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Potion Troubles V

A cold air hit Hermione slowly, making her shiver at the sudden change of temperature. She pulled the sheets until they were almost covering her completely and she was about to do the same with Harry, when she noticed he wasn't there. Opening her eyes quickly, Hermione sat on the bed and started looking around the room.

"Harry?" she called "Harry!" Trying to stay calm, Hermione got up from the bed and noticed that, the reason for the cold air, was due to the fact the window was open. 'No, Ron wouldn't do that at...' she thought as she looked at the clock. "1 pm? Merlin, it's late!"

Hermione jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, hoping Harry would be inside.

"Harry, are you there?" she called, but she heard nothing. Harry wasn't anywhere to be found and Hermione was starting to panic.

'Calm down, he's ok.' Hermione dressed in the first clothes that appeared in front of her, without stopping her trail of thoughts. 'Maybe he's with Ron. Yeah, that's it. Ron took Harry on another ride since Harry loved that, and decided that was better to let me sleep.'

Without even looking at the mirror, Hermione stormed out of the room and, without knocking, entered the boy's dormitory.

"Hermione!" Dean Thomas yelled, as he hid behind his curtains. "What the hell are you doing here? If you came in a second sooner..."

"Where's Ron?" Hermione asked, not noticing that she almost caught Dean in a very embarrassing moment "Ron!"

"Whazzmaerr?" a sleepy voice asked and Hermione felt her breath stop in her throat. Looking at the end of the room, she saw a familiar red haired and ran towards him.

"Ron, please, tell me you have Harry," she said, panicking.

"Harry?" Ron asked, as he sat on his bed. "No, I haven't seen him since last night. Why?"

"Ron...," Hermione started to say as she took a deep breath. "Harry's gone."

"Oh, he'll...WHAT?" Ron asked, jumping from his bed. "What did you say?"

"Harry's gone," Hermione repeated, with her eyes tearing. "I woke up five minutes ago, and Harry wasn't in the room."

"Did you check the bathroom?" Ron asked, getting up and throwing on a pair of jogging pants over his boxers.

"Yes," Hermione answered, as she sat on Ron's bed. "Ron, what if something happened to him?"

"Don't say that," Ron started. "Harry's ok, you know him; always getting into trouble but always getting out of it."

"He's a child!" Hermione exclaimed, as she put her head between her hands. "Merlin, I'll never forgive myself if something happens to him."

"Hermione, everything will be ok," Ron said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Hermione nodded, and looked up.

"I'm going to look for him."

"And I'll go call McGonagall," Ron answered, giving her a small smile. "And don't panic, everything will be fine."

Nodding again, Hermione got up and started walking towards the door.

"Sorry Dean, I swear I didn't see a thing." she said and, with that, she was off.


Hermione had already looked in the Great Hall, in the Library, in all the classrooms and halls that were used by all the students, when she finally saw Ron with McGonagall and Dumbledore.

"Have you found him?" Hermione asked, hoping that they had some good news.

Ron shook his head and said,

"We looked everywhere, but we don't know where he is."

"This is my fault," Hermione whispered. "I should have been more careful."

"Miss Granger, there's no one to blame," Dumbledore started. "I'm sure Harry's ok. He is very independent, even as a child."

"But I was in charge of taking care of him, professor," Hermione said. Inside her stomach was turning with worry and her mind began to fathom all the things that could have happened to Harry. She pushed the thoughts aside and tried to think logically. "I'll never forgive myself, if something happens to him."

McGonagall tapped a finger on her chin.

"Have you looked everywhere?" she asked and both Ron and Hermione nodded.

"I looked in the Library, in the Great Hall and all the classrooms and halls that we usually use," Hermione said.

"And I went to Hagrid's, the lake and the kitchens," Ron finished.

Hermione couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Why do you think he would go to the kitchens?" she asked "That's your favorite place, not his."

"What about the Library?" Ron asked back. "What would a 3 year old child be doing there? He can't read!"

"Mr. Weasley...," McGonagall started, but Hermione continued.

"Well, I think it's more probable for him to be there than to be in the kitchens."

"Miss Granger, I be...," Dumbledore tried to say, but Ron interrupted him.

"If you want my opinion, I think Harry would prefer to be on the Quidditch Field than to be in the Library!"

Hermione opened her mouth to answer him, when she froze as a thought popped into her mind.

"The Quidditch Field!" she exclaimed and Ron looked at her, confused.

"What about the Quidditch Field?" the red haired boy asked and Hermione smacked him on the arm.

"Wake up Ron, what's Harry's favorite place?"

"Hum...the Quidditch Field?" Ron answered, tentatively and Hermione nodded.

"And which place haven't we checked yet?" she asked.

"The Quidditch Field?" Ron asked, nervously and Hermione nodded again.

"Exactly, c'mon!" and before anyone could stop her, Hermione started running down the hall.

"Hermione, wait up!" Ron exclaimed, before running after her.

McGonagall looked at Dumbledore.

"Should we follow them?"

"Certainly," the Headmaster answered, and both professors started walking behind the two enthusiastic students.


Hermione entered on the Quidditch Field and started looking around, calling Harry's name.

"Harry!" Hermione called, as Ron stopped behind her. "Harry, where are you?"

"Harry, c'mon mate, answer us!" Ron exclaimed.

"Harry!" Hermione yelled, getting more nervous by the second. "Stop playing!"

"Any luck?" McGonagall asked, appearing behind the two students with Dumbledore; both teens shook their heads.

"He hasn't answered our calls," Ron said and Hermione took a deep breath, as she felt her eyes tearing.

'This is all my fault.' she thought 'Merlin, I should have been more careful. He's a child, for Pete's sake! What kind of friend am I? If something bad happened to him I...'

Suddenly, a scary thought crossed her mind.

"What if he's on the Forbidden Forest?" she asked, voicing her fears.

"The Forbidden Forest?" Ron asked, raising his eyebrow.

Hermione nodded.

"He's a child; he doesn't know what's dangerous and what's safe."

"But, I doubt Harry would go in there," Ron said and Hermione shook her head in disagreement

"You know Harry always had that sense of adventure; and he's a child; everything makes him curious."

"I believe I have to agree with Miss Granger," Dumbledore said. "It's better to go and see if we can find Harry."

Hermione nodded but, when everyone started walking towards the exit of the field, she turned the opposite way.

"Harry!" she called, again "Please answer me!" 'Please Harry, answer me, please.'

"Hermione lets go," Ron said.

"Harry!" Hermione yelled, ignoring Ron. Tears were threatening to fall, but she didn't want them to. "Please, answer me!"

"C'mon, Hermione," Ron said, grabbing her arm. "Lets go and see if he's in another place."

Hermione looked at Ron, as a tear fell down her cheek. Nodding, Hermione wiped the tear and started walking after the two professors, with Ron besides her.

"Hey, why is everyone yelling?" a voice asked and everyone stopped in their tracks.

Slowly Hermione turned around, and gave a small scream when she saw a seventeen year old Harry in front of her with his red Quidditch uniform on, his broom in hand, and a smile plastered on his face.

"Harry?" she asked, her voice trembling.

"Hello Hermione," he said with a wide smile.

"Mate!" Ron exclaimed walking towards him, with Dumbledore and McGonagall behind him. Hermione was the only one that was stayed in the same place, as if she were glued to the ground.

"Hey Ron," Harry replied back enthusiastically, before giving an arm-hug to his friend.

"We missed you," Ron said. "And don't ever do this again; you scared us."

"Sorry," Harry said, but he stopped as Dumbledore and McGonagall looked at him.

"Welcome back, Mr. Potter," McGonagall said "It's good to see you have returned to your normal self."

"It's good to be back, professor," Harry answered honestly, grinning.

"It's good to have you back, Harry," Dumbledore said. "But I believe there's another person who is even happier you have returned to your old self." With that, he pointed to Hermione, who was looking at Harry with tears in her eyes.

Harry gave Ron his broom and started walking towards Hermione, passing through the two professors on the way.

Hermione couldn't walk, couldn't speak, couldn't do anything. What was the matter with her? Harry was walking towards her, with a strange look in his eyes, and she couldn't move.

'You're scared.' said a voice, on her mind. 'Shut it.' Hermione answered 'Why would I be scare?'. 'Ask your heart.' the voice replied but, when Hermione was about to answer, Harry stopped in front of her.

"Hermione, I'm sorry," he said, looking down.

Hermione couldn't do anything besides looking at him. Even at seventeen years old, Harry still looked like the three year old she had been taking care of.

"You scared me, to death," she managed to say, in a whisper. "I was scared something bad had happened to you."

Harry looked at her.

"Hermione, I'm sorry," he said, trying to look in her eyes but Hermione looked down. "I returned to normal in the morning, and I didn't want to wake you. You looked so happy when you were sleeping, that I didn't have the courage to disturb you."

Hermione closed her eyes, and Harry looked down making it impossible for the two teens to see Ron, Dumbledore and McGonagall walking out of the field.

Suddenly, Hermione gave a step forwards and hugged Harry with all her strength, while all the tears she had been holding started to fall. Harry hugged her back, almost crushing her to him.

"I was scared," Hermione mumbled into Harry's shoulder "Oh Harry, I was so scared!"

"Nothing happened; I'm ok," Harry told her, running his fingers through her hair, trying to soothe her.

Hermione hiccupped a few times, before taking a deep breath:

"Give me a reason, why I'm feeling so blue
Every time I close my eyes, all I see is you

Give me a reason, why I can't feel my heart

Every time you leave my sight, I just fall apart

And when you're fast asleep I wonder where you go

Can you tell me, I want to know

Because I miss you

And this is all I want to say

I guess I miss you beautiful

These three words have said it all

You know I miss you

I think about you when you're gone

I guess I miss you, nothing's wrong

I don't mean to carry on"

Harry hugged her closer to him, and closed his eyes. Even with her voice cracking, she sang in the most beautiful voice he had ever heard.

"Give me a reason, why I can't concentrate

The world is turning upside down, spinnin' round and round

Give me a reason, why I now understand

The beauty in simplicity, of everything surrounding me

You've got a way of spreading magic everywhere

Anywhere I go, I know you're always there

It sounds ridiculous, but when you leave a room

There's a part of me that just wants to follow you too"

Harry felt a few more tears falling close to his neck, and started rocking Hermione, slowly, so she could continue the song.

"Because I miss you

And this is all I want to say

I guess I miss you beautiful

These three words have said it all

You know I miss you

I think about you when you're gone

I guess I miss you, nothing's wrong

I don't mean to carry on

It's such a hard life most of the time, I'm just surviving

That's why I want you to know, in the world where sincerity's lost is meaning

You fill my world with so much hope..."

Hermione stopped singing, but when she tried to step backwards, Harry wouldn't let her go.

"I heard you," he whispered, against her ear.

Hermione stopped trying to get out of his arms, to wipe her tears, and raised her eyebrow.

"What?" she asked, with her voice trembling a bit.

"Last night...I heard you," answered Harry.

"It's good mister, since I was singing for you," Hermione answered, smiling through her tears. 'He can't be talk about what I think he's talking about. He was asleep.'

"I heard you sing, last night and...," he started to say as he stepped backwards and grabbed Hermione's hands, before looking at the girl's brown eyes. "I love you, too."

Hermione froze.

"What?" she asked, looking confused. "How can you love me?"

"Hermione, can you just believe in me?" Harry asked, squeezing her hands. "I love you, because you're the only girl in my heart. The only one that looked at me for who I am and not because I'm Harry Potter. The question isn't how can I love you, it's how can't I love you?"

Hermione looked at Harry's eyes and was swimming in the deepness that lied there. She saw the truth through his green orbs and knew everything was how it was suppose to be. She squealed and jumped right into his arms, giving him another bone-crushing hug.

"Oh Harry!" she exclaimed "I love you!"

"And, Hermione...," Harry continued, as she let him go. "Thank you. Thank you for looking out for me while I was a child. Thank you for stopping my nightmares. Thank you for singing and mostly…thank you….thank you for being you."

"I'll always look out for you, Harry," Hermione answered, tapping his nose with her finger. "And I'll always be with you."

"Good," Harry answered. "Now, can I kiss you?"

"I don't know...," Hermione said, approaching him. "What do you think?"

"I think I can," Harry whispered as he traced her jaw line with his index finger, giving Hermione a tingling sensation throughout her body. They stood face to face, both looking at each other intently.

And, for the first time in seven years, their lips meet in a sweet kiss, full of their feelings towards each other. The kiss was like bliss that made both Harry and Hermione's fears disappear into air, and replaced them with dreams and wishes.

When they finally broke the kiss, Harry put an arm around Hermione's waist and kissed her cheek.

"You know, I still want you to sing for me at night."

"Oh, I don't know." Hermione started, as they walked towards the castle. "I don't think I'm capable of entering the boy's dormitory since I almost saw Dean naked."

"What?" Harry asked shocked and Hermione started to giggle.

Everything was good….no everything was great!

The End

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