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Autumn was sitting on the floor surrounded by her boys, and her family minus one Ronald and parents. Her siblings now knew that she had been raised on the streets, and that she, Draco, and Harry were close. They knew that Ronald was being a total prick, and that Virginia and Hermione were quickly assimilated into their tight nit group. Autumn was caught between the desire to hit every one of her brothers upside the head with something large and heavy, and being very glad they didn't fully understand what she had to do in the worst of times.

Autumn knew that Virginia understood that she had to prostitute herself out when she could find no other ways to get food. Her twin also understood that in the time the boys were with her, the three of them together were worth more than just her alone. Sometimes the payer wouldn't even join, they'd just pay to watch and sometimes even record. She didn't want anyone to know…because it seemed like a bad thing. Autumn only half understood that. It was just another way to get money for food. Apparently though, sex and those under a certain age didn't go together.

Autumn heard a door open, then a few minutes later the Floo fire start. She was wondering if anyone in her family would question this. It seemed that her family was the pessimist in the family. Autumn stood and grinned at the questioning looks she received. Just a moment later, their mother opened the kitchen door and announced dinner. She knew that her father would be uncomfortable. She knew from the dreams, and what her siblings had told her. The group trudged into the kitchen and Autumn immediately went to stand in front of their father, Virginia not far behind her. The Patriarch of the family said nothing, just studied his two daughters for a few breathless (for all) moments before kneeling down and gathering both girls into his arms. He didn't mutter like her mother, William, and Charlie had done, rather her father just cried. That, more than anything ever had, shocked and even frightened her a little. She even thought it odd when everyone ignored it and went on with dinner like she'd always been there.

Autumn noticed that her boys even felt that welcome. It was as if Autumn had never been gone, and Dragon and Shadow had always been her and Virginia's friends. She was glad her family wasn't fawning over her. That would have been very annoying. She was, however, annoyed slightly. She knew her mother wouldn't allow her and her boys to sleep together like they had (never missing even one night) for the past year.

Charlie Weasley watched his newly found little sister and her companions. He found it odd that they ate very little, but then again it made sense. He also carefully studied both Ginny and 'Tumn (as she would have been called.) He noticed the scar on 'Tumn's lip, and the hardness she seemed to permeate. Charlie also noticed, for the first time, that Ginny had that same sense, but to a lesser degree. He thought that made sense, as his little sisters shared dreams, but he wondered how he had never noticed it before. It wasn't new, Charlie looked back now, and realized that Ginny'd had that sense about her for a very long time. Charlie found himself wondering if he really did wish that this had never happened. Perhaps he liked his little sisters just the way they are.


Back at Hogwarts, Hermione was sitting in the library trying to get her Gryffindor and Slytherin bodyguards to see that the other house wasn't really that bad. The accusations had started when the Slytherin bodyguard had approached her, curious to see why the trio found her such a good friend. The Gryffindor, Oliver Wood, had immediately moved in to 'save' her. He'd accused Marcus Flint of being a Death Eater. Flint had returned with "So what? At least that would mean I've chosen something. Unlike Gryffindor's who never think before they rush into things."

Hermione had been quick to point out some of the things she'd learned about the Slytherins. Very few had any plans at all of joining the Death Eaters. Most saw and understood the mistake their parents had made, and had no wish to travel that road. Hermione very quickly took control of the situation, showing Flint exactly why the trio accepted the little brainiac.

"Oliver Wood I'll have you know that Very Few Slytherins are future Deatheaters – and Marcus is NOT one of them. Voldemort was a mistake the last generation made. Most of this generation has learned from those mistakes. The three of us will not leave this table until the both of you understand that Slytherins and Gryffindors are actually a pair of houses that would be exceptional allies and friends. We make much better friends than enemies." Hermione Sat down stubbornly and glared at her bodyguards. They would not leave this table until the two at least came to a truce.

The boys were reluctant, but Hermione started them off on a mutual interest – Quidditch. While the boys were getting to know each other – complete with arguing – Hermione was thinking. Thinking about the past semester and the mystery. She already knew that what Hagrid removed from the vault was the Philosopher's stone. She even knew that it was hidden here at the school under a series of guards. The first of which was Fluffy. Something was off though. Who was after the stone? It had to be a teacher… but who? Hermione was thinking, and then suddenly remembered something.


The quintet was leaving their first Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) class. Hermione had her nose buried in the text, but looked up to see Autumn shivering. "What's wrong Autumn?" As soon as she pointed it out, the others noticed as well.

"Yeah Autumn…" Harry asked, slipping an arm around her waist as Draco claimed her shoulders. The quintet was walking towards the great hall at a leisurely pace. Autumn glanced at her and Virginia.

"I don't like Professor Quirrel. He's a worm, a man who has to follow someone, and I don't think he follows Albus. But then who?" Draco hugged her tight.

"Would you like to got and talk to Dumbledore about him?" Virginia asked as they stopped in front of the doors to the Great Hall.

"Nah. We'll just keep an eye on him, is all." Autumn opened the doors and the "Gryfferins" (as people were starting to call them) made their way to the Slytherin table for lunch.

End Flashback

Hermione knew that Quirrel was a good suspect. She just needed more than suspicion. Was he the man that Hagrid was talking about? Her bodyguards were talking about some of their classes as Hermione remembered something else.


The quintet was quickly making their way out to Hagrid's hut on a Saturday morning. They had finally figured out who Nicolas Flemel was – Sort of anyway. Hermione still wanted to know more. They knew he and Dumbledore had worked on the Philosopher's stone together. Now they just wanted confirmation that it was that stone that the huge dog was hiding.

The group caught Hagrid outside of his hut, playing some sort of wind instrument. Virginia was the one who asked. "What in the world is there a cerebus (huge three headed dog) doing in the school?" Hagrid sat up straight in shock.

"How do you know about Fluffy?" Hagrid asked in alarm. It was Draco who responded.

"Its name is FLUFFY?" Autumn grinned and laughed. Hermione ignored her companions and asked the question.

"Why is Fluffy in the school? Why is there a trapped door under it, and what has all of this to do with the Philosopher's stone?" Hermione patiently waited for an answer. Hagrid looked quickly around and ushered the group inside.

" Do you remember your detention Harry, Draco? Do you remember what we found in the forest?" Hagrid spoke low. The boys nodded.

"You said that drinking unicorn blood would sustain a person, but only a sort of half life." Harry supplied. Hagrid nodded and looked out the window.

"If ye found the Philosopher's stone, then ye know what it does. Who would want to use it?" Hagrid was acting very nervous, constantly looking around and out the window.

"Voldemort could use it to return to full power." Draco nearly growled. "But the stone is guarded right?"

Hagrid skittered to the door and ushered them out. "Shouldn't have told ye this. Run along now."

The five of them left, but Autumn stopped. "Is there a way to get around Fluffy, Hagrid?" Hagrid didn't answer, but did glance down at the flute – like – instrument still in his hand. "Did you tell anyone else that all you had to do was play music? Anyone at all. Think Hagrid, it's very important." Hagrid shook is head then stopped.

"Well, there was that one fellow. The one who gave me sniff Norbert. It came up in our discussion on animals. Said most of the time you just had to know how to calm an animal down. Said take my Fluffy for example. Play 'im a bit of music and he falls right to sleep." Hagrid froze. "Shouldn't 'ave said that." And with that he closed the door.

End Flashback

Hermione sat straight up in her seat. Quirrel knew how to get past Fluffy. But there was some doubt still. Was it Quirrel? Or was it Snape? Snape was a possibility as well. Why would Snape have a scratch, except from Fluffy? The two boys were staring at her, waiting.

"We've got to go up to the owlery." Hermione took out a blank piece of parchment and quickly scribbled her findings on it. She'd send it to Autumn. She closed and sealed it and dashed out of the library. Her guards shared a glance and took off after her to the tune of the librarians scolding. It didn't take the three long to get to the owl tower, at the pace they were running. When they got there, Hermione was please to see that Hedwig was there. As soon as the snowy owl saw her, she flew to her. "Take this to Autumn, girl." Hedwig hooted and flew off. Hermione turned to Oliver and Marcus with a smile on her face. "Lets go to lunch." Hermione was suddenly glad that the four house tables were down to one during the winter hols. That made things a bit easier.


Autumn, Draco, and Harry woke with the sun the next morning. After everyone had fallen asleep, the boys had snuck into the girls room and crawled into bed with Autumn. Autumn, for a minute thought they were back in the alley, with the owl at their feet, because Hedwig stood with an envelope in her beak. Autumn closed her eyes and breathed in the air … definitely not the alley. That smell of dust and grime and blood that had permeated the air for years … didn't. Autumn gently woke her boys and pointed Harry to his bird. She didn't know when everyone would wake, so she moved them into the den to read what Hermione had sent.

Trio and twin,

Quirrel is the one after the stone, for moldywart. Remember the unicorns. Snape is a small possibility, but I doubt that. Q knows how to get past Fluffy. Don't know why he doesn't move. Still pieces missing. Still not fully certain its Q.


Autumn grinned. "Shadow, go wake up my sister. She needs to know." Harry nodded and moved quickly. Autumn looked at Draco, who had a curious look on his face. Like he was remembering something.


Draco and Harry hid under his newly acquired cloak and wandered the halls, restless. They were just turning the corner near the library when they heard Snape's voice. And another voice, Quirrel? They came into view and watched as an angry Snape ran a blubbering Quirrel up against a pillar. The Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher whimpered in fear as the Potions Master threatened him.

Draco sneered at the whimpering professor claimed innocence for something his godfather was accusing him of. He, personally, didn't like the man, and what was with the towel on his head? He and Harry had often asked each other that question in class, when they were supposed to be studying. It didn't sit right, and the boys agreed, something was off about
Q-Q-Q-Q-Quirrel. As it was, it was obvious to the boys that Severus knew something, and Quirrel knew what it was – and steadfastly refused to admit it, which was in odds with the man's character. It was moving away from Snape, that they discovered the Mirror of Erised, and both boys saw their loving parents.

End Flashback

Draco explained this memory as his counterpart woke Virginia. Autumn grinned gleefully, then stopped dead still as a rather odd thought struck her. Why should they care?


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