Title: Methos vs Gingerbread men

Characters: Duncan, Methos

Rating: G

Warnings: None

Challenge: none

Summary: Methos decorated gingerbread cookies, his own way.

author's note: Because there can be only one

Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod was trying very hard not to kill his best friend. Again.

"Mac they're gingerbread cookies, not a work of fine art." The old man commented drinking one of Duncan's beers. The last one at that.

Looking up from the cookie he was careful decorating, Mac shot him a look. "If it's so easy, why don't YOU do it?" He demanded his threatening look off put by the frosting on his nose.

"Alright." Methos agreed with a shrug.

Staring at the oldest immortal like he'd lost his mind, Duncan nodded. "Good, that means I can go pick up the rest of the food and drinks for the party."

"More beer?" Methos asked hopeful.

Mac shot him a dirty look. "Just don't make too big a mess."

"A mess me? Never."

Shaking his head, Duncan grabbed his keys and coat. Leaving Methos to the gingerbread cookies, he left the barge.

Inside Methos shook his head at the cookies. "Okay fellows lets see if we can't get you decked out in your finery to be eaten."

All was going fine and well, until he put the last gum drop button on one little man. He pushed just a little too hard, and off came it head.

"Hmm that wasn't supposed to happen." Methos told the kitchen, picking up the gingerbread head. Well as long as it was off anyway. Popping the cookie head into his mouth he munched it thoughtful. He had to admit, Duncan could bake damn good cookies.

Looking at the cookies he realized he now had a headless gingerbread man. Thinking a moment, he smiled with inspiration. One by one he cut off the gingerbread men's heads and ate them.

Methos was about to cut the last head off when a familiar buzz made itself known. A moment later Duncan walked into the kitchen.

"Did you get all the cookies decorated?" Mac started to ask. Then looked at the cookies, then the sheepish look on Methos face. "What happened to their heads?"

Methos picked up the remaining gingerbread man. "There can be only one?"