I really, really shouldn't be starting another fic but when you read so many good stories on something it makes you wanna write. I got this idea(s) after reading so many high school fics for Van/Hitomi and reading a whole lot of Celena/Dilandau. I guess I also like Millerna/Allen because it's gonna be in here too.

I got the title because when I looked back at what scenes I had planned for the chapters a lot revolve around meeting people and running into someone so it's like 'Are you stalking me?' because it's so coincidental on an almost everyday basis.

Disclaimer: I only say this one time throughout the fic, which is here right now. I do not own Escaflowne and the characters there.


Title-Are you stalking me?!

Chapter 1

By-Moon Prynces


A sigh emitted the brunette who was diligently working on packing a few boxes, which right now were empty. She moved from one corner of the room to another, to a box, to another corner, another box and organized the contents neatly each time.

This was Hitomi Kanzaki, a sophomore in high school. Unfortunately her pretty name did not help the looks, which she didn't mind at all. She wore big round glasses that kept falling down the bridge of her nose almost hiding her big green eyes. Her clothes were mostly all baggy jeans and sweatshirts. Her hair, that was usually a bit above her shoulders, could always be seen tied in a sloppy, messy bun at the back of her head.

Although Hitomi's mother had complimented on her daughter's appearance countless times and the occasional comments and sneers from schoolmates, Hitomi didn't seem to care and avoided any questions about the topic.

Hitomi walked around the room to a window looking over the backyard. She poked her head outside and looked down.

"Mamoru! Come and finish packing. We're leaving soon so don't complain when you've accidentally left something behind!" Hitomi called down to her brother in a warning tone.

Her brother, only three years younger, stuck his tongue out at his older sister and went back to playing basketball. So as the thirteen year old ignored his sibling, Hitomi, helpless to do anything just pulled her head back in and went back to her own packing.

Hitomi wasn't exactly the outdoorsy type and certainly not the type of person to be interested in boys. She mostly stayed inside studying or reading. At school she was always considered the geeky, loner girl. She didn't really care what other people thought about her. She used to ignore them all but after reprimanding herself for feeling so depressed over what they said she began to stand up for herself. Occasionally saying something too clever for the other girls or even guys to respond back to. Hitomi didn't bother making friends either, making the other girls label her as a stuck up priss to add to the list of other names used on her.

Hitomi's mother and father were probably downstairs making sure the movers didn't drop the furniture and break things. She sighed again looking around at the half empty room.

Today they were moving because Hitomi's dads job called for it. She and her brother would also be attending different schools, starting all over again. It didn't matter and Hitomi had shrugged off the news as nothing. She didn't have anything or anyone to leave behind anyway. She wouldn't miss this place or hate it; it would just be there in her memory as her first home.

In a few hours they would be leaving and in a few days she would start a new high school. Even though it was a month in the school year the necessary paperwork had been done already because of the location change.

Three hours later Horoshi Kanzaki's (her father's) voice echoed through the completely vacant house. Hitomi walked downstairs with Mamoru trailing behind. Misumi Kanzaki (her mother) smiled at her children and glanced once more around the living room before turning around.

The four quietly walked out of the house and into the station wagon that was borrowed from a friend to hold more belongings.

Hitomi cast one last look at the house.

'I wonder what it'll be like there. A school with new people to meet.' She thought looking out the window at houses whizzing by.


"I can't believe you told her that!" A guy with long blonde hair said laughing.

The other boy with him was casually leaning against the side of a wall outside. He had unruly raven locks and maroon eyes that pierced a stare through everyone he looked at. His skin was slightly tanned and he was a little shorter than his friend across from him.

This was Van Fanel. One of the hottest guys in his high school (Gaea) and not very modest about it either. Van was the typical popular and arrogant jerk every school has. Great looks but bad personality. He only dated girls for bets and used the power he had to his advantage.

He had the ego of a lion and was very brash and hardheaded. Van was a sixteen-year-old sophomore and on the basketball team, only adding to the list of things girls drooled over him for.

The other standing there laughing was a blonde haired, blue-eyed boy. His long golden hair almost reaching his waist. This was Van's best friend since childhood, Allen Schezar. Allen was also one of the hot and popular guys at the school they both attended, well when they felt like it anyway. They were always considered a destructive duo by friends, family and neighbors.

Allen was almost the complete opposite of Van in looks and personality. Despite having long and neatly combed hair unlike his companion, Allen thought things through before doing them, considering the consequences and also had his share of dates with girls but for other reasons, all the same immature though. Allen was a seventeen-year-old junior and the two weren't able to spend many classes together because of this.

Van just shrugged, his usual attitude about everything, making girls want to go out with him even more. "Well she wouldn't stop going on about the stupid equations and shit. So I asked to go to the bathroom and the fire alarm was just there so I had to do something." He concluded.

Allen shook his head. "So how are the girls coming along? Got any dates?" Allen said, back to his usual reserved, calm self.

"Nah, what's the point anyway? All they do is go on about makeup and clothes and ugh." Van said making a face and straightening himself up.

"Aw c'mon, there's just too many out there, don't let it go to waste." Allen said jokingly.

Van grinned. "It's not like I'm getting married anytime soon, sorry to disappoint you." He looked around at the school buildings. "Hey I think I had basketball practice today." Van said thoughtfully.

Allen laughed again and shook his head. "You're lucky they haven't kicked you off the team yet."

This time Van laughed. "Like they'd ever dare, I'm the best player they have. Without me they'd die out there."

"Yeah, maybe if you even passed all your classes they'd keep you for sure." Allen commented smiling.

Van smacked his head. "Hey, who told you about that?" He asked frowning.

"Yo, watch the hair!" Allen said pulling his hair away from his friends reach. "It really ain't that hard to tell when you've failed another test. You always storm around yelling at 'all the little people'."

Van, still frowning, stuck his head up in the air arrogantly. "Where's Dilandau been anyway? Haven't seen him in a week."

Allen shrugged. "Dunno, maybe he's been cutting some more classes."

"I doubt it, there's nothing else to do out there. At least in school it's never a boring day."

Allen glanced up at a clock on the school building. "Well, I gotta go soon. I'll see you later or tomorrow I guess. I'll be busy tonight."

"You got another date?" Van asked surprised.

"Nah, my sister's coming home today. Celena, I told you a bit about her. She goes to a private all girls' school. Haven't seen her for a few months."

"Alright, I'll see ya then."


"Hey mom! I'm home!" Allen called closing the front door behind him and looking around.

Suddenly a head of light colored hair shot to the doorway and almost toppled on the floor along with Allen.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you brother!" Celena Schezar said looking up at her brother and letting him go from the hug she had been crushing him with.

"I've missed you too Celena, looks like you got taller since last time." He joked lightly.

Celena playfully glared. Allen looked down at his sister and smiled warmly.

Celena Schezar was a sixteen old sophomore in an all girls' private school. Her hair was a bit past her shoulders and was a very light blonde so it almost looked a white cream color. Her eyes were a light blue and compared to her brother's ocean blue hers resembled the sky.

"When did you get home?" Allen asked leading them to the living room where he dropped his book bag on the floor.

Celena paced around looking at the little new things in the room. "Mom just picked me up." She said nonchalantly.

Allen plopped himself down on a couch. "How long can you stay this time?"

Celena frowned looking at a picture frame. "I have about a week and a half off." She said thoughtfully. "Might be longer though." Celena murmured to herself so Allen couldn't hear.

"So what do you wanna do first? Going around the town or anything?" Allen asked again.

"Nah, I think I'll clean up my room some, haven't been in it for so long it feels like a guest room." She turned back to him smiling.

Celena walked upstairs with a thoughtful expression on. Allen shrugged it off and went to eat something.

'Should I?' Celena thought biting her lip and sitting down on her bed. 'Yeah, it's right. Mom and dad will be ok with it but I'm not sure about Allen. It's like he thinks I'm safe there and he won't need to worry about me.'

She made a decision and suddenly stood up.

'All I need to work on is how I want to tell them. It should be soon before they prepare to ship me back early.'


"Excuse me, Miss Aston?" A voice called making a young woman turn to look up at the committee leader.

"Yes Miss Ashida?" The girl asked politely. A few other female members turned to look at her in envy.

"Can you please take care of this meeting today? I have been called to the office." The teacher said smiling at her student.

"Of course Miss Ashida. I will make sure to hand out the notes as well. Good luck with your meeting." The girl said seeing the teacher leave the room.

The girl gracefully stood up and walked to the front of the class. "Ok everyone I am sure that you've already read about the events coming up and you all know of the budget problems the school is having…" The girl's soft voice went on, everyone listening attentively.

This was the life of Millerna Aston. She had beautiful light blonde hair that went to her waist and was usually left out to show. Her eyes a light lavender color and her face making all the guys melt. A junior at Gaea high school, and seventeen years old, though by the way she acted people could mistake her for a business worker. Such was the life burdened when someone decided to grow up too fast.

Everyone thought of her as 'the perfect student', very 'ladylike' and with 'excellent manners'. She received some of the highest grades in all her classes. She was also very popular with the students as well as teachers with her beautiful looks and charm. Boys thought her a graceful swan and longed to go out with her, none asked though in fear of being turned down. All girls envied her and admired her to no end. No one could find a fault anywhere, not that they ever looked for any.

After an hour more of the after school committee meeting it ended and people began to leave after asking Millerna some more questions to clarify things.

"You're so pretty Millerna." A girl said talking with her.

"Thank you, but I'm really not anything special." Millerna said smiling and being modest.

"Millerna, you're so smart and nice." Another girl said gushing over her.

Millerna continued to accept their words still being slightly modest. After a few more minutes Millerna excused herself and said she needed to get home.

With her posture still intact the blonde walked away leaving the girls there to admire over their role model. Millerna's walk home was only a few short blocks.

As soon as she shut the front door a sigh came from her lips. And she put a hand to her head.

"Dammit, why are the days so long?" She groaned. Millerna promptly ran up to her room and changed out of her skirt and dress shirt from school and into a pair of sweats and tanktop. She dropped her bag and books on the bed.

Then Millerna walked downstairs and proceeded to dig through the fridge for a piece of cake.

"Aha! I knew Mom left me one! Thank kami-sama." She sighed and closed the fridge with her hips still holding a plate and spoon.

This is the real Millerna Aston. The girl that everyone at school adored was all a lie. She only did those things so she could have the perfect life but even the toughest shields need to be let down sometime.

Millerna really was a good person with a nice personality but since she was little her parents had filled her head with how proud they were of her. So to keep up their hopes and wishes she did the best she could in everything to make them happy. And before she knew it everyone had started staying she was 'Princess-Prefect Millerna' since middle school. The name stayed, she never worked less hard than any other day.

She never complained and whined, outside her home anyway. Her posture was perfect. Her looks and charm were great. She got along with everyone no matter what and worked hard at everything, from academics to sports, clubs and committees.

But trying to be 'perfect' isn't always so great. It is tiring with all the studying for classes and tests and practicing walking right and manners. To make things easier on herself she became a completely different person at home, her real self.

Millerna right now was sitting down in a kitchen chair and staring at the TV screen in front of her. "C'mon you stupid- no, not that one!" She yelled at the unfortunate person on a game show. "Son of a bitch." She cursed silently turning off the TV and getting up.

Even her vocabulary widened… to the 'unladylike words'.

She dumped the empty plate and spoon into the sink to wash later and walked out the kitchen to go upstairs. When she got upstairs Millerna grabbed a hair band and tied her hair into a ponytail.

"Now to start my homework." She said to herself and started filtering through a binder while kneeling down on the floor near her bed.

"Why couldn't that bastard be absent today? He just had to give us three pages to do didn't he?" Millerna groaned out loud.


The sound of someone laughing like a maniac would have made heads turn if the person wasn't in a secluded place, supposedly by himself. A head of silver hair bobbed up and down in laughter. His red eyes shone with delight and giddy joy.

With a lighter in hand, so typical, Dilandau Albatou turned around to face crowd of people who had surrounded him.

"Not laughing so much now are we, pyro?" A menacing voice said to the said person with a lighter in hand.

Dilandau quickly shoved the lighter in a pocket in his jacket and smirked thoughtfully.

"Ah, I think I remember you. Consider that a compliment because I usually don't take time to store the names and faces of my enemies for further reference." The silver headed boy said.

After ten minutes Dilandau left the alley he had been in with his hands in his jacket pockets.

"Note to self, make better enemies." He said to himself.

Dilandau Albatou, a sophomore in high school and one of the most hot and dangerous guys there. His silver hair and ruby red eyes were rare and making him appeal to many girls as 'the dangerous biker type that parents warned them about'. Besides that he had an insane obsession with fire and since the age of three loved to set things on fire. Now though, having gotten older he knew that he couldn't just light anything… some weren't as flammable as others.

He attended Gaea high school (occasionally) and was a sophomore, sixteen years old. Dilandau was mostly a person who doesn't have real, stable, always there company but sometimes hung out with Van Fanel and Allen Schezar who were the only two he deemed worthy enough to be seen with. He wasn't really friends with them but didn't mean he didn't dislike them completely.

Most people knew to stay out of Dilandau's way, especially when he was mad. Some guys even thought he was crazy and should be sent to an asylum, but quickly changed their minds when Dilandau heard them.

Dilandau sighed. "Now where to go?"


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