Twisted Fairytales

Chapter 22 (final chapter) –

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The next eleven days past. Too fast for Jack. Not fast enough for Elizabeth. He'd racked the oars after their conversation over a week before, wanting to take as long as possible to reach England without making it too obvious to the crew, who were eager to reach their destination. Ellie, although was on deck with him most of the day, didn't speak with him. She spoke with Ana, Gibbs and Harold Kursar, but never him. He'd never even caught her looking at him.

England's coast was in his sights now. The crew had cheered. He had despaired.

Jack walked from the helm, swaggering more than usual as he made his way down the few steps. He stopped at the side of the ship and rested his elbows on the side. A few moments later, Ana was at his side. There was silence between them for a short while until she spoke.

'Ye know what yer gonna do?'

Jack sighed and straightened, turning to her, 'What?'

'Jack…ye can't keep 'er here, ye know that,' Ana spoke, quietly so the crew couldn't overhear, 'I know it must be hard for ye…'

'Ye know nothing 'bout it, Ana,' Jack interrupted her, irritated at her interference, 'she…we can't just leave her in England alone…'

'She has family there, she told ye herself.'

Jack barely managed to contain his anger that she and Ellie had been discussing the situation. He didn't need his crew turning against him. He wanted her here. That was all there was to it. He was a pirate. He takes what he can and gets what he wants. Other than this ship, there was nothing he'd ever wanted more.

'Look, Jack,' Ana continued, 'ye can't keep her captive 'ere. She's gonna leave whether ye like it or not. Maybe ye should try and part on …better terms than this.'

He stared at her for a moment. She was right; he couldn't force her to stay. But he wanted her to want to stay. He wanted her to think of this as her place. With him. He wanted her to be with him. But it could never happen if she wanted to leave. He couldn't force her to love him. His eyes drifted to his quarters, where he was certain Ellie would be preparing to leave.

He looked back at Ana for a moment, before he walked by her, making his way back to the helm. Within the next half hour, they'd be at the shore.


Elizabeth zipped her carpetbag, satisfied that she had the few items she had brought with her. It was lighter than she had thought it to be, but nothing else belonged to her within the cabin and she doubted any of her belongs would be anywhere else on the ship. She dropped the bag onto the floorboards and made her way over to the table, where her glass of water was. She took a drink of it, leaning back against the table and looked around the cabin she had lived in the past couple months. 

She looked down at her feet, tracing the floorboards with the toe of her boot. She startled, surprised, as the ship jerked and came to a sudden stop. Excitement and nervousness passed through her when she realised they'd reached the coast. She put her glass back on the table and walked back over to the bag, lifting it from the floor. She opened it and rummaged through it again. A last minute check to see she had everything.

When she was satisfied, she turned and made her way onto the deck.


Jack's eyes flew to the door of his cabin as it was pulled open. As he'd expected, Ellie stood there, the same carpetbag she had brought with her two months ago held tightly in her hand. Her eyes met with his and they both looked at each other. He didn't know how long they just stood there, staring at each other. Both refusing to back down. Neither of them wanting to give in.

Ellie walked out the cabin, pulling the door shut behind her and walked over to the side of the deck, dropping her bag down at her feet. She leaned her elbows on the side of the ship, resting her chin on her hands. Jack hesitated, his eyes on her back for a moment. His stomach wretched. This was the last time he'd see her. These where their last moments before she left.

He slowly walked over to her, as the crew began to lower a rowboat into the water. He stopped beside her, leaning on his side against the side of the ship, his eyes resting on her. Ellie shifted uncomfortably under his gaze then spoke, firmly.

'You can't stop me, Jack.'

A silence followed, making her unsure if he was going to answer.

'I know,' his voice was soft, as if he'd only just realised himself.

She looked at him, surprised.

He held eye contact for a moment, before he lowered his eyes, 'I know…when ye care for someone…ye let 'em go.'

Ellie's stomach seemed to jerk at his words and tears pricked at her eyes. That was definitely the last thing she'd ever expected to hear from Captain Jack Sparrow. He was letting her go. Giving her the way out. Those few words made her doubt her decision. Made her want to forget. Made her want to stay.

Could she stay? Could they forget everything that had happened? Will? Her son? That fateful day?

She swallowed hard, her answer came fast.


Their feelings for each other were tainted now. She could never be at peace loving him knowing what had happened. Knowing what he did.

Jack's eyes rose back to hers. His hand gently brushed against hers, before falling back to his side. He looked at her, sadness, guilt and hope all present in his eyes. False hope. She bit her lip, lowering her eyes. A few seconds later, Jack took a step away from her and turned, going below deck.

Elizabeth watched after him for a moment, until she heard Ana's voice behind her. The boat was ready. A few of the crew were already on their way down, eager to get to the streets. She looked back at where Jack had just gone, then leaned down, grasping her bag, and made her way over to Anamaria. She smiled at her, then looked over the edge. Harold Kursar waved up at her and signalled her to throw her bag down. She did so, then grasped the rope.


False hopes. False relationship. A cruel life that had suddenly began to victimise Jack for the past few months. If the was a God, he definitely had a cruel sense of humour.   

Jack returned to the deck, a bottle of rum in his hand. Few of his crew where still there. Only seven of them. Ellie had gone. He slowly walked over to the side of the ship. The rowboat wasn't that far from the ship. He could immediately make on Ellie, sitting on the boat, not saying a word. Anamaria sat beside her, speaking to her, but Ellie didn't seem to hear her. After a few seconds, her eyes raised to his. He looked back at her. The last time he would. She continued to look at him for a moment, before she dropped her eyes and began rummaging in her bag for something that probably wasn't even there.

Jack turned from looking at her. He walked away and to his chambers. He pushed open the door and slammed it shut behind him, ignoring Gibbs' voice calling to him. He turned the key in the door and walked over to the table, dropping down onto the seat. He reached for the cork of the bottle and yanked it out with ease. He downed some of the liquid and slammed the bottle on the wooden table.

It wasn't the first time he'd lost someone he loved. It wasn't the first but it was just as bad. The mixture of feelings where almost overwhelming. Knowing that their last real conversations had been fights. The last time they had really spoken was Singapore. Weeks before. And now she was gone. He wouldn't see her again. He'd let her go. Lost her.

He downed more rum, as another question washed over him.

Could you lose something you never had?

The End


Authors note: Hate me? I know many of ye will after that! But don't worry, they will of course interact each other again in the sequel 'Broken Glass'.

Broken Glass – Summary - 'It's a curse. Not like the one yer already familiar with. Death comes t' all ye care about. But there's more t' the pendant than that. It controls ye. The one that took the pendant, that is. Best ye get all the folk ye care about on that ship o' yours, Capt'n.'

Jack's crew find themselves cursed. Elizabeth finds herself back on the Pearl. Sequel to 'Twisted Fairytales'. (J/E)

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