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Chapter fourteen - Confession, Reaction.

"I have something to tell you guys." (a/n: incase you forgot!! ^_^;)

Three of the four other titans looked up. Beast boy merely looked down at his shoes. He knew what she was going to say. Or at least he thought he did.

'She's going to tell them, *Just for the record, there is NOTHING going on between me and Beastboy so would you guys just drop it.*' he thought unhappily. 'Then maybe she'll storm into her room, slam the door and these three are gonna be like *Whats her deal, BB?*'

Raven looked at her shoes as well.

"Ummm, you guys can't laugh..." she began uncharacteristically, blushing. Beast boy looked up from his shoes, still silent, now wondering what was going on.

"Raven...are you...blushing?!?!" said Robin, in a mildy amused voice. She looked up at him. With that single glance he fell silent. The room was quiet for a few seconds after that. Raven was gathering her thoughts. The other titans, Beastboy included, were wondering what the hell was going on.

"Right, well after much consideration..." Raven started calmly. "I suppose I had better start at the beginning."

"A very good place to start!" mocked Cyborg. Beastboy prompty smacked him on the head. (a/n: If you dont know what he is mocking....tsk tsk....*shakes head* its 'the sound of music', which btw I don't own either.^^)

"Thank you Beast boy." said Raven, clearing her throat. "Well as you guys know, I've been acting kind of..weird recently. More so than usual." she said coldly pre-empting Cyborg, who promptly closed his mouth.

"Anyway," she continued. "It's been for a reason. Starfire knows vaguely about this, but not fully enough." She paused, seeing Starfires knowing reaction.

"You have a right to know why I've been acting how I have. I didn't know myself until yesterday." She paused again, seeing Beastboys knowing reaction. (and she noticed relief as well.) Robin and Cyborg were still totally confused.

"It's something that has been inside me for a while now. Apparently it was obvious to some." Cyborgs eyes widened, then relaxed. She saw him mouthing "OOoooohh..." He'd finally realised as well.

Robin, however, was still oblivious to the whole conversation. She thought that she was going to get away with being able to say it, without SAYING it. (a/n: If you see what I mean ^^) She didn't want to outright tell them about her and Beastboy.

'Oh for crying out loud, dont make me say this Robin.' she thought, getting flustered. Robin's eyebrow was raised, and his face twisted at a confused angle. 'I have to come out and say it.' she thought, ever more nervously. She cleared her throat again.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is....uh...that...um..." she turned scarlet. The other titans, save one, could feel her embarrassment. They remained silent, looking anywhere but at her. They all, having realised what she was talking about, recognised how hard this was for her. BeastBoy was dying inside.

'GODAMMIT ROBIN!' thought Raven angrily. Behind her, the sound of cracking china was audiable. "IguesswhatIwanttosayisthatIlovebeastboy." she said as quickly as she could.

Robins face remained the same. "I didn't quite catch that...." he said slowly. The other titans put their head in their hands, in utter disbelief.

"ARRRGGHHHHHHH ROBIN!" screamed Raven angrily. More china cracking. She stood up absolutely fuming. Objects were outlined in black and began to shake and swirl around Ravens head. All the titans, except for Robin were really quite frightened. He just looked totally confused.

"I SAID I LOVE BEASTBOY! OKAY?! I SAID IT, SO THERE." And with that Rae did storm up to her room. There was a loud slamming noise, followed by silence.

"Oh..." said Robin, chuckling, and scratching his head nervously. He'd also suddenly become bright red. "Heh, I already knew that!" he grinned, as the other titans collapsed around him.

Beastboy was as red as it was possible for someone green to be. (a/n: have you ever thought about this? O_O;) "I'd...uh...better go see if she's alright." he said nervously.

He hobbled out of the room, uneasily. The silence he left was unbearable. Starfire was looking at Robin, with raised eyebrows. He looked at her momentarily. She shook her head and tutting, averted her gaze. Cyborg, punched him on the arm.

"Nice goin', man." he said sarcastically.


Raven was up in her room, tears running down her face. 'They are so insensitive sometimes,' she thought angrily.

'Why did I tell them?' she thought to herself, as she fell back onto her bed.

'Because I dont want to pretend anymore.' she thought, her heart pounding in her ears.She was unspeakably angry, yet relieved, yet sad, yet happy all at the same time. Most of the objects in her room were smashed, because of the mood she was in when she had entered the room. She rubbed her forehead and sighed.

Her heart was so sore. Emotions she had kept bottled up, were flowing out of her like there was no tomorrow. 'Which,' she thought, ' lets face it, there wont be, if I keep on doing this.'

She calmed down a little, still lying on her bed, and closed her eyes. Knock knock. There was someone at the door. She remained in the same place, eyes closed.

"Who is it." she said, in her monotone voice.

"Just me." came a croaky voice. Her eyes sprang open. She gasped.

"BEASTBOY! You idiot!" she flung the door open.

"You shouldn't have come up here in this state." she said, looking at the battered boy, who looked weakly back.

"Quick, come and sit down." she half held, half dragged him towards the bed.

'Oh no,' she thought sorrowfully, 'that was so insensitive of ME. I should have stayed, I knew he would come after me.'

"Are you...okay?" he winced as he sat down awkwardly.

(a/n: for those who don't know, broken ribs are reaaaallly painful, and you cant fix 'em either. Poor BB. ;_;)

"Yeah. I guess." she shrugged, wiping her eyes, as she sat down next to him.

BB looked at the smashed up room, carefully. "Why...did you tell them?"

"Because," she said, repeating her earlier thoughts. "I don't want to pretend anymore. I'm fed up of them thinking I'm an emotionless corpse."

"You know that...I wouldn't have cared even if they did know." he said, looking at her, his eyes shining with love.

"I know. But I had to. I'm sorry." she said equally as lovingly. She rested her hand on his shoulder. There was a short silence. They were both running a hundred thoughts through their minds.

"Before we were interrupted earlier, there was something you were going to tell me." Raven said, carefully, after some time. She knew she was treading on broken glass.

"Oh...yeah...that." said BB really uncertainly. He closed his eyes.

"Do you want to tell me about it? You know I won't force you." she said evenly. He opened his eyes again.

He looked at her. 'She cares. She really cares. Noone has ever been like this with me before.' thought Beastboy, his heart fluttering. He swallowed. "I..don't think I'm ready to talk to anyone yet."

Raven gave his shoulder a little squeeze. "When you are, you know where I am."

He nodded and she gave him that smile, reserved only for him.

"So, um..." said Beastboy looking her in the eyes, grinning slightly. "Are you ready to face the reactions of your 'confession'?" She looked back, remaining composed. But her eyes gave her away. They were filled with fright and confusion.

"Only if your there to hold my hand." she said quietly. He offered her his hand, and she took it gratefully.

"Always." he said, giving it a little squeeze.


"Nice goin', man."

The titans had remained silent for a while after that. Robin rubbed his forehead.

"Oh man, I'm the one who screwed it up this time." he said feeling stupid.

"Yup." said Cyborg thoughtfully.

"I think that you should apologise to Raven. It was hard for her to speak to us like that, and, I am truly sorry to say this to you Robin, but you did as it is said 'screw it up' for her." said Starfire, sadly. Robin ceased rubbing his temples and brought his hands down.

"Hold up just a second." he said looking at the other two accusingly."How come, you two knew about this? Raven didn't tell me anything!" he said indignantly.

"Dawg, when you think about the past half hour, you can see why. And anyway, I don't know 'bout Star but Raven didn't exactly tell me. She just confirmed my "suspicions" in her lil' speech." said Cyborg, still thoughtful.

"Yes, my case is similar." said Starfire. "We had a conversation, and she confirmed what I had thought about her and Beast boy, very cleverly in her speech. I do not think she would have had to have said anything properly, were it not for you Robin." She looked at him with a mixture of emotions flickering along her pained face.

Robin sighed. "I'm officially a jerk."

"Yup." agreed Cyborg.

"I do not think so. I just think you were a bit....how do you say it?....Insensitive." said Star gently, putting an arm around his shoulder.

"Listen, man, all you gotta do, is make sure you apologise. I'm sure that Raven will..uh..understand." said Cyborg, sounding less than certain.

"I am sure she will." said Starfire definitely, looking at Cyborg in a way that said 'You aren't helping!' Robin shuddered at the thought of confrontation. He wasn't a guy for to many words. Not with Raven anyhow. He looked at Starfire graciously.

"Okay." he agreed eventually.

"So, uh...Raven and Beastboy, eh?" Robin added, swallowing, trying to avert the attention off himself.

"I told you it could happen." said Cyborg chuckling.

"Wait a minute...as I recall...." began Robin, pointing a finger at the tin- man.

Starfire interjected suddenly. "I think that there have been enough "loud words" for one day." she said sharply.

"Yeah, you're right, Star." said Robin, looking down. They all sighed, and slumped back on the couch.


Beastboy and Raven, still holding hands, walked towards the TV room (a/n: or Whatever its called!) Ravens heart started to beat faster than any drum could.

Beastboy's throat was dry and he was trembling, but determined to show Raven it was okay. 'I hope they're gentle on her.' he thought, in hope.

Raven was sure she had made the wrong desicion by telling the titans.....

....and she had broken half the china in the house.......

.....plus she had screamed at the leader of the team......

........before making her boyfriend who had 3 broken ribs walk up flights of stairs to get her.

This definitely wasn't her day. They reached the door. It seemed to loom above her.

"C'mon, it'll be okay dude." said Beastboy, trying his best to act his bouncy self.

"Okay." said Raven squeezing his hand and following him sheepishly into the room.She felt so very out of character. She should be the one being confident and independent. Somehow, she couldn't summon up the strength.

They saw the other titans, slumped on the couch.

"Hey guys." said Beastboy in his new croaky voice. He wasn't feeling very well, but he didn't dare show it. They all looked up. Upon seeing Raven they all began to talk at once.

"Raven, I am sooo sorry I was an insensitive jerk..." said Robin.

"Glad your not mad Rae. Glad you came out and told us." said Cy.

"I am happy to see that you are feeling better." said Star.It sounded like a rabble of noise, which Raven decoded as :

"Raven, I am glad happy to see you came out and told us feeling better insensitive jerk."

She blinked.

"Ummm." she said. "I'm not sure what that was..but uh.." she began, raising an eyebrow. Her and Beastboy sat back down on the couch. Their hands were still intertwined.

She took a deep breath, and began in her normal monotone voice.

"Starfire, yes I am feeling better thanks."

"Cyborg, it was difficult and I'm not mad anymore."

"Robin, you are the biggest insensitive jerk ever...but I forgive you."

She smiled.There was a tension which was lifted from the air, almost suddenly. It was as if her smile wiped away each of the titans worst fears. They all settled down to watch the TV - even Raven, who wasn't going to leave Beastboy. She felt she had to make up for dragging him upstairs.

Her head rested on his shoulder, softly. The other titans were sitting next to them. Robin had his arm around Starfire, who was smiling. Cyborg was happily watching the tele.

Finally, things seemed to be panning out nicely.

'But for how long?' Raven thought to herself. She remained silent, nontheless.

'Why ruin a perfect moment?' she thought.


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