Chapter 27: From Darkness to Light

The feeling of the cold gate travel enveloped them but, ended just as quickly as they were once again expelled into the dark world. Landing hard on the ground. Jonas yelped and Jack cringed.

"And now, Darkness is upon us. Again!" Jack shouted in frustration.

He clambered to his feet, hauling Jonas with him and was surprised to come face to face with a group of people. One of which stepped forward, eyes glittering brightly in the night, which had changed somehow. All of a sudden it felt...peaceful, not at all like it had been before.

"I thought we were getting out of here!" Jack called.

"Forgive us for the inconvenience Colonel O'Neill however, there is one more thing we wish to do." The man replied, his voice had a sing-song like manner to it, and was pleasant and friendly.

"Oh no, No more favors! You know what doing a favor got us into the last time?" Jack asked, shooting a look toward a guilty looking Jonas, who hung his head.

"It is not a favor. We just simply wish to thank you and your friends for ridding us of Coris so we may finally rest in peace." The man stated, the others behind him nodded, and there were various smiles dotting the crowd.

"Oh, then you are very welcome. To be truthful that kid gave me the creeps, glad to get rid of her and glad we could be of assistance to you and your people." O'Neill replied.

" in peace? That means..." Jack's voice trailed.

"Yes, we are not of the living world."

"I figured."

"Again, thank you. You have made all of our transitions easier."

"Sure, but we really must be going now, we have injured." Jack replied pleasantly.

"Of course. Your...Stargate will work now, goodbye and, thank you." The man replied before receding back into the crowd. Before the team's eyes, the group vanished, leaving behind the sweet smell of the Coris plants.

" in peace?" Jack tried, tossing it out into the darkness.

Jack looked above, realizing that it was no longer as dark as it had been. Instead a silver moon gazed down on them and was slowly sinking behind the trees and taking its place were the first fingers of dawn, stretching in purple streaks across the sky. He smiled to himself and turned back to the looming gate.

"Now, let's go home." He said and led the way, helping Jonas along. They stepped into the shimmering blue without looking back.


"Incoming traveler!" Yelled the tech from the computer work station.

General Hammond had been looking down onto the gate room through the glass when this was yelled, and he turned his attention towards the man.

"Is it?" Hammond asked, his thoughts trailing, wondering if it was SG- 1.

"We'll know in a moment sir."

Hammond motioned for the med. team to move in, just in case, and waited apprehensively for the arrival of the travelers.

Mere seconds later, Sam appeared from the event horizon and stepped onto the metal ramp, her bare feet making no sound. She was wrapped tightly in O'Neill's jacket and from beneath the protection, Hammond noticed she wasn't in regulation clothing. Instead, a flowing blue dress followed her and swished over her ankles. The gown was in tatters and in desperate need of a cleaning. It'd be of no use to her any longer.

He moved quickly from the control room to the gate-room and walked in just as Jack and Teal'c came through, supporting a very worn looking Jonas, who was definitely a little worse for the wear.

A cut stretched from beneath his hairline, across his temple and his face was a mass of bruises and scrapes. His right arm looked pretty useless as Jack and Teal'c lowered him onto the stretcher and he had a haunted look in his eyes that made the General uncomfortable.

"Easy Colonel, go easy on him." Fraser stated amidst the ruckus.

"Why does he get off so easy?" Jack whined mockingly, watching Jonas sink into the stretcher.

"Relax Colonel, you'll all have your time with me as soon as I get Jonas fixed up. Be sure you're there huh?" Janet said with a smile.

Jack sighed and made a fake pout, but it was soon replaced with an easygoing smile.

"It is so good to be in a nice lighted place that isn't freezing!" O'Neill replied loudly.

"It sure is Colonel." Sam stated.
The General surveyed the rest of his pilot team for any obvious injuries. Jack was rubbing at his forehead as though he had a massive headache and he had minor bruises on him, probably resulting from a battle of some type.

Carter seemed fine, aside from the very un-regulatory outfit she was in, and Teal'c looked all right as well. He sighed in relief as Jack broke into another smile.

"Hiya General, did ya miss us?" The Colonel asked, turning to Hammond.

Hammond smiled back, "More than you'll know. You had us worried, it looks like you all can get into some serious trouble when you choose to."

"We so didn't mean to get into as much trouble as we did Sir."

"I'm looking forward to the briefing...I think." Hammond stated, watching Dr. Fraser and the med. team roll Jonas down to the infirmary.

Jack smiled and shrugged innocently as he followed the medical unit out of the room.

"I'm just going to go and uh...change." Sam replied, her cheeks flushing a pale crimson.

"Oh, by all means, go ahead Major." The General replied, watching Sam walk out.

"Teal'c is there anything else I should know about?" Hammond questioned after Carter was gone.

"I do not believe so General Hammond. I am sure the briefing will tell you all you need to know." Teal'c stated simply.

"Okay, tomorrow 14:00 hours in the conference room. We'll excuse Jonas for the time being, I'll get his side of the story as soon as he recovers. Be sure Major Carter and Colonel O'Neill are aware of the briefing, I'm always up for a good ghost story. See you all then." And with that Hammond left the gate room, Teal'c following close behind.


Jack walked into the infirmary, Carter and Teal'c following him closely. He saw Jonas sitting up in a bed next to the wall, sporting a gray sling and a bruise over his temple with various other scrapes and bruises on the majority of his face, probably from when he'd been pushed from the cliff. He was holding a book, balancing it on his knees and he looked up with a welcoming smile when his friends entered.

"So, how're you doing?" Jack asked.

"I'm fine Colonel, I suspect the briefing went well?" Jonas replied with a smile as he passed an amused glance over the various emotions on his friend's faces.
"Oh yeah, went great. Pity you had to miss it." Jack replied from the foot of the bed.

"He didn't believe a word of it did he?" Jonas asked, cluing in.

"He had his first, but then he kinda...warmed up to the idea of evil ghosts and possessed planets as we explained everything until our minds were fried." O'Neill answered.

Jonas laughed and set his book aside.

"Jeeze you have some time off and you're spending it...reading?" Jack questioned unbelievingly.

"Yeah, there isn't much else to do."

"I see."

The team was silent for a time until Jack finally broke the silence.

"So, What'd you learn from this past mission Jonas?"

"Never agree to a favor, especially when it's a favor with a ghost." Jonas finalized with a smile.

"My thoughts exactly, unless I'm asking you for a favor in which case I expect you to grant it." Jack replied with a smile to show he was joking. He walked to the bedside and hit Jonas purposely, but gently on his slinged arm so as not to hurt him.

The young man paled and drew in a sharp breath.

"Sorry, wrong arm." Jack smirked.

"Yeah." Jonas replied with a grin. "Wrong arm."

The End