Edward Grey needed a new secretary. Since he had married Lee, he had not been able to find a girl suitable for his purposes. Maybe today would be the day. Oh well, he said that every day would be the day.

In the back room, his back office, he heard the door open. Softly creaking. Someone cleared their throat. A girl. He felt his heat flutter slightly, but caught himself. Lee was the only girl he wanted. She was his wife. His affirmation was interrupted by a sweet, young voice.

"Hello?" An innocent face popped around the corner. "Mr. Grey? Edward Grey?" He nodded. A nervous smile flashed across her face, and her incredible blue eyes lit up. "I'm here to see about the secretary job." she said, cautiously entering the office and sliding her way across the carpet. She stopped about four feet away from it, and stood right behind a leather- covered chair, her hands folded at her crotch, fingers brushing against one another. He watched her, devouring her face, her movements, everything about her. Devouring, raping, killing, stroking her with his eyes.

She was so young. Choppy, light brown hair that came to a little below her ears, which were pierced with tiny diamond studs. He watched her slender fingers brush her bangs out of her blue eyes, revealing lovely, groomed eyebrows.

He ran his eyes down her neck to her small, young breasts and past her tight stomach to her perfect hips. She had moved completely behind the chair, which came to the very bottom of her pelvic bone. He imagined the pale, untouched skin underneath that thin, pale blue skirt that flowed magnificently about her.

"Oh, the, uh, position, yes." he stopped a moment to collect himself. He looked up into those brilliant blue eyes, so alive and innocent. She was so young. "Well, uh, please sit down, Miss..."

"Pelle. Abigail Pelle." she says as she tucked her skirt under her bum and leaned over to sit. Her shirt had a V-neck and he noticed her slightly exposed cleavage. This excited him somewhat but his erection was hidden behind the safety of the desk. As she looked up, she folded her hands on her lap and Edward noticed her deep red fingernail polish.

"How old are you?" he asked quietly.

"Sixteen.almost." she admitted. His heart skipped a beat. He had never had a secretary so young. So virginal and ripe for the taking. "But I do have prior experience." she added excitedly and reached into her bag sitting on the floor. She pulled out a card and handed it to him. Her cool fingers brushed against his as she slid the card into his palm. He glanced at it.

"The work here is extremely difficult. And you must be available at all times to come into work. That is very important." he looked into her eyes. She nodded.

"I am ready to work. It's the summertime so I don't have ballet class or school. I'll be free most of the time." She bit her lower lip.

"Oh god, a ballerina," He thought to himself, and sighed with pleasure. "Well, Miss Pelle. I normally never hire younger girls, but you seem able." He paused. "You will begin work tomorrow morning at eight 'o' clock sharp. Proper attire is required. No jeans or pants are acceptable." He stood up and she jumped out of her chair also, elated.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Grey." She grinned. As he strolled past the desk, he noticed her bare legs and black pumps on her feet. He held up a finger to silence her and sternly glared at her.

"Now, go home and leave me to my work." He placed his hand gently on the small of her back and led her to the door. She smiled and he watched her walk away down the hall. Her ass moved from side to side as she stepped, but just slightly and he could barely breathe as he watched.