It was silent in the forest of Temerah. A middle-aged woman sat on her horse and looked at her guide. A dark-haired man held her chains, while looking to the stars above them.

"What's wrong? Can't find the way out of this forest yourself?" she said with a sarcastic smile "Silence." The man replied, while glaring over at her, "I can't think while someone is bothering me." "Ah, so you do have brains? I thought you were too stupid to think." "Will you stop? I could also just tie you to a tree and leave!"

It was silent again.

"You know, we could have a nice conversation." she said, to break the painful silence. "About what?" "Well, tell me about your past. I know the pasts of your friends, but I never heard anything about you." "My past is none of your business." "Are you telling me, Angus, that you have always been a thieve? You don't know anything of your past yourself, now, do you? Don't you know who your parents are? How you became an orphan?" Angus looked straight foreward. "Or are you the child of the devil himself?" Maeve said. Angus seemed to pop out of his trance-like state. "WHAT did you say?!" He looked steaming mad. His face was red of anger and the vains on his forehead were clearly visible. ".I shouldn't have said that, sorry." the woman said, looking to the ground. Angus was surprised by her respond. Maeve was a stubborn woman, and wouldn't just give up. "Thus." she whispered, so Angus could barely hear her, ".I have to find out for MYSELF!"

A bright blue thunderbolt hit the stunned man in the back.

He was a young child again, about six years old. A brown-haired woman with amazingly blue eyes was holding him tightly, while there were soldiers surrounding them. "Please don't hurt him." she begged, "Please, why can't you accept him the way he is?" "That thing is a gargoyle, a monster." one of the soldiers replied, while grabbing the boy's arm, pulling him away from his mother. He tried to scream, but the only sound that came out of his mouth was a sound only a devil could make. Scared by his voice, he covered his mouth with his hands. A soldier pulled something away from Angus' back. He looked behind him and saw black wings, like the ones of a bat, growing out of his body. Another soldier raised a sword above his head. The woman screamed, and after a few seconds he felt a terrible pain in his back. It felt like someone had crushed his shoulder blades with a heavy object. The last thing he saw was blood, and he fainted.

.When he woke up, he was in a cage together with his mother. He looked behind him and saw that the wings were gone. "My beloved child." the woman whispered. Her eyes were staring through the sky. Angus wanted to reply, but the thought of the devilish sound made him not to. "My baby." she said, looking down on him, "Soon, I am going to our creator, never to you understand?" The boy looked down, off course he knew what she meant. But why? It was almost like him mother had read his mind. "People think I am a follower of the dark. They think that I am a witch, therefor they are going to." She looked the other way, like she was ashamed of herself. "Listen, when I am gone, the king will let you go. I want you to go to Kells.but first." She touched her throath with her hand. ".I will give you the ability to speak." The hand moved from her throath to his. He felt something glowing, tickling, and he started to cough. She caressed him, until there entered a soldier in their cell. "It is time." he said. The young mother left her child alone in the cell, and after a few minutes, Angus saw a red glow through the window above him. ".Mother."

In a flash, he wasn't in the cell any more. Instead, he was lying on the ground in the dark forest. He looked around him, but the only thing he saw was his horse. "She has escaped." he thought.

He stood up and walked to his horse, while all of the sudden a jolt of pain went through his back again. "I need to find Cahath" He turned back to Kells, and forgot to find Maeve.there were more important things to do.