28th December 2003
Well my life has taken a twist. First off the Christmas party was a
complete disaster! Who knew Max was allergic to nuts. Kai and me spent 7
hours in the emergency room while the doctors were sorting him out. Kai
said look Hilary it's not your entire fault. What did he mean by that? Not
my entire fault. I didn't make the cake I bought it! Tyson won't shut up.
So I threw the nearest blunt object at his head. Unfortunately it was my
new diary, so the cover has a dent in it now. I told them I just pray the
New Year will mean a change in my other wise difficult life. Ray said he
didn't know what I was talking about.
Well here are the gifts I got:
Ray-Red beaded necklace
Max-A cute teddy
Kenny-A digital watch
Kai-This diary
Tyson-An empty box that once contained chocolate
I am sleeping over at Tyson's with everyone. My older sister and brother
came home for Christmas. My brother is Ok, but my sister. She is such a
prissy perfect popular princess! My mum loves her. Me and my brother just
put up with her. That is why I am sleeping at Tyson's, I will kill my
sister if she says one more thing about me needing to change my looks and
my friends. I will be glad when she goes tomorrow. Kenny said some thing
about some of their friends from the world championships coming to visit.
Great just what I need, nothing but beyblade for weeks!