Heya people, ~*Chibi*~ is the name. ^_^

This is my first ever fanfic, and its a teen titan one, lets hope there are many more (better ones i hope!) to come! ^^

Its a story of Shock, Disbelief, Despair and realisation.

I dont own these characters (I wudnt b writing a fanfic if i did would i?!) Please r/r, i want to know thoughts!

Okay, here we go!

**************************************************************************** *********** Chapter one.

Raven woke up and looked up at her ceiling. It shone a strange shade of black in the half light. "What time is it?" she thought lazily pulling her clock towards her. The clocks red letters shone, 6.00. Great. She was early, as usual. She got up and walked over to the door, about to go into the bathroom to get ready, then go and read her books. Grabbing a towel she headed in the same direction, the same look as always was on her face. No emotions. She paused as she closed the door behind her. So what if she had no emotions. Maybe they were a potential weakness. She considered this as she cleaned her teeth. Wiping her mouth she looked at her face in the mirror. Her hair was dishevelled, she straightened it with her hand. Her face was pale and gothic as usual. She sighed again. Then standing up straight mentally shook herself. WHY DOES THAT MATTER??? an angry voice raged inside.

BOOM! the light above the sink exploded. "Erk," Rae groned as she turned on the bigger light. Damn her emotions. They were the biggest nuscience (sp?) in the world. Raven stepped into the shower silently, with silent thoughts, the way she liked it. Then finishing up, she dressed in her Teen titan outfit, as always. Doing up the belt buckle, she suddenly had an impulsion to pull up her hood. So she did. Then grabbing her towel strided back across to her room.

Closing the door, the darkness enveloped her and she suddenly wanted to open her window, strangely suffocated by not just her room but her thoughts. She glanced at her clock as she walked over the room. She picked it up. The red letters shone 7.00. She was surprised, as she opened the window to see the other titans outside, enjoying the early morning sunshine. Starfire was running around madly looking at flowers, her mouth gabbling away at Robin who was in her clutch as she darted around. "Star is odd." thought Rae smiling "but in a good way." Raven looked across at the dazed Robin, and nearly laughed. His face was a picture. He obviously wanted to scream at Star but Rae knew he didnt have the heart. He really loved Starfire with all his heart, but he didnt know how to tell her. "There" Raven said sharply to herself "is a perfect example of feelings getting in the way. And what a waste of Robin, hes....a good guy. And Star is good too." she grimaced. "Relationships. Pffft." Looking across she saw Cyborg. He was sitting on the grass, laughing at Robins problem. And on the floor next to him was...a...a... Raven squinted, then rolled her eyes under her hood. A Gameboy. Typical Cy. There was only one titan left to look at...but Rae was scared to look at him, the mood she was in. Nevertheless, there was the shapeshifter, in a cat form, creeping up on an unsuspecting butterfly. As Beast Boy pounced, the butterfly flew off, causing him to land on his nose. Raven had to stifle a chuckle. But then, as he turned back in to the green guy that she knew, she felt a flicker. Only a second, but the second it lasted it was bliss. It felt like a warm substance was bubbling inside Rae and was swirling into her brain. Fireworks felt like they were exploding. BOOM BOOM BOOM! Then there was a real BOOM as the alarm clock exploded in Ravens hand. She was so shocked she fell on the floor. Dusting herself of, she scooped up the broken clock and dropped it in the bin. Emotions, she thought, cost me a hell of a lot of money.

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