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One of the Elders smiled at Prue and answered her question. "Yes, we'll go now. I'm sure that Leo has sensed you and your sisters will be curious." The Elders, Prue, and Paige huddled together and orbed into the foyer at the Manor. Prue ran into the living room, where she found Phoebe and Leo kneeling over Piper's unconscious body. Leo just finished healing her when Prue ran in. Phoebe stood up, astounded. "Prue?" Prue hugged Phoebe and replied with, "It's me, Phoebe." Piper ran over to them and joined the hug.

"Oh, we've missed you so much." "I know." Prue smiled softly at Piper. Just then, Paige walked in, feeling a little left out, watching the original Charmed Ones. "Paige, honey, come here! Join in our love fest!" Phoebe welcomed Paige in. She walked over to them and joined in. "Prue, where have you been? Oh, we missed you!" Piper and Phoebe were full of questions for their big sister. Before Prue got a chance to answer, the Elders stepped into the room and one of them said, "Now, we need to get down to business. Ther is a demon to vanquish, and we need the Power Of Four. He is very powerful." Piper and Phoebe looked at the Elders and said, "What's the Power Of Four?" Prue looked at the Elders and said, "Can't we just have one night? Just one night to catch up and not have to worry about demon hunting?" "We have put a protection spell around the house, but I don't know how long it will last. We will give you one night." The Elders backed away and orbed out. Piper whipped up a few treats and laid them out on the coffee table. The 4 Charmed Ones sat down with blankets and pillows and began to catch up.

Prue told Piper and Phoebe the whole story., including the fact that Abracanon was out to get her and could strike at any moment. Piper was horrified by the sudden realization that her big sister could be taken from her again, in an instant. "Well, let's make the most of tonight. We'll need to get down to business tomorrow." Piper laid her head in Prue's lap and the four sisters laid there all night, just feeling close.

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