Ok here we go with Chapter 2, the first one wasn't really worthy of the R
rating, but this one is. I just listed both of them as R to be less
confusing. So yet again: DBZ=not mine. Enough of a disclaimer for you?

On the planet Krawl, the inhabitants were preparing for war. They
had been hearing rumors that Freiza was after their planet next. He had been
expanding into their territory for sometime, and after Planet Victile, their
greatest allies, had fallen 7 years earlier, they knew they would soon follow
if not prepared. They, unlike other races, refused to serve Freiza. They
would die first. The only way to gain control of the planet was to take it.
Every man, woman and child had been drafted into the military. They were out
in the yard of a large military complex, doing the morning exercises.
The planet of Krawl was a large planet, but it was not heavily
inhabited. Krawlinians had a tendency towards battle. They fought over the
simplest disagreements, and whoever died first, lost the argument. It was
really quite simple. So when the occasion called for it, everyone was called
up to fight in the army. Even the children. This was simple, considering
that the Krawlinians were full-grown since the day they were born. They
stood at a height of six feet tall, had three foot shoulders and were
extremely muscular. They looked human. The only difference was they lacked a
navel, since they hatched out of eggs, and they had no hair to speak of. Not
even eyelashes or eyebrows. And they were digital clock display green.
Out on the hard purple rock of the military complex yard, the
Krawlinians ran in circles, their breath escaping in plumes from their
mouths in the cold winter air. The sky was the same constant chalkboard grey
that it had been since its formation, and the purple mountains took on a
dark ominous tint as their backs were illuminated by the rising of red sun,
mostly blocked out by the clouds.
"Men!" a Krawlinians general yelled at the top of his lungs "We will
not let Freiza destroy us! We will be victorious! Our planet is ours! SO
Inside the complex, three Krawlinians sat at a large compute console. It
flashed numbers at them in rust colored pixels. An alarm went off from on of
the screen at the far left of the 10-foot console.
"What the!?" exclaimed the one closest to the monitor. "Shit! We're
showing something entering our atmosphere! Get the commander!" The commander
came running into the control room.
"What is it? Is it Freiza?"
"I'm not sure sir."
"Get a lock on how large it is! I want an idea of how many men we'll
be up against if the war has started." The commander stood over the soldier
as he typed away, trying to get a lock on the quickly moving object.
"It looks like it's a single person space pod sir."
"Hmmm...can't be an invasion with just one person. No one would be
that crazy or stupid."
"Maybe it's a lost traveler." Suggested another.
"Maybe. Get a lock on where it's going to land and send out a crew to
check it out. And keep an eye on those skies men, this may be the first of
many pods on the way to destroy the planet!"
"Right!" yelled the one to the right. He jumped up and ran for the
door to assemble the scout team.
"Sir I have a lock on the landing location!" said the soldier in the
middle "5 miles south west of the compound sir!"
"Radio that to the team!" he bellowed.

The tiny Saiyan space pod opened its door. It had left a huge crater
in the purple earth. Vegeta's gloved hand reached out and grabbed the side
of the doorway. Rising out of the pod, he floated to the crater edge above
"Price Vegeta, do you copy sir?" crackled his communicator.
"I'm here."
"Lord Frieza wishes to know if you have reached the planet Krawl."
"Yes. I'll radio my progress later. Out." He surveyed the land around
him. Craggy mountains to the right and flat plains to the left. His power
indicator was silent. He kicked the purple ground.
"Hmpf. Boring." Suddenly the indicator flickered and pointed forward.
"This is more like it." He grinned and took off towards the power levels.

"What are we doing out here anyway Bolima?" asked Harna, a rather
pudgy Krawlinians soldier. Bolima sighed.
"Harna, if I told you once I told you 42 times, we are out here to
find a space pod that entered our atmosphere. It landed near here so keep an
eye open ok?"
"Bolima, you really are too nice to him. He's a moron, the only
thing he thinks about is his stomach." Sneered Lina, the only female soldier
in the team. "I just wonder why it takes three of us to find one little pod."
She reached up and adjusted her standard issue silver helmet. It looked a
lot like a Viking helmet; it even had the horns. They all had helmets, tight
fitting brown spandex body suits and a simple brown chest plate of armor.
Around their waists were belts and each had a sword.
"Hey orders are orders. Just look for the fucking pod." Bolima
snapped, sending them all into silence.
"Look!" Lina yelled, pointing to a glint in the sky.
"Is that the pod?" asked Harna.
"I think the pod already landed…I don't know what the hell that could
be." Answered Bolima uncertainly. Suddenly it came into view. It was a boy,
no older than six, with black hair shaped like a flame.
"What the fuck...?" asked Harna.
"I think it's a boy." Said Lina as Vegeta landed on his feet in front
of them, arms crossed in his trademark way across his chest. "Hi. Are you
lost sweetie?" she said smiling.
"Lina!" Bolima yelled.
"What? He's just a kid, and he's probably lost. What can he do?"
"Hmpf." Vegeta scoffed. The all stopped and looked at him. "So this
is the planet Krawl." The stared at him, not knowing what to say.
"Yeah...Do you need help? Where are your parents?" asked Lina getting
closer. Vegeta closed his eyes.
"It's not me who needs help." He said.
"Who needs help?" Bolima asked.
"Why?" asked Harna. Vegeta opened his eyes.
"Because you're all going to die." Quicker than their eyes could
follow him, Vegeta put up his hand and sent and energy blast right into
Lina's chest. She flew backward, right into Bolima.
"Lina!" he cried, holding her up. Her hand clutched the wound, orange
blood flowing through her fingers.
"Oh...fuck...that...that little shit...he blasted me!" she stammered,
blood oozing from the corner of her mouth. Bolima put her on the ground;
purple sand began to mix with the orange pool of blood that was quickly
forming around her. "Bolima?" she asked as she died. Bolima stood and drew
his sword.
"Ok you die now!" he said, his eyes flashing red as he charged
Vegeta. Vegeta stood his ground as the massive Krawlinian neared him. Just
before Bolima's sword would have sliced off Vegeta's head, Vegeta jumped into
the air, bringing his fists down square on the helmet Bolima was wearing.
Bolima stopped dead in his tracks, the helmet cracking down the middle and
falling off either side of his big green head. Dazed, he staggered towards
Vegeta. He sent a power blast from his fingertips, hitting Vegeta in the
shoulder. He stepped back.
"Dickhead." Vegeta remarked "You scuffed my armor." He jumped up and
landed a kick straight to Bolima's head, knocking it clean off. It rolled
about 15 feet before stopping against a rock. Crouched in a landing position, head bent toward the ground, eyes closed, Vegeta waited for the sound of his opponent lifeless, headless body as it slammed into the ground. Orange blood poured out of his neck like soda out of a can.
"Purple ground. Red sun. Orange blood. This planet is on crack."
Vegeta said, standing to face Harna. Harna was frozen in fear until Vegeta
met his gaze. Harna broke into a run, away from his fallen friends.
"COWARD!" Vegeta yelled and took off after him. In a flash he was
floating right in front of him.
"AHH!" Harna screamed.
"I have no tolerance for cowards! How dare you call yourself a
warrior!" Vegeta punched Harna in the gut, his hand going straight through
the armor, into the flesh. He sent and energy blast right through his
fingers, blowing Harna in two. "And Frieza said this was going to be
challenging." He flew off in the direction of the military compound.

"Any word from the recovery team?" asked the commander.
"No sir, we've been unable to establish radio contact with them for
over ten minutes."
"Hmm...any other space pods in the atmosphere?"
"No sir."
"What the fuck is going on?" thought the commander. "I just know that
Frieza is behind this, but one pod? Surely one man couldn't wipe out three
Krawlinian warriors...but what else could have possibly happened out there?"
His thoughts were shattered by the sound of screaming from outside in the
compound yard.
"What's going on!?" he asked.
"The compound sir, it's under attack!"
"From what?" he asked in utter and total disbelief. No one in the
universe had cloaking devices good enough to hide a whole ship from their
radar. It just wasn't possible! He stood and ran outside, to see what was
going on. In the sky was a tiny figure, blasting the scrambling Krawlinians
one at a time. As they were trying to get to cover, some would throw balls
of glowing blue energy at the rapidly moving speck.
"What is that!?" exclaimed the commander, he readied a ball of energy
in his hand. The figure landed in front of him. "A BOY? This isn't
"Consider this a welcome into the empire of Lord Frieza." Vegeta
remarked. Dead Krawlinians lay all over the yard.
"NEVER! We will not bow to Frieza!" The commander threw his energy
at Vegeta, and some other hiding Krawlinians followed suit. Purple dust
filled the air, and slowly began to clear. He stood in the middle, calmly
looking at the commander.
"I will make you bow!" he bent down on one knee, bent the other leg
so his foot was on the ground, pulled his arms back and gathered power.
"This is a new attack I've been working on. I hope you like it. GALLET GUN!"
he unleashed his energy in a blinding flash, strong as a nuclear weapon.
Spinning around, he created a circle of white light around him. The heat
from the energy melted the doors on the compound building. When he finished,
there was nothing but bodies lying everywhere. Not one Krawlinian was left
standing. Or alive. The whole race had been destroyed and hundreds of them
lay in a circle around him. *Vegeta sat down on the ground, reached into his
pocket and pulled out an energy stick to replenish what he had used. He
began to eat.
"Price Vegeta do you copy sir?"
"I'm here."
"Sir a message from Lord Frieza. About 10 minutes ago, Vegetasei was
hit by an asteroid and was completely destroyed."
"...really...you're sure?"
"Yes sir. As of now, you're the only known survivor. Lord Frieza
sends his sympathies and regrets. Do you wish to send a reply?"
"...No...no reply."

::back to the field where Bulma and Vegeta are sitting::
"I didn't know for sure then but I suspected that Frieza had actually
destroyed my planet." Vegeta said, finishing his story. He sat up and stared
off in the distance towards the mountains. He shook his head and stood up
with his back toward her. "I don't know what made me tell you that."
He swallowed the lump in his throat. He had held tears back for so many
years; one more day wouldn't matter. He had not been able to hold them back
on Nameck, but here, he would not cry. He didn't feel guilty for destroying
Krawl and all its inhabitants, but he felt the loss of his people and his
father just as strongly now as he had the day Vegetasei was destroyed.
"Maybe you wanted to tell someone." She ventured, standing.
"Come on...let's go home." She said, laying her hand on his shoulder
lightly. He reached up and grabbed her hand. He turned his head and met her
eyes. They stood like that in the field for what seemed like forever. He
dropped her hand and walked back toward to the car.
"You coming woman?" he shot over his shoulder.
"Yeah." She whispered, putting her hands into her pockets, she
walked over to the car.

The end. What did you think?