10th January 2005

I've been Robert's wife for ten days and I'm loving every second of it. The wedding was all that I dreamed and more. I felt like a princess! The wedding service was like most but it felt so special to be part of it. Usually with weddings I am really bored but it just seemed to fly by until the vows. I couldn't decide of a maid of honour so both Miriam and Selma were maids of honour. I also had my adorable twin cousins as bridesmaids. They were so cute in the cream dresses and their little baskets of flowers. Robert also had trouble with decisions; he couldn't choose a best man so he had Johnny, Oliver and Enrique as his best men. The reception was great, we had a massive banquet. We received loads of wedding gifts. My mother gave me a beautiful jade necklace that was to be given to the child who is married first. It depicts our family symbol a crane in a pond surrounded by louts flowers.

When it came to best man speech Johnny took the weight

''Well I could say a few words about Robert but that would be cruel. Of course its his wedding day so it tradition. As a child Robert was much like he is today, snobby, rude and above all irritating but that's debatable. This really isn't much of a speech but an advisory, take care of each other, love one another and never feel the need for change in the other. So ladies and gentlemen I give you the bride and groom and hopefully knowing Robert we will be, we'll be wetting the baby's head in a few years. Anyway, to the bride and groom''

Then it was my turn for a speech ''I'd like to thank everyone for being here on the most special day of my life. And I don't have much to say but the words of my grandfather, when two people truly believe they belong together then they do belong together and to each other. I now truly know what those words mean and today looking at all of you here as I stand beside my husband I know that this moment belongs to me, Robert and all of you here right now. Thank you and I wish you the best with all my heart''

After everyone minus Tyson had finished eating, Kai, Ray, Max and Kenny came to congratulate me. Kai said I'm still part of the team even though I now live far away. Eventually when everyone left me and Robert went upstairs to our bridal bed. He insisted I kept my eyes shut when he opened the door. When I looked I was amazed, the room was like a fairytale bedroom fit for a princess. He even carried me over the threshold and carefully laid me on the bed.

When they say you'll never forget your wedding night they're not kidding! Robert really showed me how much he loves me that night.

Our honeymoon is amazing; we are at my family's secret privet hot baths and spa. I know I truly want to spend the rest of my life with Robert.

Well that's the last chapter of 'Dear diary'; I may do a sequel a few years into the future.