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the scenes in Bardock, father of Goku, to make it seem a little more linear
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Time Period: Sometime before Trunks was born (or conceived)
while all the Z fighters are off training to fight the androids.

Scene: spring day at the Capsule Corporation.

Professor Briefs looked around the trashed gravity capsule. After checking
out some of the machinery and the main console, he stood up and placed his
hands on his hips in defeat.
"Damn. Well Kitty, looks like Vegeta won't be able to train today,
this gravity manipulator needs some serious repair. He's been pushing it too
hard, it's lucky it hasn't caught fire."
"Meow." Kitty says. Suddenly kitty jumped up, arched his back and
hissed in the direction of the door. He ran and hid on the professor's other
shoulder. Standing in the doorway was the arrogant prince of Saiyans.
Dressed simply in gym shorts and running shoes, he was ready for yet another
day of training and rather irked to find this annoying human in "his" gravity
"Morning Vegeta." The professor said, faking a cheerful voice. ::I
really hate this man:: he thought.
"Hmpf. What are you doing here?" Vegeta demanded in his gravely
voice. If he wasn't so athletic, one could have mistaken that voice as being
one acquired over years of drinking hard scotch and smoking at least a pack
of cigarettes a day.
"Well I came down because the weekly readings for the gravity
manipulator's productivity are extremely erratic. It seems that it's
shorting out. Probably from too much strain being placed on it." He met
Vegeta's eyes with a knowing look. He crossed his arms in response.
"When I took a look at it, it seems that I'm going to have to take it out
and try to repair the main circuitry. While I'm at it I'll reinforce it to
make it able to handle longer periods of strain. So it looks like you can't
train today."
"What? My training is extremely important! I cannot afford to lose a
day to a worthless piece of machinery's malfunction!"
"Look, you almost killed yourself when the last gravity capsule
exploded. And you still haven't fully recovered. Why don't you take this day
to rest? I'll have it done by tomorrow and you can continue your training
Vegeta stared at the professor as a little bead of sweat appeared on
the older man's brow. He scoffed and turned on his heel, grumbling his way
back towards the house.

Bulma's incredibly blonde, incredibly ditzy mother stood at the
kitchen sink with the coffeepot in her right hand. She was filling it with
water and humming a cheerful tune. Dressed in a striped yellow and white
halter-top, white shorts and white high-heeled sandals, she looked and acted
like a woman half her age. She was often delighted by the fact that people
everywhere, at the grocery store, the mall, the bakery, often mistook her
for Bulma's sister.
Bulma however, was less than pleased by this. Ever since breaking up
with Yancha, she was beginning to feel old. She wasn't even married yet, a
fact that her mother was always more than happy to point out to her, and
always at the most inopportune times. She sat at the kitchen table, clad in a
pink fuzzy bathrobe, matching slippers and rollers in her hair, trying to
read the business section of the newspaper. Her mother kept interrupting her
concentration with her incessant humming. It was getting ridiculous.
"Oh my god!" her mother shrieked as she stared out the big window
over the sink. She quickly poured the water into the coffeepot and flipped
the brew switch, never taking her eyes off whatever she saw on the lawn
"Mom? What's wrong?" Bulma asked, rising to her feet.
"Here comes Vegeta! Oh wow and he's not wearing a shirt! Look how
handsome he is! I just don't understand how you can let a man that good
looking and dedicated get away! Why if I were a few years younger and
unmarried, I'd be all over him like a fly on honey-"
"MOM!" Bulma interrupted sharply.
"Oh you're right dear! What am I saying I'm a married woman! But
really, you should at least TRY to get to know him a little better don't you
"No." she said and returned to her seat and her newspaper. "Is that
coffee done yet?"
"Not yet dear" her mother answered distantly,still gazing out the
window. (It was a long way from the gravity capsule to the house.)
::God:: Bulma thought to herself ::I wish my mother would act a
little bit more grown up. I mean come on; it's just a guy with his shirt off.
Big deal. And it's Vegeta. What an ego! He's such a jerk! He needs to get
over thinking he's so great because he's not. So what if he's a prince! Like
that means shit.:: Even with her interior monologue of slanders towards
Vegeta, the back of her mind kept flashing scenes from the dream she had just
before he returned to earth after searching space for Goku. The one where he
kissed her...
::Enough!:: she yelled in her head and got up to get some coffee.
"Oh, good morning Vegeta." Her mother said, clasping her hands in
front of her and fluttering her eyelashes at him as he entered the kitchen.
Her voice was covered with sugar. Bulma's back was to him, as she poured her
coffee. She put two teaspoons of sugar in her cup and said to her mother in
a low voice through clenched teeth: "Flutter those lashes any harder and he
might blow over Mother." She didn't hear her. Bulma turned to sit down, she
caught site of him and her heart skipped at least three beats.
::I wish I was wearing make-up. I wonder what it would be like to run
my hands over those shoulders...:: She thought ::Enough AGAIN! Back to the
paper.:: She quickly sat down and buried her nose in the business section.
In the doorway, with his arms crossed, Vegeta nodded in recognition towards
Bulma's mother.
"Would you like some coffee? I just made it!"
"No. I only drink water while training."
"Ok here, have some water. I thought you'd be training in the...
what's it called again? The thing with the gravity...?"Her mother's smile was
as big as the Grand Canyon. Bulma couldn't believe it; her mother was
playing the dumb blonde! She was stupid but she wasn't that stupid...she was
FLIRTING with him!
"It's called a gravity capsule Mother! And he's not training in it
today because it needs to be repaired because HE pushed it too hard! He's
going to get himself killed!" Bulma yelled, got up from her chair and stormed
out of the room.
"Oh my, was it something I said?" her mother asked laying one hand
against her face.

Two hours later Bulma emerged from her room dressed simply in a pair
of jeans and a white tee shirt. She walked into the living room where her
mom was sitting on the couch reading the latest issue of Vogue.
"I'm going to town to pick up some stuff for the lab. I'll be back
"Why don't you take Vegeta? He's been in his room all morning."
"Why would I want to spend my day with that ego?" she demanded and
stomped out of the room. On her way down the hall, she passed his room and
stopped. Sighing she turned around and knocked on the door.
"What?" he demanded.
"It's Bulma...can I come in?" Silence. "Hello?"
"Fine." He was seated cross-legged on the floor, he must have been
meditating when she knocked.
"Look I was going into town and I wondered maybe if you want to come
with me." He opened his eyes and looked at her. "Whatever, I'm leaving." She
"Yes." He said. She froze in her tracks.
"Yes. Fine." He pulled on his shoes and rose to his feet. He was
wearing khaki pants and a blue denim button up shirt. Bulma tried to recover
from the shock and walked out of the room.

On the way back from town, Bulma and Vegeta drove in silence. It was
hard to try to talk to the Saiyan; he seemed to have thicker walls around him
than a bank vault. But, she had to admit; she had a pretty good time in town
today. As much of an ego Vegeta had, she couldn't help noticing that he held
doors for her. Sometimes he made no sense. As the car flew back over the
green, newly blooming countryside, it started to sputter and falter.
"Oh damn it!"
Vegeta just scoffed, uncrossing his arms.
"I thought I fixed this thing!" She said irritably as she landed the
car in a grassy field. They got out and she popped the hood. Sticking her
head under the hood she started to mumble and rummage around. "God damn it,
this might take me awhile to fix. I swore I fixed this last week. Piece of
junk, I should just build a new one."
"Why don't you just kick it?" Vegeta asked simply. The corner of his
mouth rose up in a smile, he was having fun with her.
"Kick it? That wouldn't work!" she yelled.
"That's what I used to do when my ship would break down." He said
and walked away. He lay down in the grass and looked up at the blue sky.
An hour later, Bulma joined him. She had a smear of grease on her left
"Well, I fixed it." She announced as she sat down on the grass beside
"God you piss me off you know that? You drive the idea of the strong
silent type into the ground. Say something for god sake!" He opened his eyes
and looked at her.
"Just because!"
"What do you want me to say?"
"I don't know! Anything! Like what's it like to be a prince or what
was it like working for Frieza or something as simple as how the weather
is!" She was really pissed off now. He closed his eyes again. "Fine! Stay
here for all I care!" She got up and started to storm away.
"I was 6 when Vegetasei was destroyed." He said quietly. She stopped
and turned slowly. His eyes were still shut. She sat and waited for him to
*Young Vegeta was standing in the middle of a metal room. All the
lights had gone off, leaving only the glow of the red emergency sign eerily
illuminating the room. Out of the darkness on all sides of him, emerged six
syibamen. The creepy green plant men moved like demented puppets controlled
by a drunken puppeteer. They were erratic and unpredictable and were born
only to kill. They approached Vegeta; he was wearing the blue bodysuit of
an elite Saiyan warrior, white gloves and boots. He had his eyes closed,
listening to every move the syibamen made. From the left he could hear the
scraping of a claw against the cold metal. They were hungry, he could feel
it. And he was their intended meal. As they closed in, drooling maniacally,
Vegeta sent power coursing through his body and out every pore. With a yell,
a flash of light filled the room and the syibamen were sent flying backward,
embedding into the metal wall. With a point of his finger, Vegeta finished
all the syibamen off. They were nothing but dripping stains of green blood
and spongy green tissue.
"Let me out you fool. I'm finished."
"Yes...yes Sir Price Vegeta." The voice from the hidden speaker
answered. The door slid out into the brightly-lit control room that
controlled the drill room on Frieza's ship. Nappa was standing by the door,
holding Vegeta's clothing. After he was dressed, he and Nappa stood on the
moving walkway that stretched the length of Freiza's immense space fortress.
"I want another combat assignment, I'm sick of these drills." He
"But Freiza hasn't given you another one yet." Nappa said.
"Hmpf. Soon the day will come when we won't be taking orders from
him anymore."
"You think so?" Nappa asked. Vegeta threw a cocky half smile over
his shoulder towards the bulky Saiyan.
"I know so." When they arrived at the door to Freiza's throne room,
Vegeta ordered Nappa to stay behind and wait for him. The door slid open and
he strode into the room like he owned the place. As he entered, Zarbon and
Dodoria stopped him, telling him that he was not to see Lord Freiza without
being sent for.
"Look, I'm bored. This is lame. I want another assignment." He
"Give him the hardest one we have. And Vegeta, do come back alive."
Freiza said, his back to the young Saiyan.
"I will sire. Thank you." Vegeta said, bowing.
"Don't thank me. You more than earn your keep around here Vegeta.
You should learn to mind your manners a little better though."
"Sire." He said and he turned and left the room.*
"What happened?" asked Nappa, jumping on the moving walkway.
"I'm getting another assignment. It's about time too. I'm wasting my
time just sitting here on this ship." Vegeta got off at his room and walked
"I'll go with you."
"NO! You will say here. I won't need your help, I can handle anything."
"But sire, aren't you a little...well...young?"
"You really are a fucking idiot Nappa. I am an elite Saiyan soldier.
I am the strongest Saiyan on the planet; I am stronger than my father, the
king! I do not need help, especially from you. You can leave now!" Nappa
turned and left the room. Two minutes later, Vegeta's assignment arrived. He
was to be sent to the planet Krawl, 500 miles away from the planet Vegeta.
The Krawlinians were some of the strongest fighters in the universe. The job
had been floating around in the pool for months, none of Frieza's elite
squads would take it and the same went for the bands of Saiyan elite. They
were simply too afraid to even tangle with a planet with inhabitants that
strong. Vegeta simply smiled, put on his communicator and power sensor, and
got into his space pod.

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