Disclaimer: I don't own any Charmed characters. They are the creation of Constance M. Burge.

Paige Matthews was walking home from work on a warm evening, when she happened to glance into an alley. She noticed something strange in the ground that she'd never seen before. There was a golden handle sticking straight out of the ground. She walked over to the handle and pulled it, ready to orb out if she needed to. The handle was really heavy, and she tugged on it harder. Suddenly, it gave and she fell onto her butt with a surprised "oof!" She recovered quickly and climbed down the staircase inside. Inside the hole there was a maze of tunnels, filled with furniture, like somebody was living there. She heard a shuffling noise ahead in the tunnels, like someone(or something, she was a Charmed One after all) was running away. Paige followed, still ready to orb out if necessary. "Hey! Wait!" She cried out to whatever was there. The footsteps ahead of her seemed to stop and she started to run in the direction she had last heard the footsteps. She came to the last room in the tunnels and saw a person huddled in a corner. She went up to the person and said, "Hey, who are you? Why are you down here?" The woman turned around slowly and Paige gasped as she saw a face she recognised, from pictures everywhere throughout the Halliwell manor.


Hey guys! Just a short chapter to start off with. This is my first fanfic, so please no flames. Tell me if you think I should carry on with it.