Warning: Male Pregnancy Fic. No making out, no kissing, no nothing even vaguely explicit, but if the idea of male pregnancy grosses you out then for the love of god, go find another fic that won't offend your sensibilities. This is definitely not for you.

Fic summary: With the onset of labour, Legolas can no longer remain in denial about his pregnancy. RoTK, post coronation but before Faramir marries Eowyn. Movieverse, cos bookleggy isn't so fun to toy around with. He'll kill me before I even *think* about messing with him. Movieleggy is much MUCH more fun to bully...

Also starring Faramir & Eowyn, with some reminders of Boromir thrown in.

// ... \\ indicates a person's thoughts.




Chapter 1

Legolas bit his lower lip. How long since the pains... //No, it's just a stomach upset\\, he told himself firmly, even though he knew it wasn't. //Only a stomach upset. Nothing more.\\ Looking down at the fine spread before him, he felt what was left of his appetite vaporise. He wasn't hungry. No, he wasn't hungry at all.

Fear gnawed at his heart, but still he refused to let his mind so much as pause to acknowledge its cause. Instead, he reached out for his goblet and downed the remainder of its contents in one huge gulp, hoping against hope that the cool sweet wine would drown the apprehension that sat like a stone in his chest. It didn't work. Anxiety was getting the better of him. His hands were still shaking.

Taking a deep breath, he wrenched himself back under control, and wilfully projecting a false appearance of outward calm, he forced himself to take a few bites of freshly baked bread. At one end of the table sat the King of Gondor, and at the other, his Queen. To his right was Gimli, and Elrond was to his left. But though he was surrounded by his companions, Legolas had never felt so suffocated. They knew him so well, so intimately, that the slightest blunder on his part would give the game away.

And everybody would know.

Another wave of pain swept through him, mild, though dreaded enough to make him blanch white. //Oh, help me Elbereth! What am I to do?\\ he thought, tottering on the verge of panic as his fears once more threatened to overcome him. Taking a shaky breath, Legolas passed his fingers over his eyes in obvious distress.

The silence was deafening. All chatter at the table ceased, and Legolas could feel their eyes boring into him. No doubt they were worried. No doubt he had be behaving queerly these past... how long had it been? But no, Legolas refused to let his mind wander down that route. No. Even though their intentions were good, they were unwelcome. Heartily unwelcome.

Reaching for his napkin, Legolas dabbed at his mouth and stood up, mumbling something about a headache and fled, not caring that it was against the etiquette. All he wanted was to get away from those relentless eyes. All he wanted was to be alone.

Back in his chamber, he tumbled thankfully into bed, but not before he had safely bolted the door against the rest of the world. Now that he was alone, he could relax. He could breathe freely once again. No more pretence. No more pretence, alone in his chamber. Here he could drop his act.

Except that he didn't, did he? Even in his most private of spaces he refused to acknowledge it, preferring to wallow instead in the bitter bliss of denial. All unbidden, he felt his hand move to rest on his stomach. He wasn't large the way most women grew, thank goodness for that. And thank goodness for the elven robes as well. So although he had no doubt whatsoever that most of his friends suspected something was bothering him, it was unlikely that they had guessed what is was. He had kept it secret.

Up till now.

Legolas bit down hard as wave after wave swept over him, each one slowly getting more intense. //NO!\\ he screamed in his head and buried his face into the pillows. //No, this is NOT happening to me! No. NO!\\

Not for the first time, he felt the tears of helplessness rise but this time he did not try to fight them. Let them come. Let him cry. He didn't care anymore. Abandoning himself to the moment, Legolas wept with abandon. Why was this happening to him? Why? Why! What had he done to deserve this? How. Yea gods, and HOW?! He wasn't a woman, for goodness sake. How could this be? This couldn't be. It was a bad dream. Just a bad dream. Yes, that's it. This was just a bad dream, and anytime now he would wake up. He would wake up. He would wake up.

//Elbereth, please let me wake up.\\



Whoopee! Look! Finally, a fic by fazy which does *not* revolve around sex! Haha. Well, if you exclude the YGO songfics and the short spoofy one about the durian tree. =D But yup, this is a non-explicit fic. A totally safe read, if you exclude the male pregnancy bit. *evil grin*. Later on, we'll have a little bit of Faramir/ Eowyn, but as I said, nothing explicit. At the most they'll share a kiss or two. And since I'm a Boromir freak, we'll have Faramir remembering his big brother Boromir. ;P

Short chapters all the way. At least, that's what I'm predicting. Actually a chapter break would be more like a large paragraph break, but ff.net doesn't do double line breaks so there! =D

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