~Chapter 1~

"Where should I start?" I asked myself. I saw a young boy, about the age of 15 nearby the food shack. Looked like a good place to start. Or maybe I could get him on my side? Then I thought of a great plan. If I get half of these humans, I can start a kamikaze! They can fight against each other! What a great plan! I walked over to the boy. "Hello.", I said as I tapped the child to get his attention. "Um, hi ma'am. Who are you?" he replied. "Well... I am on a mission. I can tell you that much."

"What sort of a mission?" "To destroy the human race."

"A bit terrorizing, don't you think?" "I suppose it is. If you question why I am thinking of doing such a horrible thing, there is a reason." "Ok, but I have a different question. If you wiped out all humanity, wouldn't you be dead as well?" "Actually, no I would not. I am not human. I am robot. When I was a young child about your age, I had a small chip implanted in my brain. Nothing can hurt me."

"Prove it." I walked back to the kitchen in the Snack Shack and went near the stove. I turned a burner on, and waited for the flames to arise. It reminded me again of my genius plan. As the flames turned from a light blue to a deep, blood red, the boy walked by me and stood. He watched. He watched as if it was the only thing on this planet to look at. I stuck my forefinger straight through the flame as if it were nothing, not even existing. I slowly pulled my finger out of the flames, and showed the child. No wounds, not a small drop of blood. He opened his eyes in amazement. He then rubbed them, and looked again. He grabbed my finger and examined it very closely. "Wow. That's amazing! I can't believe what I'm seeing..." "Believe it, young one. So let me know, what is your name?" "My name? It's Maxallion. You can just call me Max. What is your name?" "Maxallion, computers don't have names. We have titles." "Then what is your title?" "T-4." "What is that supposed to mean? Is it like, some FBI agent name or something?" "No. It actually means Terminator 4. I am a terminator. My mission is to destroy humanity."

"Oh yeah. I remember. So why did you come to me?"

"I want you to be my sidekick. So you will not be hurt in this kamikaze I am planning, I want to place a chip in your brain." "So what's in it for me?" "Riches in silver, gold, diamonds, ores, gems, all sorts of things. Because there will be nothing to do with them here on Earth, we will go back to my home planet, Apilex. There, we will be the richest robots on the planet."

"Sounds good to me! I have to ask you one more thing. So people don't know our little secret, what shall I call you?" "Call me. well. Arendil." "Ok. So where are we going to get this chip in my brain?"

"In my lab. Come follow me."lood. He opened his eyes in amazement. lames, and showed the child. ven