Kiss to remember

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Hermione had never been kissed. She didn't even date much, though she liked Victor Krum a bit. A girl's first kiss has to be special, it has to happen in such a way that she will remember for if not a long time, the rest of her life.

"Hey Ron, what's new?" Hermione asked as she headed down the girls dormitory steps to meet Ron.

"Nothing...ready to go eat?" He responded distantly, he had just been thinking about his feelings for Hermione and was utterly confused.

"Is that all you care about Ron? Eating?" she asked and started to laugh. He really did hate that laugh because when ever she did it, as much as he tried, he couldn't keep from thinking about how much he liked her. She was so lovely with her sparkling eyes and her soft hair that sometimes hung down over her face when she wasn't paying attention.

With out realizing it he had lifted up his hand and pulled the curl off her face and tucked it behind her ear. His face and ears stung with embarrassment. He often found that he did things stupid around Hermione because he wasn't quite thinking clearly whenever he was around her.

"Oh uh thanks Ron...I mean for moving my hair." She said, quite flustered by his sudden gesture too.

"Yeah er...I'm not very hungry you want to er just sit down and talk or something." He didn't know what he was going to say but he was sure at some point his feelings would come out about how he liked her.

"Merlin… Ron, not hungry?" she snickered.

"Bloody hell...why is that so hard to believe?" he was acting really strange and Hermione noticed.

"Okay," she slowly while looking at his curiously. "What do you want to talk about?" she asked while sitting down near the fireplace on one of the couches in the common room.

"Oh I don't know...anything really."

"Well er...Ron may I ask you something?" Hermione asked hesitantly.


"Well...have you ever been kissed?" she didn't quite know what motivated her to ask such an odd an off topic question but it popped out of her mouth with out warning. Her face turned pink with embaressment.

"Er…why?" Ron chuckled, while trying to keep from becoming uncomfortable and embarrassed also.

"Oh I don't know, I was just thinking I must be one of the few people who haven't been kissed yet at this age."

"You had to have uh..k-kissed Krum." He said in a more accusing voice than intended.

" I suppose people do think that, don't they? But no. He isn't the right person."

"Oh well to answer your question; no I haven't been kissed."

"How ever much of a prat I sound like; I guess its kind of a relief I am not the only one." She said and giggled nervously. Many thoughts ran through Ron's head and a weird look formed on his face as though he was concentrating really hard or thinking of what to say next.

Hermione couldn't help but notice fell over sideways on the couch with laughter. She's gone bloody mad, thought Ron.

"Sorry I haven't laughed in so long," she sat back up and hiccupped loudly. She saw the youngest, and by far best looking Weasley boy moving towards her. She had no time to react but when his lips touched hers she didn't need too. She kissed him back... and realized this was a first kiss she would remember, not only for a long time but also for the rest of her life.

A/N: Yes kind of an odd and not so well written story, but I thought it was cute!