Elizabeth Turner?

AN: This is just a little fic about why Elizabeth used Will's last name for her own when she was talking to Barbossa. Total fluff. It's very short and I hope you guys like it. It's my first Pirates of the Caribbean fic, hope you like it. Flames are okay, just constructive criticism only. Again, enjoy!

Here it is:

William Turner turned to his beautiful new wife and asked a question that he had been wondering about for a while since their adventure with Jack Sparrow, excuse me, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow and Barbossa. "Darling, why did you use my last name for yours when you were with Barbossa?" Elizabeth smiled up at him and snuggled closer to him on the bed that they were laying on.

"Well, here's how it went."


The Captain was asking her, her name. *My name?*

"Elizabeth…" *Not Swann, don't tell him Swann.* She cast around in her mind for a name that she could use instead of her own. Her thoughts landed on a man who was always in them. His messy brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. William Turner. "Turner. My name is Elizabeth Turner." *Elizabeth Turner, sounds nice. I like it.* Despite her obvious peril, she smiled to herself, playing with the thought of being Will Turner's wife.

"Well, Miss Turner, what is it that you want with us?" She smiled to herself again, realizing that she could very well get used to being addressed as Will's wife. She wondered what Will would think if he knew that she was using his name. Little did she know, soon she would realize that Will's reaction to her using his name was the least of her problems, although she did relish in the sound of it whenever anyone called her that.

*End Flashback*

Will smiled at the thought that even before he had confessed his love to her, she was thinking about being his wife. "Now is that what you want? To be a Turner?" he said playfully, running his fingers through her hair.

Elizabeth smiled at the tone of his voice. She snuggled even closer to him, smiling up at him. "More than anything." she answered his question and kissed him lovingly. They fell asleep like that, her snuggled against his chest and his arms protectively around her waist.


AN: Well, that was my first ever Pirates of the Carribean fanfic, so I hope you enjoy it. I've watched the movie 4 times in the past 2 days. I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being 12, I don't think I count as a *teen* fan girl, but I do love Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Well, enjoy! I love this pairing and I hope you review my story! Thank you! I'd appreciate it. Savvy?

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