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  "Hey!  Leave her alone!" yelled Lily angrily, while hexing some Slytherin 4th years.  The nasty girls yelped and ran away, but not before pulling their tongue out at her.  Lily huffed and went to help the girl that was being bullied.  "Are you ok, Serena?  They didn't hurt you, haven't they?"

  Her 4th year Gryffindor schoolmate shook her head and smiled peacefully.  "They didn't.  I think I'm becoming immune to their nastiness.  Anyway, thanks for the help.  I have to go; I'll see you in class."  She waved and disappeared in the crowd of passing students.

  Lily Evans shook her head and a hand on her shoulder made her turn around.  "Hey Lils!  What's the matter?"  James Potter, seeker extraordinaire asked, while Remus, Sirius and Peter joined them.  They walked to the Great Hall to grab something to eat and when they seated themselves, Lily explained.

  "I caught some Slytherin girls bullying Serena again."

  Sirius frowned.  "I don't know why she's been put in Gryffindor anyway.  I'm not being mean; I just mean that she hardly ever fights back.  She's always smiling and waving off the threats she receives.  That girl should've been in Hufflepuff.  Though, Slytherins attacking a Gryffindor is unacceptable!"  He said with conviction, now standing up with a feet on his part of the bench.

  Remus chuckled at his 'Gryffindor honor speech'.  "Down boy.  We don't want to have points deducted.  But you do have a point.  Serena is way too gentle to be in Gryffindor, plus she rarely ever uses her magic, did any of you ever notice?" asked Remus, while adding some potatoes on his plate.

  "And we hardly see her when it's lunch time too.  She's always alone and always taking extra lessons of DADA.  She's always with professor Meioh!  Do you think her grades are that low?"

  Lily shrugged to Peter's question.  "It's none of our business.  Did you hear me, James Potter?"  James winced and put down the Marauder's map.  He wanted to pull a prank on those pushy Slytherins, but having Lily in the middle of his way… "Yes, Lily.  I'm listening."

  Sirius and Remus choked on their laughter, making faint whip sounds.  The Slytherins only eyed them warily, while Severus and Lucius didn't even bother to glance at them.


  Serena opened the door of the DADA class and quickly closed it behind her.

  "You're late."

  Serena grimaced but took her position.  "Sorry Setsuna, had a little trouble downstairs.  And when the heck will I have the permission to use my powers anyway?  I keep practicing and I know it's almost time for me to go in that other world, I don't think anyone will miss me anyway."  Serena finished lamely.

  Setsuna only smiled her mysterious smiles.  "Only time will tell, hime-chan.  Now, let's begin.  Dead Scream!"

Serena had to block yet again the attack from her 'teacher', who was in reality one of her guardians.  Setsuna said that she would meet the others in that other world and would have to act as if she was ditzy and didn't know how to use her powers.  Thing is, she was really good at controlling her energy and even Setsuna was surprised at how good she could stop her attacks.  She would make a great queen someday.


    A week later- DADA class

  "Today class, we're gonna duel.  So I want everybody to put their desk against the wall to make more space.  Just sit on the desks, that's it."  Setsuna guided the students, and soon, the class had plenty of clear space.  The Slytherins were on one side and the Gryffindors on the other, and they were all glaring at each other.

  Sirius was cracking his knuckles and looking at Snape, while James was smirking in cockiness.  Remus was simply silent and Peter was shuddering at the look Lucius gave him, looking oddly uncomfortable and fidgeting in nervousness.  Snape kept sneering all the way.

  "Ok.  Now, who wants to start?"

  Sirius was lifting his hand up in the air and waving madly, but Setsuna ignored him and motioned for 2 less powerful young wizard from Slytherin and Gryffindor.  They fought at their best and ended in a draw, both being disarmed by the other at the same time.

  Setsuna rolled her eyes and motioned for the eager Sirius, but ignored his request to fight Snape or Lucius, choosing another random Slytherin instead.  The dog animagus pouted but took pleasure in defeating, more like humiliating, the poor Slytherin.

  Few followed; demonstrating skills and power, and Peter even had a turn.  He got defeated quite fast by a smug looking Lucius.  The Slytherin Quidditch captain had a go, but got defeated by James quite brutally, ending in the infirmary.  That got the Slytherins going.  They almost lunged at each other, until they stopped clear in their tracks by the teacher's powerful voice.

  Severus threw a cold glare at the Gryffindors, while some plotted revenge for their captain.  Setsuna gazed at Snape calculatingly and smiled mysteriously, before urging him on the duel ring.  "Mr. Snape, you will be the next.  But what about your opponent?"  Setsuna seemed to think.  "How about you, Miss Moon?  You haven't got your chance yet."

  Serena glanced sharply and then hesitantly at the teacher, but obeyed nonetheless.  She walked slowly to the ring while her fellow Gryffindor were trying to dissuade the teacher about her fighting Snape.  The Slytherins were smirking and snickering.  Snape would avenge their captain fast enough.

  Lucius went to his comrade and whispered in his ear; "Don't go easy on her cause she's a girl.  She's just a filthy, weak mudblood!"

  Severus nodded.  The girl wouldn't be a problem at all.  Sirius and James swore under their breath and looked at the 2 in apprehension.  Serena may not be the most outgoing girl, but she was certainly nice and had always been there for them.  Now, they could only watch as she was going to fight one of the nastiest Slytherins in the school, since professor Meioh refused to change Serena for anybody else.

  "Wands at the ready!" started professor Meioh, and they both lifted their wands upwards.  Serena was looking a tad bit uncomfortable with a wand, and it showed.  "Duel!" 

  "EXPELLIARMUS!"  The students held their breaths as Snape made the first move in a swift motion.  Serena really didn't like the wands.  She had so much intricate motions to do, she just couldn't do it.  The spell hit her right on and she slammed into the wall behind her, sliding to the floor.

  The thud it made was so loud even the Slytherins winced at the sound.  Surely, the girl had many broken bones by now.  Severus gazed emotionlessly at her but his eyes widened a fraction and whispers started when she shifted and got up with a grunt.  Her eyes were sad, and she was clutching at her wand tightly.  She regained her balance.

  Snape immediately positioned again, wand at the ready.  'Looks like the little rabbit is less fragile than we thought' Severus told himself mentally, quite eager to continue the lesson.  The blond girl looked at her wand, than at the teacher.  A wisp of a glint appeared in her blue eyes as she saw her guardian nod unnoticeably.  She straightened, lifted her arm and…let go of her wand.  It clattered on the floor and rolled away.


  Snape's glance darkened.  'So the girl lost her grip on her wand.  How foolish and totally un-wizard like.  She will not make that mistake again.' Severus sneered and let go of another spell, much to the dismay of the Gryffindors.  "IMPEDIMENTA!"  The streak of magic ejected itself from his wand with a loud boom and hurled towards her.

  She reacted in a swift second by lifting her hands in front of her and pushed the spell away with a slapping movement of her arm.  The magic broke a window on the side and flew away outside.  Severus didn't even have the time to gape that she was in front of him and looking at him sadly.  "Moon Fluctuation."

  He didn't have the time to lower his head to see it, but he surely felt it.  A shockwave of power hit him square in the chest and it sent him flying backwards onto most of his friends.  He was still awake, only being shaken, and gaped as much as anybody else at the calm looking blond who marched right back to her place near the teacher, passing in front of a gawking duo, an awed Remus and a flinching Peter.

  Severus recovered from the shock and closed his mouth faster than anybody else, being more in control of his emotions.  He just stared at the girl.  How could someone like her do this to him?!  There had to be more about her than she let on, and those private meetings with the teacher had to have something with it.

  He wasn't blind.  He knew the girl's whereabouts everyday.  But why did he bother to know anyway?  He shook his head.  'Maybe that's because you've felt something from her the first day she arrived in the school' his thoughts provided him, 'but you've always ignored anything that wasn't remotely Slytherin.'

  He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and exited the classroom as soon as the teacher bid them good day, only glancing backwards once to see the blond staying behind again.  He was curious.  The girl had completely gotten his attention.

Serena waited until the last student was out and turned to her guardian.

  "Setsuna, why did you let me use my original power?"  Serena asked curiously.  She had really hated to hurt a fellow classmate.  Severus Snape was so full of sadness, she had felt it and it had gripped her heart badly to feel this loneliness.

  Setsuna smiled sadly.  "This was your last test, hime-chan.  And you've won with no complication, might I add.  You should enjoy your time here as much as you can, we'll have to depart in one week.  I'll have to inform Dumbledore, this won't be easy and he'll most likely want to hex me.  He doesn't know about us and this mission you have to fulfill.  Go, hime-chan.  I'll see you soon."

  Serena exited the classroom completely shaken and didn't even bother going to dinner.  She just wandered in the castle until it was very late and when she was almost caught by Filch, she turned around and headed back to her dormitory.  'Why do I suddenly have this feeling that I don't want to go?'  She asked herself, her eyes glazed over.  'I never really fitted in this place, but I never bothered anyway.  Setsuna always told me not to get too friendly or involved with anybody in my first year so it would be easier to go when the time comes.  But now that I have to, do I really want to?'

  A lone tear made its way on her cheek and she didn't even felt it slide down her face.

  When the portrait of the Fat Lady opened, she was immediately assaulted by a herd of eager Gryffindors.

  "Where were you?!"

  "What happened?!"

  "How did you do that?!"

  "I heard about what happened in DADA class!  Is it true you used wandless magic?!"

  Sirius was about to jump on her when he stopped dead in his track.  Her eyes were empty and plenty of tears dropped on the red carpet of the common room.  He approached her with concern.  "Serena?  Is something wrong?"  He forgot his pushy attitude for once and stroke her cheek gently, coaxing her into looking at him.  2 sets of blue eyes clashed and Sirius found himself in a tight embrace, a few tears slowly starting to wet his shirt.

  'Sirius.  He teased me a lot, but he was like a big brother to me.  How will I ever be able to say goodbye to him, or Lily, or James or even Remus!  He's always helped me with my homework, and always took my defense when the Slytherins bothered me!  Sirius!'  She desperately thought.

  The young dog animagus felt her hug tighter, before he found himself alone.  Serena made her way through the curious crowd and slammed the door of her bedroom in the faces of her surprised friends.  "What happened to her?"  Lily asked with a worried glance at the now closed and probably locked door.

  The baffled Sirius didn't respond, only biting his lips in anxiety.  James and Remus knew how their friend felt.  Sirius and Serena might never have talked a lot, but it wasn't necessary.  Those 2 had always been close and Sirius had always protected her as if she was family.  Probably because Serena was the only one immune to Sirius' charming boy attitude and one of the only ones to see him as he truly is.

  Sirius was worried, and it wasn't about him, for once.  They would have to have a chat with their DADA teacher of 4 years.


  On his side, Severus' brain was reeling.  He was pacing back and forth in his common room grumbling and muttering, even though it was way past bed time.  His shiny black hair was following the movement dutifully and his cloak swished every time he changed side.  "Why can't I get her out of my mind?"  He was bordering the limit of craziness, just asking himself over and over this same question.  "What did she do to me?  Why can't I forget about her?"

  'Because', his mind provided, 'you've never seen her so confident.  You never saw her eyes get that glint and that powerful stance full of assurance.  Admit it, she captivated you from the start but this defeat made you realize you feel more than you thought for that mysterious Gryffindor.' 

  Severus growled at the annoying voice in his head, but sighed loudly and seated himself in a sofa.  "What's happening to me?"  He whispered silently.  He was the only one who could find the answer.  No other Slytherins could help him with this one.


  Yesterday's event in DADA made it through the entire school rapidly and Serena hid herself more than ever.  It was difficult enough to know she would have to go in 4 days; she could still cope with it.  But she really didn't want to get involved with any other students.

  The thing in Hogwarts was; the more you're powerful, the more you're popular and have friends.  The proof?  James Potter.  Ah yes, a living proof indeed.

  She was wandering again when she found herself pinned to a stony wall, a hand blocking up her gasp.  She mentally berated her lack of vigilance but opened her eyes swiftly when a gentle, very familiar voice rang in her ears.  "Shhh.  I'm sorry to have done that, but I don't want anybody finding us talking together.  You'll have to be quiet."  The hand retracted.

  "Snape?  Why did you do that?!  What's going on?"  She glanced around.  They were in a dark corner in the dungeon area.  How the hell did she even walk there without her knowing it?!  She knew she was spacing out a lot those days, but that much?  Jeez!

  Snape had some kind of predatory look and he kept her pinned against the wall as if she was going to run away any moment.  "The question is; what did YOU do to ME.  Since yesterday, I can't get you out of my head!  What spell did you use against me?  Rid me of it now!"  He whispered none too gently.  He didn't want to scare her, but he was frightened by those butterflies in his stomach.

  She looked at him weirdly.  "I didn't do anything to you.  I used a defensive attack against you, but that's it.  I would never hurt anyone, even if they're in Slytherin.  You're just like me.  You have people all around you, but you feel lonely and sad all day.  You're doing things you don't want to do, but you have no choice in the matter.  At least, that's how I feel.  So I could never, would never hurt you."

  Severus almost reeled back but managed to stay in place.  Her voice was so hushed, so low.  He could feel her warmth against his body and it was making him feel as a predator.  Her cheeks were flushed and his subconscious decided he quite liked her like that.  "Then why," he started, voice full of huskiness, "why do I feel this way for you?"  With each word he got closer, until he crushed his lips against hers.

  He opened his eyes rapidly when he regained his proper thoughts, but when she moaned like that… 'Fuck common sense!' was his last thought before he redoubled his efforts in making her gasp and moan his name.

Setsuna smiled mysteriously in her office.  "You will brave many danger and hurts, my dear hime-chan.  It will be hard to depart, but you will at least have someone to think about and a reason to live.  You will come back here someday, hime-chan, when your destiny will be fulfilled.  Do not let your heart despair.  He will be your hope in the other world" came the knowing whisper.


  The week passed rapidly in the rabbit's eyes.  Her behavior lightened a lot and she passed a lot of her time with Sirius, James, lily and Remus.  Peter was behaving more weirdly day by day so she didn't really see a lot of him.  But she passed most of her nights with Severus (not like that, bunch of pervs!).

 Her fellow classmates were beginning to be restless, Sirius the most.  She always disappeared after dinner and came back really late when everybody was already asleep.  How she didn't get caught by Filch was a miracle even for James, and Lily's scolding had passed threw deaf ears.

  Severus had told her he loved her not long ago, and she had cried and accepted his love.  They still behaved normally during the day, of course.  A Gryffindor and a Slytherin together?  Unthinkable!  Even Snape's friends were beginning to ponder on their friend's strange behavior.

  The final dreaded day came in the form of a rainy Friday.  Setsuna said the password and walked up the stairs of the headmaster's office.  'It's now or never.'  She took a big intake of breath.  'He doesn't have any choice but to accept our departure anyway.' 

  "Ah!  Hello Miss Meioh!  What can I do for you?"  The headmaster was sitting in his chair, eating a lemon drop, Fawkes was perched on his desk.  Setsuna didn't even bother to sit and went straight to the point.

  "Headmaster, I am here to resign, today will be my last day of classes.  A greater mission awaits me and my mistress, who still has a lot to learn.  Miss Tsukino will be coming with me for an undetermined amount of time.  Today is the last time you will see either of us in a long time."  Leave it to her to be blunt.

  Albus sat up straight in his chair and frowned.  "What are you talking about, Setsuna?  Why would you want to leave after 4 years of teaching and bring one of our students, which is against the law, no less, with you?  Explain."  He kept his voice cool but it radiated a sense of power.

  Setsuna, however, was immune to it.  "You don't have anything to say in the matter.  Her destiny is to be fulfilled elsewhere and I am here to take her away to it.  She has immense power and need to control it better.  What she is going to fight in the near future is even more evil and life-threatening than here. They need her there and she will have to go.  I intend to wait until dinner so she can say goodbye to her friends.  I'm sorry."

  She moved to turn, but a hand gripped her arm.  "You intend to take away one of my most brilliant student with nothing to explain to the students!  How will I ever know, or her friends know, if she's alive where you're going?" Dumbledore said with a stern voice.

   Setsuna nodded and made her key staff appear out of thin air, making Albus step back in shock.  He had never felt anything like this out of her before.  Maybe this was the power she was talking about.

  While she talked, Pluto's gem at the end of the staff glowed softly.  "I will curse the position of teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts.  As long as you will have a new teacher each year, she will be alive.  If by a sad event you wake up to find yourself with the same DADA teacher for 2 years in a row, it will mean the worst for you, as well as for me, for my mistress will have died.  Here is my curse, and I hereby declare it effective this instant!"  She tapped the end of her staff on the floor and the red light dissipated.  She left the office and a powerless looking Dumbledore behind.

  Serena's mood dampened in the day.  She kept giving glances to Severus, making people wonder what the heck was wrong with her.  Sirius was beginning to be restless again and was glaring at Severus more than usual.  For the first time in years, Serena ignored the DADA teacher during the class.  But professor Meioh didn't seem to mind that much and let her do her things alone.

  Soon, it was dinner.  She didn't touch her plate, and Lily glanced at her with concern.  "Serena, is there something wrong?  You know you can tell me anything!"  She begged.  The blond girl eyed Lily and smiled sadly, hugging her.

  On his side, Severus was fidgeting.  What was wrong with his Serena?  His Serena.  Warmth filled his heart at this statement.  He almost growled when Black, Potter and Lupin joined Evans and Serena.  Black was awfully close to her and it was making him clench his teeth tightly.  Never would he be able to hug her in front of everybody like Black did.  He would never allow his ego to get busted, not by a long shot.

  Setsuna sighed.  It was time and goodbyes would be hard to say.  But she had waited long enough.  Luna was probably already searching for her in the other dimension.  She got up, ignoring the curious stares of her fellow teachers and started to walk to the Gryffindor table.

  Dumbledore got up in a desperate attempt to make her change her mind.  "Are you sure there isn't any other way, Setsuna?!" he called out desperately.

  She didn't bother to glance at him and shook her head negatively, still walking.  "She has to go.  I'm sorry."

  Minerva snapped.  "What's going on, Albus?" she asked with her stern voice.  Albus only shook his head and sat back in his chair with a defeated look.

  Eyes followed the DADA teacher as she made her way behind Serena and put a hand on her shoulder, making Remus stop what he was saying and look at the teacher.  "Is there something you need, professor Meioh?" the werewolf asked, while Sirius eyed her warily.

  Serena turned but didn't look at her.

  She looked at her princess sadly.  "It's time.  We cannot wait any longer for it has already begun.  Say your goodbyes, hime-chan."

  "Goodbyes?  What goodbyes?  Are you going somewhere?  What's going on?"  Sirius was approaching the professor and his eyes betrayed his emotions.

  "Please Sirius, don't make this harder than it already is."  It came out as a whisper, but he heard it nonetheless.  So many tears in her eyes, she couldn't control them.  "I have to go, and I will most likely not come back in years.  I was happy to meet you, all of you.  You've been so nice with me all this time.  I never should've befriended anybody so it wouldn't have been so hard to say goodbye, but you guys never let me a chance.  I'll miss you, so much!"  She looked at the 4 Gryffindors while saying so, and they were completely shocked so it left them silent.

  A few tears fell from Lily's eyes.  "But why are you leaving us?"

  "Because I have to, because I don't have any choice in the matter."  When she said this, she wasn't looking at Lily anymore, but at a standing Severus Snape.  He leapt over his table and ran to her, stopping just centimeters away from her.  Sirius was about to open his mouth but he never got the chance to say anything as Serena beat him to it.

  "Severus, I…I wanted to tell you sooner…"

  Sirius frowned as much as anybody else in Gryffindor and Slytherin.  Since when a lion and a snake spoke to each other friendly, and with their first name?  They gaped as the blue eyed girl put a hand on the black haired boy's face and kissed his cheek softly.

  Severus couldn't stop himself.  His ego could go to hell!  He snaked his arm around her waist and brought her flush against his body.  He kissed her passionately right there in front of everybody.  She put her hand in his silky black hair and kissed back enthusiastically.  They only stopped when a mist formed in the room.

  She stepped back and joined professor Meioh, who was now sporting a tall key-shaped staff.  The jewel brightened the hall and in the mist formed a tall and ancient looking gate.  The teachers were now up and had their wands in hand.  Dumbledore stopped them, head still in his hands.  "Destiny cannot be stopped.  Let them be" was all he said.

  Severus was shaking his head back and forth.  "NO!  You can't go!  I love you!"

  She smiled sadly and followed the teacher in the gate.  "I love you to, Severus.  I'll come back to you, I promise.  I'll find my way back to you!"  With a last tear, she disappeared in the portal, which closed right behind her as if it knew Severus was going to jump right in it in an attempt to follow her.

  The boy fell on his knees and he wept as the mist retracted.  Silence was the only thing that greeted him as he got up and shakily went to his bedroom.


 Many, many years later (Sirius never died and was cleared in Harry's 4th year)

  Harry was ecstatic.  He was beginning his 6th year and his godfather was still around.  Sirius had been the DADA teacher last year and he couldn't wait to see him again.  Ok, they were together all summer long, but still.  Hermione and Ron joined him.

  The sorting began after Mc Gonagall's speech.

  "Strange.  I wonder where Dumbledore and Sirius are" said Hermione, while looking around.  True, all the usual teachers were there excepted Dumbledore and Sirius.

  Harry bit his lips.  "I hope nothing happened to Sirius!"

  When the sorting finally finished, Dumbledore finally showed up and seated himself at the head table.  Sirius soon followed but he looked disturbed because he didn't even glance at Harry.  "But Albus, why can't I be DADA teacher again this year?  You haven't found anybody else for the job!  You can't cancel DADA, it's too important of a subject!"

  The rest of the teachers and students looked on with interest at the ongoing argument.  Snape just kept his mouth shut and readjusted his low ponytail.  Why he let his hair grow the past summer was a mystery even to him.

  Albus had a headache.  "I can't allow anybody to be DADA teacher for 2 years in a row, Sirius.  This place is cursed, and it is meant to stay that way."

  Hermione raised her eyebrows.  "So it's truly cursed?  I thought it was just bad luck."

  Ron snorted.  "It could've been that.  All our other teachers were idiots, excepted Lupin, of course" Ron corrected quickly when Harry glanced sharply at him.

  Sirius whined.  "That still doesn't explain why I can't be it!  I'm here, I'm alive, and you just have to name me teacher! I won't drop dead because of it, you know!  So why can't I?"

  Albus opened his mouth but somebody else interrupted him.  "Because it's my job to lift the curse in the first place, Sirius dear.  You wouldn't want to steal my place, would you?" said an inquisitive voice.

  They all turned to the doors of the Great Hall where a cloaked person made his way in.  "It's been years, but you haven't changed at all, Sirius.  And Dumbledore, thanks for keeping the place warm for me."

  The person lifted his cloak to reveal a female figure with extremely long silver hair and bright blue eyes. She looked no older than 18 years old but she spoke with a voice full of knowledge and wisdom.  She glanced at the headmaster.

  Dumbledore's eyes twinkled brightly.  "You certainly took your time.  Did you finish your mission?"

  "Of course" came the same mysterious reply.

   By the time they ended their conversation, Sirius was gaping like a fish, while Severus was looking at her with all his interest.  Why…did she look…so familiar?  He narrowed his eyes until Sirius shrieked the answer.  "SERENA?!  MERLIN! IS THAT YOU?!"

  She giggled.  "Took you long enough, Sirius Black!" 

  Sirius all but threw himself at her and demonstrated one of his biggest bear-hug.  Harry was curious, but winced nonetheless for he poor girl.  Sirius' bear-hugs could get the air outta ya quite easily.  She hugged back with enthusiasm while the other teachers murmured;

 'Serena?  Serena Moon?'

  'I thought she died!'

  'What happened to her in all those years?  Even the ministry's research center's people were unable to find her!'

  The dog animagus inspected her thoroughly and kept touching her to keep himself from telling this was a dream.  "Just look at you!  You're so beautiful!"  He felt lean muscles under her cloak and took it off himself, letting it fall on the ground.

  Gasps echoed in the Hall as they took in the enchanting view.  The woman was wearing a white dress that fitted her in all the right places.  It had a tight gold bodice and it fell freely below, slightly touching the ground.  Her hair really reached the ground in silver waves and when she turned around to look at the teacher's table, happiness and light seemed to follow and obey her every movements.

  A tiny gasp left her mouth as she spotted him.  In tears, she ran to him and embraced him with all she had.  He stiffened at first, but seemed to get out of his daze seconds later when he hugged back with fierce possessiveness.  "You're alive!  You're back, just like you promised" came out the shaky statement.

  He began to caress her hair and showered her face with tiny butterfly kisses.  She grunted mostly out of impatience, locked her hand in his hair and just kissed him directly on the mouth, opening it and coaxing him in the kiss.  "I love you so much!  Oh God Serena you don't know how much I truly do!"

  She put her head under his chin and chuckled.  "I have a faint idea, don't worry" she whispered.

  She then backed away but kept a hand clasped with one of Severus'.  "I'm back to stay, just like I promised.  It took time, but I finally outwitted Destiny's plans.  I'm not going away, ever."

  Severus snorted.  "Even if you were, I would never let you."

  Sirius smirked.  "I see we're finally agreeing on something, Snape."

  Severus nodded back at him.

  The dog animagus felt something tug at his sleeve.  He looked behind him and Harry glanced up at him and back at the girl oddly.  "Who is she, Sirius?"

  The blue eyed man smiled to his godson.  "This, Harry, is Serena Moon.  She went to school with your parents and I.  She's just like a sister to me, and I care about her a lot."

  Harry's eyes bulged.  "She went to school with you!?  But she looks so young!  No offence!" he added, reddening at what he was implying.

  Sirius shrugged.  "None taken."  He gazed back at Serena inquisitively.  "I was wondering too how you looked so young anyway."

  She flushed.  "I'm the same age as you!  It's a long story, really.  I'll tell you later.  Who's this boy, Sirius?"  She pointed at Harry.

  Sirius smiled sadly.  "This is my godson Harry, Lily and James' son.  They died when Harry was one year of age.  Remus is still alive, I could write to him and tell him you're back.  He took your departure quite hard himself."

  Serena walked to Harry and bent to his level, although she wasn't so tall herself.  Her eyes took a sad look but it quickly passed away.  She rubbed Harry's hair, disheveling it even more.  He didn't seem to mind so much even if she was Snape's girlfriend, as it looked.  "So, you're James and Lily's son?  You look just like them!"  She rubbed his hair one last time, before straightening up.  "I'll have to work on bringing them back, won't I?"  Sirius and Harry did a double take. 




  They completed the others sentence while Dumbledore's eyes widened.  "Is that even possible, child?  They died, they can't come back!  The Dark lord killed them himself!"

  Serena waved a dismissing hand away and snorted.  "Bah!  He can go to hell, the bastard!  I didn't face death over and over again to not know how those things work.  If he has a problem with that, he can just tell me face to face!"  She turned to Harry and smiled brightly.  "What do you say, Harry?  Would you like to see them again?"

  Harry was just too speechless to answer, as well as anybody else.  She had just dismissed the threat of the Dark Lord!

  Serena grinned and sat at her place.  A soft red light evaporated from the DADA teacher's chair and she smiled as Pluto's curse lifted away.  "I take the long silence as a yes.  I'll work on this later, let's eat!"  She giggled, kissed the stunned Severus and dived in her plate.

  Silence was the only response once again, but then there was Ron's continuous choking.  "She kissed Snape!"  He grimaced but Hermione whacked him on the head.


  Sirius grinned wolfishly.  "This is too cool!  Let me get Hedwig, and Remus is sooo coming here as soon as he gets the letter!"

  Harry grinned too.  "I already love her.  I think this year will be the best!"


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