lebia responded. ¨Katsumi has done much for us and I think the least we can do for her is to give her some time to rest. Besides, she hasn't finished talking to the Director just yet.¨

¨In any case, this makes my day.¨ Kiddy grinned when the put her fist into the palm of her left hand, confident in the anticipation of a fight that would ensue, like a warrior who likes to fill its lust for a great challenge. ¨I'll kick those Lucifer Hawk so hard, their brains are gonna go through their noses when I'm done with 'em.¨

¨Just remember, you're not alone.¨ Lebia smiled, acquiescing her statement.¨

¨Yeah, I know that.¨

¨Yuki, can you sense where they are?¨

It didn't take long for Yuki to track down the energies as she pointed out a direction with her index finger and spoke: "They're on the northeast section, just beside the abandoned wharf. We'll make it in time if we hurry."

With that, the Seamurg slices the air rapidly like an arrow shot from a cannon towards its destiny at great speed.

The abandoned wharf on the old Ginza District. It was once brimming with great activity close to the river: Many cargo came by from foreign countries overseas, shipments being made to and fro and sometimes, the workers of the wharf gathered around at nights to have a nice reunion after a hard day's work. All was well in these old days and ever since the Silent Crush had passed, and the Lucifer Hawks use it as a private "playground", these days were over for a long time. Years had come by, but now these grounds will be alive again by a very different activity of another sort...



"Filthy humans! Think you shall get away with such affront??" The Daeva rasped in fury, as his eyes glowed with anger after receiving a burn on his left shoulder

"If you had asked about that a while ago, the answer is yes." Yamiga shot back with a taunt, meaning to break his adversary's concentration.

"Foolish, wretched humans. If you surrender now, you will have a most merciful, painless death as you become part of us." The Golem spoke out calmly, showing his crooked, long arms that can pound a big oak into splinters.

"I don't want to break your heart, but we have to say no to your offer." Mackenzie replied. "Besides, I don't think we'll get that treatment, considering what you've done to all passerby that had gone all the way out here. Lucifer Hawks are just a dime-a-dozen greedy aliens as far as we're concerned!"

"Well then, let it fall onto your heads then." Spoke the Daeva as he put his open palm towards the young men. "HRRRRAA!" He shoots out a large, cutting gust sphere that meant to tear the men into shreds, but managed to jump out of trouble and tossed in a few ofuda right into the alien's face, stopping him in his tracks for a moment. The Golem stuck back at them by swatting and smashing the ground, with little success and received exactly the same answer. Mackenzie and Yamiga stand a few meters apart from their enemies and prepare themselves for the second strike.

"What's the matter? I thought you guys were the cream of the crop among your species." Mackenzie taunted them. "Feeling rusty by not killing for a long time?" He grins at this, knowing what can happen next.

"So, you got a plan that can get us off this mess, Mackenzie? Yamiga said, clicking his tongue with impatience.

"A good one, actually. It involves the new spells we've learned at out last training."

"You do mean THOSE attacks? We've just managed to get them right and use them!" Yamiga whispered frantically. "if we missed, we'll be too exhausted to fight later on!"

"We won't, if you know what to do." Mackenzie answered. "Look all around you; we have plenty of space and besides, we could use a good field test."

"Ok, but I'll have to advance first in order to do this just right." Yamiga said. "I think I got this one well in hand."

"You do what you gotta do." The moment is interrupted as the aliens were approaching them with a quiet angered gaze in their large, round eyes and sharpening their features, perhaps tired of this stupid, useless game. They wanted to see it end now.

"This game has gone on far enough, humans." The Daeva speaks to them, raising his claw menacingly to emphasize his point. "We would like to play more, but as you can see, we have other business to attend to."

"We are not just killers as you fools seem to think." The Golem followed. "We were also sent here to find the one who has the key and open the gate of our world, Nemessis."

"Nemessis? So you know about the key, huh?" Mackenzie asked them, still keeping his cool.

"This is a surprise." The Daeva replied. "I didn't think you would know about such a delicate topic." He then thought for a few moments. This could be the golden opportunity they've been waiting for in a long while and now that it has presented itself it was now or never. Taking a new approach to the situation, he lowers his tone of voice for a little and speaks like a diplomat who has the makings of striking a new deal. "Well, I think you may know more than you would like to show, so if you can tell us what you know about the key, we can seriously consider sparing your lives. You can also be our guests of honor in Nemessis in exchange of such valuable information. It is truly a most enticing offer and it's your best decision if you comply it."

"If you do, you may become our allies as well." Spoke the Golem. "I feel a mysterious power within you and it would be a waste if we killed you here and now, so let us do this in the most civilized way and we will trouble you no more. Well?"

"Sounds like you're really interested and focused on that issue." Yamiga retorted while grinning. "It's safe to say you're actually concerned about meeting this person who is the key and you wanna open the gate of your world, am I right?"

"It is correct, young one." The Daeva answered calmly. "A new age will dawn for us and with your cooperation given, we will recognize you as our greatest assets of our kind."

"We would really like to help and avoid this conflict," Mackenzie said, drawing his ofuda on his right hand, in a combat stance. "Unfortunately, we have other business to attend to and lend a hand to the human race, so the answer is simply..." He jumped high while Yamiga dashed quickly to the side, tossed two wards on two strategic points, beside the Daeva's right foot and the Golem's left foot. Mackenzie soon throws his charged ofuda from his hand and daggers as he screamed his answer.


The dagger-ofuda pierced the Daeva's torso, leaving gashes on its chest and it became very angry, shooting back at Mackenzie with its power. He received it partially on his left side, but managed to land on his feet and continue his attack while Yamiga rolls to the side, puts another ofuda in front of his and dodges the Golem's pound attack with its huge fists.

"Here, boy, c'mon!" Yamiga whistled while doing his bravado like he was calling for his dog. "I'm here! C'mon!" He claps his hands above his head twice joyfully, avoids another attack and plants another ward on the ground yet again.

"Such poor, petty creatures that you are." The slim alien spoke, his voice in a mixture of hatred and regret, with much tone in the former while attacking Mackenzie by slashing his claws at him. "We offered you the world and you threw such a great chance away. Is this how you answer the great courtesy we have extended upon you??" He then uttered a scream. "You are both miserable, ignorant fools!!"

"I beg to differ, my friend." Mackenzie shot back, throwing an ofuda right between his opponent's eyes, chanting a spell and causes a large burn in its face. He jumps back three hops and speaks once more. "The moment you decided to prey upon all living beings of this planet for your so-called "purge" and decide who lives and who dies, your offer was offset from the beginning. We will never tell you about the key!"

"It was you, all of you, wretched humans that stole our chance of great elation the moment you kept us from taking this mortal coil!!" The Golem bellowed as he pounded its fists into the ground like a great quake, creating a large shockwave guaranteed to do more than knock Yamiga's socks off! The man then took his ofuda in front of him and made a chant, creating a barrier that protected him from the impact. The force of the wave scarred all the ground that was around him, but the part of it where Yamiga was standing was okay. He puts down the last ofuda on the ground, jumped high in the sky and yelled. "Mackenzie, it's done! Get 'em all together now!"

"Consider it done!" Mackenzie fought back with great determination at the Daeva and does his best to be not affected by its attacks. He received some rashes from the alien's blast, but one great shove from his energy popped him on the Golem's back, knocking them to the ground together. "Two humans will never destroy us! You will never silence our voice and our day will come!!" They screamed with great fury.

"Well, I guess it's sayonara for you two then." Mackenzie replied as he jumped aside and concentrated his energy. Yamiga fueled his body with a large aura as it focused on his hands and launches the ofuda batch systematically to form a circle. A new power was about to surge from the ground below the Lucifer Hawks, looking like a volcano that was about to burst open after years of long sleep. Yamiga then screamed out the spell of his attack.

"This is the end for darkness! DIMENSION WAVE!!!"

Large columns of red energy blasted out of the soil and formed a large cylindrical prism that was burning the Lucifer Hawk slowly as they uttered screams and exclamation of pain, feeling the fabric of their being ripped from their bodies. The coup de grace came from Mackenzie when he gathered his power and his ofuda moved above him, forming a circle in the shape of a six-vectored star: the final blow came in two words...


A huge beam of light came out of the star and shot with such power and speed, the aliens felt completely helpless, as they couldn't escape from Yamiga's Dimensional Wave, which had them comfortably trapped. The ray engulfed them in their entirety and in seconds they were reduced to a burned pile of ash and dust. The encounter was finished with the youths' undisputed success.

The Seamurg, several meters away, there was a great source of light that flashed brightly in front of it!

"WHOA!! What in blazes was that light?!" Kiddy asked, distraught and shocked. For a fighter of her experience, it would take a lot to impress her like that.

"This power..." Yuki probed for its source. "It's from those two presences! Could it be their true power?"

"Nami, what about the Lucifer Hawks? Can you sense them nearby?" Lebia asked, concerned about the situation.

"They have vanished suddenly." Nami answered as a sweat drop fell from her head due to the moment of tension. "It's like they have been completely erased from existence. I can't feel them anymore.¨

¨Then we have to set ourselves down to find out what happened.¨ Lebia said. ¨Everyone, let's get ready. We're now getting to the bottom of this.¨

¨Well, so much for an exciting fight.¨ Kiddy sighed as her mood deflated a little. A big fight had just ended so soon before she got warmed up. The Seamurg starts to land smoothly as the headlights are turned on to illuminate the dark grounds of the wharf and the monitors zoom in towards the newcomers. What they saw surprised the girls: Two young men whose clothes had gotten somewhat dirty after the battle and a pile of gristle, scarred soil and smoke all around them. Yuki spoke for them all as she exclaimed: Wow! There are two men down there and they look very good!¨

¨Yuki, do you think those were the ones who had that energy a while ago?¨ Nami asked as she saw the foreboding figures on the screen.

¨They could be, but it seems that they calmed down a bit. Their energy is low at the moment, but they don't look hostile.¨

¨Well, whoever they are, we're gonna find out soon enough.¨ Kiddy grinned again. ¨I'm dying to know who those guys really are, even if I gotta get the answers by force.¨

¨If they're not telling the truth, don't go too rough on them, ok?¨

¨Don't worry, Lebia. I'm not a molester or anything.¨

Down below...

¨Mackenzie, look!¨ Yamiga yelled as he saw the long, sleek ship hovering and descending below them. ¨What do you think it is?¨

He smiled a bit as he knew that the moment has come. ¨Our ticket to our destination, my friend.¨

In mere moments, the ship lands softly on the ground and the door opens. Mackenzie and Yamiga get bedazzled as they see the group of women come out of it. First it was a beautiful blond haired woman with blue eyes, next came a red headed woman with tanned brown skin, a young, cute girl with light brown hair tied to a ponytail by a yellow ribbon and finally, a miko with violet hair. Yamiga was really happy to see such lovely women, but Mackenzie ushered him to regain his composure and stood at ease. The blond woman came to them followed by her comrades and started speaking: ¨Good evening, gentlemen. We've received a warning signal of a sighting of Category 1 Lucifer Hawk in this area. Do you know thing about it?¨

Yamiga looked like he was going to say something, but Mackenzie interjected, speaking firmly. ¨Well, to tell you the truth, it has already been taken care of, ma'am. There are no longer any Lucifer Hawk in this area?¨

¨How do we know you're not lying?¨ The red headed woman asked bluntly.

¨See, ma'am? Asked Yamiga, pointing at the ashes of what it was of two Lucifer Hawks´ remains. ¨They're now fried and dead as you can see.¨ He then smiled.

¨Well, I guess there isn't much worrying about here, then.¨ The blond woman commented, but quickly looked at the young men again. ¨At any rate, it looks like you were involved in this as we also detected you two. Are you citizens by any chance?¨

¨No. We've just came back here, our home town.¨ Mackenzie answered truthfully. ¨We were sent by our families to do something important here.¨

¨Do you mind telling us what might it be?¨

The youths looked at each other for a moment. They knew that this could be what they had to do first. With this, Yamiga gestured that he would answer this time and Mackenzie agreed.

¨It will be done, under one condition, ma'am.¨

¨Name it.¨ said the blond woman.

¨We want to talk to the Director of AMP. You know, your CO, Rally Cheyenne.¨ Yamiga said and both men smiled to the group of women, who were surprised by his answer.

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