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This is NOT one-shot, so be expecting more chapters later.


(Itachi's POV)

     Konoha.  That's the name of the cursed village that has gotten me up on its wanted list.  Hell, if I care.  I killed my entire family, well, almost entirely.  So what if I let my little brother live?  He was annoying as hell, with him walking around me, wanting to be just like me.  Urusai; annoying.  And everyone else's praising.  Urusai.  I was always in their dinner conversations, their lunchtime chats, even the playground wonder word.  Tch, urusai.  But hey, I kind of liked the attention I was receiving.
     Yet, one night, I killed off the Uchiha clan, with little brother pounding towards me, standing over the bloody mess of mom and dad.  Why I did it?  I don't know, and if I did, I sure as hell won't tell why.  Maybe I got sick and tired of the praise and compliments that people threw at me everywhere I went everyday.  Why didn't I kill my brother?  I don't know either, but it wasn't because of his "cute, adorable childish self with the teary eyes" thing.  No, I'm not a softie.  I told him to grow up hating me, grow up corrupted with nothing but bloody vengeance on his mind.  All he had to do was kill me and the clan would be avenged.  After that, I left Konoha, becoming nothing more than a traitor with a high price on his head.  I left dear little Sasuke, crying amongst the corpses he once called "mom and dad."

     I didn't think the little fucker would do it.  He did grow up hating me.  He grew up alone, doing nothing but training.  I saw it all.  All the training he went through everyday, all of his outings, the daily beat downs of a punching bag version of me, and even read most of his journal entries from what I could see through the window.  (Hey, I gotta sleep too, so I usually get to the part where he writes "I'll kill Itachi" before nodding off in my tree.)  No, I don't live here anymore.  I come by almost everyday though, just to watch dear little brother's progress in his revenge.
     Do I care if he sees me?  Hell no.  I want that little fucker to hate me with whatever part of his soul I didn't corrupt that he had left.  I want him to tell me to "piss off."  I WANT him to give me the finger and tell me he'll kick my ass for murdering our family and ruining his life.  I want him to GET-A-LIFE.  I hope he acknowledges that Haruno chick.  I read his diary.  He likes her.

     As I sit here in this pain-in-the-ass oak tree, I see little Sasuke roll himself more rice balls and dice up more tomatoes.  This kid sure loves his tomatoes.  I wonder if he'll realize that eating too much of one thing a certain color will turn him that color?  I guess he counters it with his white, fish-filled rice balls.  Smart-ass.

     I've watched everything that's been happening to him since I left.  His ever-growing hatred for me, his lonely birthday parties (in which I leave an anonymous present every year at his doorstep.  I usually give him his favorite Fireball candy and Jawbreakers.), and even his one-man victory party for graduating from the Academy to Genin level.  Sometimes, I even catch him in a phone conversation with the Sakura girl.  Oh, how the boy blushes and tries to hide it with his serious bad-ass tone!  Priceless!

     Well, night's falling, and I've got to take my leave…after he answers another phone call from Sakura. 

     Another day, another blush from "Sasuke-kun."  It's the only thing that keeps me happy throughout the day, next to the whole "I'm gonna kill you, Aniki" skirmish in his fuzzed up brain.  Heh, good luck.


     Itachi whizzed through the trees, the village of Konoha slowly shrinking beneath the ever growing branches as he slipped farther and farther away from a place he once called home.  He had a home too, but it was nothing compared to the pampered life he lived four years ago in Konoha.  Still, it was a place where he felt he belonged.
     He lived in a small apartment building near the dead center of the Sound Village.  Third floor, number thirteen.  His sanctuary.  Itachi slowed his pace as he neared the apartment complex.  His eyes wandered up to the roof, watching the building with its cracked paint as it stood tall, its pride and glory leaking out from rusted rain pipes and onto the stained pavement below in grimy puddles.  Yup, this is home, he thought. 
     He walked through the wide doorway and into the front lobby.  The manager hadn't bothered to get the front doors fixed after explosives set off by pranksters blew them off.  "Good ol' Jinpachi," chuckled Itachi.
     He walked up three flights of stairs, getting him to his home floor.  As he neared the door, Itachi fumbled through his pockets for the keys.  He fished out his dangling keys, lifting them out of his right pants pocket by the Strong Bad key chain that held them together.  Smirking, he flipped his keys, catching the bronze-colored "house key."
     He unlocked the door, entered his home, closed and locked the door behind him, and flipped on the light switch on his left.  Here was another regular welcome sight: articles of clothing on every piece of furniture he owned, unwashed dishes in the sink that seemed to come alive, and a neglected potted plant that was dying from lack of care. 
     Itachi kicked off his heavy boots and stumbled over to the kitchen, narrowly missing his black duffel bag in the hallway.  He pushed a chair out of the way after his abdomen collided with it, slammed into the wall after shoving the chair aside, and came in contact with a red blur… Before hitting the floor after tripping on an ever-present bucket of filthy mop water, he managed to grab the handle of the fridge door. 
     His hand remained clutched on the handle as he let the event sink in.  The soapy liquid that continued to gradually pour from the plastic red pail soaked Itachi's navy blue jacket as the shinobi remained stationary on the tiled kitchen floor.  The water seeped through his jacket and came in contact with his fishnet shirt, which of course, kept his chest "open" for all to see.  A cold, clammy sensation bit his chest, and Itachi yelped, jumping up off the floor.
     Itachi looked down at his jacket, now dark and bubbly from the soapy mop water, and frowned.  "What if someone rings the doorbell right now and sees me like this?" he asked himself, watching the water drip from his jacket and form a dark-colored puddle on the tile.  Without hesitation, he took off his jacket and tossed it onto the kitchen table.  Another cold feeling on his back drew his attention.  He felt his long ponytail stick to his back, continuously dripping, making the puddle on his floor larger.  Great…
     RRRIIIINNNGG!!!  The doorbell echoed through Itachi's head, now filling with steam.  Just bloody great…
     The missing-nin stomped toward the door, kicking the duffel bag that he nearly tripped on earlier.  His Sharingan eyes began to flare.  Uchiha Itachi just wasn't in the greatest of moods right now, and whoever would have the nerve to ring the doorbell after his kitchen floor fiasco would soon get it.  He finally reached the doorway.  He kicked aside his boots, not because they were in his way, but because he just had the urge to kick something. 
     The door.  Itachi grabbed the doorknob and twisted it.  He swung the door open with such force that he nearly startled the person who requested his presence.  "What the hell do you w-" his words were cut off upon seeing who was standing before him.
     "Hello, Uchiha Itachi…"

     There's chapter one!  I know it was short, but I didn't know how to finish it off…but I did leave you with a cliffhanger!  Hehe…
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