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Summary: A wrong potion, and we go back in time, only to turn ourselves younger than before. However, what will Hermione Granger do, when she comes face-to-face with a 3 years old Harry Potter? H&H

Note: This is a very small chapter and, though it's written on the present tense, I hope you like it.

Potion Troubles I

"I can't believe he asked for us, to do a shrinking potion." Ron mumbles "I mean, why would we want to shrink something?"

"Ron, stop mumbling." Harry hisses, looking at his cauldron "Or we'll have Snape on our backs for the rest of the class."

"Shut it, you two." Hermione whispers, stiring her potion

"Hermione, what do I add now?" Harry asks and Hermione rolles her eyes:

"You don't add anything, you have to stir your potion 3 times. It will start having a dark red colour."

Harry's about to ask why it had to be 3 times, when Snape appeares and he had to start doing what the girl had said.

'One...two...' Harry thinks

"Mr Longbottom, what kind of potion is this?" Snape asks and Harry looks at their direction, without noticing he had already pass the 3 times "It should be red Longobottom, red. The colour of your team! Start all over again, and 10 points from Gryffindor." all the Gryffindors looked worried at Neville, who looked like he was ready to faint, while all the Slytherins had smiles on their faces. Snapes looks around until his eyes fall on Harry, that was still stiring his potion "Potter, how many times have yous stired your potion?"

Harry glups when he looks down, and sees that his potion was not dark red but lightly red:

"Hum...three times, professor." he asnwers, at the same time Hermione opens her eyes wide. Was that a good or a bad sign?

"Really, Mr Potter?" Snape asks, while he starts walking towards the student "Than why isn't your potion with the colour it should have?"

"I don't know, professor." Harry answers, while Hermione shooks her head and mumbles 'no'. Ok, that wasn't a good sign

"Let's test it, shall we?" the professor asks, with a evil look "On you." Hermione is about to open her mouth, when Snape continues "And if Miss Granger opens her mouth to say something, she'll get detention and Gryffindor will lose points." Harry sees Hermione bitting her lip, while Ron was giving a confused look to her "What are you waiting for, Mr Potter?" Harry looks at his professor, before grabbing a jar and put a bit of the potion inside it. However, when he's about to drink it, Harry stops and Snape raises his eyebrow "We're waiting, Potter."

After sharing a look with his best friends, Harry swallows hard and drinks the potion.

It was a strange sensation; the dungeon was cold, but he felt like he was on fire. He was feeling on the same way when he had drank the Polijuice Potion. However, before he could understand what was happening, he sees that everything seemed bigger and he was starting to feel frightened. And then, a strange feeling to start crying came to him and he couldn't fight it.

"What happened to him?" Ron asks, when he sees his 17 years old best friend shriking and shriking until a 3 years old Harry Potter was on his place, with larger robes covering him

"The potion make him younger!" Hermione exclaims, before running to Harry and hug him "Please Harry calm down, you'll be ok." she says, while the little Harry continued crying "Please Harry, everything's ok." Suddenly Harry stops crying and looks at Hermione, with his big green-emerald eyes, that were still hidden by the now huge glasses. Hermione can't help but feel bad when she sees those beautiful 'pools' full of tears "Everything's ok." she whispers

"Well, as everyone can see, Potter failed." Snape starts, and the Slytherin team starts laughing "20 points from Gryffindor and I ask for Miss Granger get out of my class, with Mr Potter, since this is not a place for children."

"Are you going to leave him, like that?" Ron asks, without containing himself

"The potion will desappear for itself." Snape starts "But I cannot be sure, if Potter will return to himself."

Hermione swallows hard, while she grabs her things and Harry's, still with little Harry on her arms. Then, she looks at Snape:

"How much time will this take?" she asks and Snape makes a small smile, that showed how much fun he was having with the situation:

"Like I said, I don't know. Maybe Potter will stay child, and grow up all over again." Ron and Hermione share a scared look, just like all the others Gryffindor students "Now, get out of my classes, I have things to do."

With some difficulty, Hermione puts her bag over her shoulder, secures Harry with her right arm and grabs Harry's things with her left, but she still leaves some things for Ron. Then, she gets out of the classroom:

"Now, what will I do?" she asks, looking at Harry's eyes

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