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*Authors Note*: This is my first Pirates Of The Caribbean fanfiction, however I have seen the movie many times and have done research into the things I will need to know to write this, so it should hopefully turn out good *ponders this*. Now, this really isn't a story for the fans of Will, seeing as he isn't present in this story with the exception of the prologue scene. After this it's really a Jack story and Elizabeth. Should be good for fans of the Jack and Elizabeth pairing. On with the fic (after the more detailed summary)

*Rating*: PG13 due to language and references to sex that may come in later chapters.

*Summary*: While the ship, 'Eloquence', is travelling from Jamaica to England it is sabotaged by a pirate ship. Among those killed in the attack were Elizabeth's father, husband, Will, and only child, Jack. Hearing of Elizabeth's misfortunes, Jack returns to Port Royal and offers her a place on the Pearl. However he is soon forced to harbour a secret from her and her new presence in his life forces him to face up to his past.


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Twisted Fairytales


'I'll see you, soon, darling,' Elizabeth smiled at her son, caressing his cheek, 'You keep an eye on your father and make sure he doesn't get up to any mischief,' she grinned.

The three year old giggled and kissed her cheek, 'Bye, Mammy.'

She hugged him tightly, 'Bye, sweetheart.'

'We'll be back again in no time,' the Governor placed his hands upon the child's shoulders when his mother released him.

'I do not understand why I can't come with you,' Elizabeth said quietly, as she got to her feet, 'I see no reason why I must remain here.'

'It seems that even the Governor cannot persuade this particular captain to allow a woman on board the Eloquence,' he replied to his daughter.

'We won't be away for long.' Will appeared to the delight of his son, who immediately grasped his arm, 'Two weeks at most.'

'Maybe we'll see pirates!' Jack broke into the adult's conversation, irritated at having been ignored.

'Oh, I should hope not!' the Governor laughed at his grandson's notion, 'Now, Jack, why don't we board the ship and leave your parents for a moment.'

The young boy reluctantly went into the arms of his grandfather and allowed him to carry him towards the ship. He looked over his shoulder and gave his mother a last wave, to which she responded by waving back at him.

'He's so innocent,' Elizabeth spoke quietly as her father stepped onto the deck.

Will reached up and caressed her face, 'I love you.' Her eyes flicked from the ship to the face of her husband. The man she had married only a few months after their return to Port Royal four years ago, after their adventure. Their only adventure. The last four years had been monotonous, nothing really to look forward to since the birth of their child. Of course, she loved him immensely, more than she could put into words. But she couldn't help but feel that they deserved more than this life. Little Jack, who had been named after the passionate, daring pirate who had shown them what their world could be, had told her of the freedom he would claim once regaining his ship.

She envied him. He had the freedom she craved, not once had he returned to Port Royal since that day four years ago. Yet, she had received the occasional letter from him but was never able to return the gesture, as she had no idea where he was. Each letter told her of his recent exploits, the last one she had received was two months ago, which made it clear to her that he was somewhere in Europe.

'Elizabeth?' Will broke into her thoughts, causing her to snap back to reality.

'Oh, I'm sorry,' she apologised, then gave him a forced smile, 'I love you too.' He smiled and her and leaned in to kiss her. She responded half- heartedly, her thoughts still remaining on Jack Sparrow.

'I'll see you soon,' Will spoke again, as he took a step back.

She smiled again and nodded, 'Make sure Jack isn't let unsupervised on the deck. '

Her husband just smiled and made his way onto the ship, leaving her alone on the dock, contemplating the life she was living and how different it would have been had they gone with Jack aboard the Black Pearl.